Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Naalem band of Tillamook, in Oregon, payment to, for release of claims under treaty of August 6, 1851 620
National-banking laws extended to Indian Territory 50
Navaho, settlers on lands reserved for, to be compensated for improvements 285
statistics 1037
Navaho Agency, Ariz., statistics 1037
Navaho Reserve, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 805
Navaho Reserve, N. Mex., Executive orders establishing 875
Navigation, dams may be constructed on Chippewa lands in Minnesota 619,666
Neah Bay Agency, Wash., statistics 1037
Nebraska, Executive orders relating to reservations in 861
Omaha lands in, sale to Winnebago 153
Nebraska, Kansas and Gulf Railway Company, right of way through Indian Territory 635
Nespelim, statistics 1030
Nevada, Executive orders relating to reservations in 865
Moapa River Reservation reduced to 1,000 acres 157
Nevada Agency, Nev., statistics 1037
New Mexico, Executive orders relating to reservations in 870
Indians of, removal to Indian Territory prohibited 176
New York Indians—  
allotments, sale of to settlers and balance to be sold after two years 368
payments to allottees 368
claim to be adjudicated by Court of Claims 460
funds from proceeds of Kansas lands 142
Kansas lands, Indians entitled to enter must prove identity 173
patents to Indian occupants 142
sale of 141,368
appraisal 142
entries within two years 142
price not less than $3.75 per acre 142
proceeds to be held in trust 142
legislation relating to, note 141
New York Agency, N. Y., statistics 1037
Newport and Kings Valley Railway Company, right of way through Siletz Reservation, Oreg 287,381
Newyaka Boarding School, lands in Creek Nation reserved for 735
Nez Percés, Idaho, agreement of May 1, 1893 536
allotments in severalty 538
to deceased Indians confirmed 539
cession of lands 536,537
claims for services in Army to be settled 540
intoxicants prohibited 540
payment for cessions 538
depredation claims not to be deducted 541
how made 536
religious societies may buy lands occupied 536
reservation of certain lands 537
sawmills to be provided 536
of Joseph's band, civilization of, fund appropriated for 174,175
lands ceded to United States in trust for 495
removal to Indian Territory 175
statistics 1030
Nez Percés Agency, Idaho, statistics 1038
Nez Percés Reservation, Idaho—  
ceded lands opened to settlement 990
Clearwater Short Line Railway Company granted right of way through 684
Clearwater Valley Railroad Company granted right of way through 679
time for construction extended 750
legislation relating to, note 288
Oregon Railway and Navigation Company granted right of way through 288
Palous and Spokane Railway Company granted right of way through 351
Niobrara Island, Dakota, granted for public park and Sioux Indians to be removed from 337,338
Niobrara Reserve, Nebr., Executive orders establishing 861
Niobrara River, bridge may be constructed across 510
Nisqually, statistics 1040
Nisqually Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 919
Nome Cult Reserve, Cal., Executive orders establishing 824
Nomelackie, statistics 1041
Nonreservation Indians, allotments to 33
North Dakota, Executive orders relating to reservations in 881
Northern Arapaho and Cheyenne, agreement of September 26, 1876, ratified 168
allotments, houses to be erected by the Government 170
annuities, where to be paid 169
boundaries of reduced reservation 169
census to be taken annually 171
cession of part of reservation 169
employees on agency to be married persons 170
full-blood Indians only to receive benefits of agreement 170
funds for education and civilization 170
half-breeds and whites may be excluded from reservation 170
laws of United States extended over Indians 171
peace to be maintained 171
products of Indian labor to be sold 170
rations to be issued 170
roads through reservation 169
reservation reduced 169
what meant by 171
subsistence to be furnished 170
treaty of 1868 reaffirmed 171
Northern Cheyenne (see also Northern Arapaho and Cheyenne)—  
statistics 1044
Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Mont., Executive orders establishing 860
inspector to report upon conditions on 668
Northern Mississippi Railway Company, right of way through Chippewa Reservation in Minnesota 547
Northern Pacific and Yakima Irrigation Company, canal may be constructed by, across Yakima Reservation,      Wash 380
Northern Pacific Railroad Company, right of way through Crow Reservation 202
Puyallup Reservation 465
Yakima Reservation 486
Northern Sioux, statistics 1041
Northwestern Improvement Company, logging on Oconto River through Menominee Reservation, Wis 164
Notaries public in Indian Territory, United States commissioners to act as 53
Nowata, term of court at 121


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