Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Mackinac Agency, Mich., statistics 1036
Madison Indians, statistics 1044
Mails, transportation of, by railroads granted land through Indian reservations 104,116
Makah, statistics 1037
Makah Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 917
Malheur Reserve, Oreg., Executive orders establishing 887
Mandan, Fort Berthold Reservation—  
agreement of December 14, 1886 425
allotment of diminished reservation 425,426
restrictions for twenty-five years 426
annuity of $80,000 annually for ten years 425
how to be expended 427
cession of lands 425
laws of Dakota extended over reservation 426
subsistence not to be furnished adult males not working or children not attending school 427
unallotted lands held in trust twenty-five years 426
statistics 1033
Mansfield’s Digest. (See Arkansas laws.)  
Manslaughter, Indian committing against an Indian or other person, laws of State or Territory to      govern 32
Manual training schools—  
purchase of articles manufactured at 28
accounts to be kept separate 28
Manufacture of supplies by Indians 69,113
Maricopa, statistics 1038
Maricopa and Phoenix Railroad Company, right of way through Gila River Reservation 243
Marinette and Western Railway Company, right of way through Menominee Reservation, Wis. 443
Marriages, according to tribal customs declared valid 52
Cœur d’Alene Reservation, white men to satisfy agent of moral character 422
in Indian Territory 52
certificates to be issued by clerks and deputy clerks of United States court 52
clerk or deputy clerk of United States court may solemnize 52
commissioners of United States may solemnize 53
licenses to be issued by clerk and deputy clerk of United States courts 52
return of, after execution 52
of Indians, to be according to tribal laws 52
proof of, in pension cases 21
Stockbridge and Munsee tribes, females marrying out of tribe to forfeit rights 131
white men marrying Indian women 38
children to have rights of mother 89
proof of marriage 38
women to become citizens of United States 38
tribal rights not forfeited 38
whites not to acquire tribal rights 38
Marshals, may employ posse comitatus in executing process in Indian country 19
of cities and towns in Indian Territory 95
court of appeals in Indian Territory 75
United States courts in Indian Territory 71
appointment, duties, and removal 40
for western and northern judicial districts 121
bond 40,83
crimes and offenses against, United States laws to be enforced 36
deputies 40,71,73
accounts to be approved by Attorney-General 83
appointments confirmed 83
fees allowed 122
field deputies 86
jurors to be summoned by 42
mileage to be allowed 26
oath required of 40
salary of 85
Marys River Indians, statistics 1033
Matrons, Indian girls to be employed as assistants 87
Mayors of towns and cities in Indian Territory 95
Mdewakanton Sioux—  
payment for services as scouts in certain wars 485,559
sale of lands in Redwood County, Minn., and purchase of lien lands 714
statistics 1036
Mechanics, employment for benefit of Indians 7
Mendocino Reservation, Cal., Executive orders establishing 817
funds, proceeds of timber 354
legislation relating to, note 353
logging on reservation in Wisconsin 153,163,194,353
statistics 1034
Menominee Reservation, Wis.—  
regulations for cutting timber 194
sale of timber 353
Marinette and Western Railroad Company granted right of way through 443
Northwestern Improvement Company to improve Oconto River for logging purposes 163
Wolf River, Keshena Improvement Company to improve for logging purposes 153
Merchandise, for fulfilling treaties, purchase by the Secretary of Interior 8
proceedings against when on Indian lands in violation of law to be as under revenue laws 15
Mescalero Apache Agency, N. Mex., statistics 1036
Mescalero Apache Reservation, N. Mex., Executive orders establishing 870
Meshingomesia’s band of Miami—  
members to become citizens after January 1, 1881 134
reservation to be divided among members 134
Messages disturbing peace with tribes, penalty for sending 13
Methodist Episcopal Church—  
granted certain land by Chippewa of Saginaw 157
may buy certain Cherokee lands 726
Mexican Kickapoo, statistics 1042
