Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Oaths, agents may administer 6
agents, subagents, and superintendents may administer regarding depredations 20
inspectors may administer 4
of clerk of United States court in Indian Territory 40
relative to jurors 42
of judge of United States court in Indian Territory 40
of jury commissioners of United States court in Indian Territory 42
of marshal of United States court in Indian Territory 40
of deputies 40
Ochechotes, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Officers of United States, crimes upon, in Indian Territory 37
tribal officers included 90
Ogden Land Company, claim to Seneca lands to be investigated 522
Oglala Sioux, agreement of September 26, 1876 169,170
Oil lands, Cherokee Nation, rights in, unaffected by agreement of April 9, 1900 729
lease in Indian Territory, by Secretary of Interior 93
to W. B. Barker by Seneca Nation 468,622
Okinagan, statistics 1030
Oklahoma, ceded lands in Indian Territory, to become a part of 45
district courts, jurisdiction over actions between Indians of different tribes 46
Executive orders relating to reservations in 886
government for, provided 45
lands ceded in, payment for 47
railroads in, general provisions for 114
grants restricted 47
mortgages to be recorded in Interior Department 117
school and missionary lands reserved on ceded lands 47
telegraph lines through 114
telephone lines through 114
Okmulgee, term of court at 120
Old Settlers' (Western Cherokee) claim referred to Court of Claims 316
Old Winnebago Reserve, S. Dak., Executive orders establishing 896
Omaha, allotments 213
descent according to State law 214
lieu allotments 213
patents, contents of 213,214
to women and children born since completion of former allotments 486
annuities, expenditure of, under direction of agent 270
per capita payment of, appropriations for 270
commissioners for allotting and sale of reservation, compensation of 214
funds of, payment of part per capita 270,754
proceeds of sale of Nebraska lands 139,213,363
proceeds of lands sold to Winnebago to be held for civilization purposes 153
lands in Nebraska, part purchased for Winnebago 153
sale of, contiguous entries in certain cases 364
forfeitures not to be declared in certain cases 364
proceeds to be held in trust 363
laws of United States and State extended over allottees 214
legislation relating to, note 212
reservation in Nebraska, allotments in severalty on 213,486
sale of 212,231
appraisement of lands 212
mill to be erected 231
patents 213
payment, time extended 231
proceeds, disposal of 213
survey 212
terms of sale 212
western part, sale 138
appraisement 138
commissioners to be appointed 138
fund derived from proceeds 139
Omaha Reservation in Nebraska, western part, method of sale 138
price of land 139
proceeds, disposal of 139
statistics 1038
tribal trust lands 214
Omaha, warehouse for supplies at 87,620
Omaha and Winnebago Agency, Nebr., statistics 1038
Omaha Northern Railway Company, right of way through Omaha and Winnebago Reservation in      Nebraska 634
time for construction extended 749
Omaha Reservation, Nebr., Eastern Nebraska and Gulf Railway granted right of way through 513
time for construction extended 616
Omaha Northern Railway Company granted right of way through 634
time for construction extended 749
reserve for school to be erected by Presbyterian Board of Home Missions 551
sale of reservation, forfeiture for nonpayment 271
time for payment extended 271
Sioux City and Omaha Railway Company granted right of way through 682
Women's National Indian Association to have 5 acres reserved 271
Oneida, statistics 1034,1037
Onondaga, statistics 1037
Ontonagon Reserve, Mich., Executive orders establishing 848
Ordinances, Cherokee Nation, approval by President and publication 112,727,728
Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, approved by President 654
Creek Council, approved by President and publication 112,661,739
town-site, in Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, not to conflict with United States laws 651
Oregon, Alsea and Siletz Reservation, established 157
Executive orders relating to reservations in 886
Oregon Indian wars (1851 to 1856), pensions to survivors of 123
Oregon Railway and Navigation Company, rights in Umatilla Reservation not affected by sale of part        of that reservation 211
right of way through Nez Perce Reservation, Idaho 288
Orphans, agents to select allotments for 33
funds of, Cherokee Nation, interest to be used to support the Cherokee Orphan Asylum 793
Choctaw Nation, sale of certain lands to be credited to 655
Creek Nation 323
general provisions relative to 13
Osage, account of funds to be stated 187
allotments in severalty, general act of 1887 inapplicable 35
civil actions against, district court of Oklahoma to have jurisdiction 87
terms of court at Pawhuska 87
civilization fund, account of, to be stated 187
funds of, accumulated interest to be distributed 741
payment to Cherokee for reservation in Indian Territory 142
proceeds of rents of pasture lands to be distributed 741
legislation relative to, note 137
Reservation in Indian Territory purchased from Cherokee 137,138,142
Kansa to be located on 138
payment for lands 138
railroad, telegraph, and telephone lines through 118
Reservation in Kansas—  
Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston Railroad may purchase land for right of way 164,165
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad may purchase land for right of way 164,165
sale of lands 164,165
account of sales to be stated 187
remaining lands to be sold 193,209
taxation of lands permitted 165
statistics 1038
traders, accounts to be examined and adjusted 741
general provisions respecting 741
trust and diminished reserve lands to be sold 193,209
isolated tracts to be sold 703
second entries confirmed 438
Osage Agency, Okla., statistics 1038
Osette Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 920
Oto and Missouri, allotments in severalty 510
alienation restricted for ten years 511
funds of, part may be used for improvement of allotments 566
proceeds of lands sold for Iowa Reservation 566
reservation in Kansas and Nebraska 167,190
legislation relative to, note 190
Oto and Missouri, removal to Ponca Agency, Okla 190
reservation in Kansas and Nebraska, sale of lands in 139,167,177,190
revision and readjustment of sales 484,698
reservation in Oklahoma for Iowa to be purchased from 566
statistics 1039
Oto and Missouri Reservation, Okla., telephone right of way granted Missouri and Kansas Telephone      Company 676
Oto Reserve, Ind., T., Executive orders establishing 844
Ottawa, allotments in Indian Territory, sale to Miami Town Company for cemetery purposes 600
on lands in Michigan 158,161
education, property held in trust for 143
settlement of controversy regarding 145
lands in Indian Territory, sale of, to Miami Town Company 407
Kansas, taxation of certain 144
Michigan, allotments on 158,161
to be entered under homestead laws 158,161
legislation relative to, note 143
statistics 1036,1040
Ottawa and Chippewa Reserve, Mich., Executive orders establishing 849
Ottawa University, lands exempt from taxation 144
Otter Tail Pillager Chippewa, statistics 1046
to settle on White Earth Reservation 133
Ouray, salary for, while head chief of Ute 152,186


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