allotments in Indian Territory 344,345
general act of 1887 not applicable 35
lease of 345
Quapaw Agency, sale of 100 acres by adult allottees holding over 200 acres 620
sale by heirs of deceased allottees 702
of surplus lands unallotted 752
annuities, purchase of right to participate in those of Peoria, Wea, etc 147
census 146
list of those becoming citizens of United States 147
uniting with Peoria, Wea, etc 147
of those entitled to share in tribal funds 191
citizenship accorded members of Meshingomesia’s band 135
accorded on application to United States circuit court 146
oath of allegiance 146
claims of individuals, Attorney-General to report on 197
deeds and conveyances in Quapaw Agency to be recorded at Miami 121,597
funds, agent to make per capita distribution 192
census of tribe entitled to participate 191
proceeds of Kansas lands, distribution 147
lands in Kansas, alienation and taxation forbidden 146
restrictions removed when title is not in Indians 140
disposal of lands 145,146,197,198
leases of lands in Indian Territory 345
legislation relative to, note 133
Meshingomesia’s band, citizenship conferred on members 135
reservation to be partitioned 133
application of chiefs 134
descent by Indian laws 134
intermarried persons entitled to share 134
members to share alike 134
payments per capita to 192
statistics 1040
surplus lands unallotted, disposal of 752
tribal relations abolished 146
union with “United Peoria and Miami” 147
Western band, census 146
town of—  
deeds and conveyances in Quapaw Agency to be recorded at 597
mortgages of chattels to be recorded at 700
terms of court at 70
Miami Town Company, cemetery lands may be purchased from Peoria or Ottawa allottee 600
land may be bought from Ottawa in Indian Territory 407
Miami Town Site, included in northern judicial district of Indian Territory 70
Michigan, Executive orders relating to reservations in 846
Military force, employment of, to apprehend criminals 19
destroy distilleries 19
prevent introductions of persons and property into Indian country 19
seize goods, etc 19
intruders may be removed by 14,18
in Indian Territory, field officers to be appointed by the President 90
officers, intoxicants given Indians by, penalty 31
passports may be issued by 17
searches for intoxicants by 17
Mille Lac Reservation, Minn.—  
ceded lands to be disposed of as public lands 696
Chippewa of, removal to other reservations 755
entries irregularly made on, confirmed 552
Little Falls, Mille Lacs and Lake Superior Railway Company granted right of way through 362
Mills, erection on Coeur d’Alene Reservation 423
Lapwai Reservation, Idaho 539
Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway Company right of way through Lac de Flambeau      Reservation 278
Mineral lands—  
Blackfeet Reservation, Mont., ceded lands may be entered as 609
Cherokee Nation, provisions relating to leases 727
Colville Reservation, Wash., laws extended over 570,667
allotments and government lands excepted 667
Confederated Wea, Peoria, Kaskaskia, and Piankashaw lands, leases of 407
Creek Nation, leases 739
Crow Reservation in Montana, claims not to be selected in allotments 447
disabled allottees may lease mining lands on allotments 82
Five Civilized Tribes, leases, royalties to be paid into United States Treasury 97
of coal lands 41
reserved from allotment 93
Fort Belknap Reservation ceded lands 604
Indian Territory, leases by Secretary of Interior 93
area not to exceed 640 acres 93
damages to owner of allotment 94
persons in possession preferred 94
payments to lessee 94
royalties 94
terms not to exceed fifteen years 93
United States court to have jurisdiction over 41
reserved from allotment 93
Klamath River Reservation, entry of lands 439
Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache lands, laws applicable to 712
leases of, when property of individual Indians 57
Peoria, Kaskaskia, Piankashaw, and Wea lands, leases valid 477
San Carlos Reservation, ceded lands, laws applicable to 609,611
Seminole Nation, leases 663
Spokan Reservation, Wash., laws applicable to 754,799
Uintah and White River Ute Reservation, sale of leased lands 753
White Mountain Apache Reservation, Ariz., sale of lands 740
Miniconjou Sioux, statistics 1030
Executive orders relating to reservations in 850
timber cutting by Indians in 89
White Earth Reservation, lands granted for church and school purposes 150
Winnebago in—  
allotments to 133
claims to allotments to be settled 127
removal of 125
Minnesota and Manitoba Railway Company, right of way through Red Lake Reservation, Minn 698
Minor children—  
allotments, heads of families to select 33
Cherokee Nation, enrollment 792
selection of allotments 797
Chickasaw Nation, allotments 786
Choctaw Nation, allotments 786
Creek Nation, parents to act as guardians 738
Eastern Shawnee, allotments 752
Peoria, parents to act as guardians 54
Seneca, allotments 752
Mission Indians—  
allotments in severalty 384
on lands purchased for use of 750
exchange of lands with private owners 440
Executive orders establishing reserves in California 819
modified 1008,1018
irrigationg ditches, etc., across reservations 385
lands for use of, to be selected by Commission 750
reservation for 383
removal from private claims 383
settled on private land claims, Attorney-General to defend suits for possession 384
statistics 1036
Mission-Tule River Agency, Cal., statistics 1036
Mississippi Choctaw—  
allotments to be made 106
incumbrance or sale to be void 106
proof of identity 106
settlement in Choctaw-Chickasaw country 106
citizenship to be settled by Commission to Five Civilized Tribes 87,780
enrollment of members 87,780
rights not to be prejudiced 99
Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company, right of way through Ponca, Oto, and Missouri      reservations, Okla 676
Missoula and Northern Railroad Company, right of way through Flathead Reservation, Mont 437
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad Company—  
lands on Osage Reservation, in Kansas, may be purchased by 164,165
old channel of Canadian River may be restored by 645
Mixed bloods, term “Indian” includes, in Blackfeet agreement of September 26, 1895 607
agreement with Fort Belknap Reservation Indians of October 9, 1895 603
Moache band of Ute, agency in Colorado to be established 157
agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
statistics 1043
Moapa River Reserve, Nev., Executive orders establishing 866
reduced to 1,000 acres 157
Modoc, lands in Indian Territory, payment to Eastern Shawnee for 158
statistics 1035,1040
agreement of February 25, 1896 609
boundaries of reservation to be marked 610
cession of lands 609
proceeds of coal and mineral lands 609
statistics 1030,1041
Molel, statistics 1033
Money, payment to Indians—  
mode of distribution 9
payment in goods 8
Secretary of Interior to apply for best interests of tribe 9
to be withheld from tribes holding captives 11,23
Montana, Executive orders relating to reservations in 854
reservations in, for Grosventres, Piegan, Bloods, Blackfeet, River Crows, and others            established 150
Moorhead, Leech Lake and Northern Railway Company, right of way through White Earth      Reservation, Minn 306
Moqui Reserve, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 805
Moravian Church, lands in Chippewa and Christian reservations, Kans., conveyed to 623
Mortgages, in Indian Territory, recording of 84
in Quapaw Agency, of chattels, recording at Miami 700
of railroads in Indian Territory and Oklahoma to be recorded in Interior Department 117
Moses Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 904
Moses’ band of Columbia, agreement of July 7, 1883, ratified 224
statistics 1030
Mounds, Indian Territory, survey and platting of 734
Muckleshoot, statistics 1044
Muckleshoot Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 918
Municipal corporations (see also Incorporations, cities and towns)—  
Cherokee Nation, powers of 725
Choctaw and Chicasaw nations, bonds for improvements 783
Creek Nation, bonds for improvements 736
Munsee (see also Stockbridge and Munsee)—  
membership in tribe and rights to lands 500
on Chippewa and Christian reservations, Kans., census to be taken 623
lands of allottees abandoning allotment or dying without heirs to be sold 624
patents for allotments 623
sale of unallotted lands 622,624
proceeds to be distributed per capita 624
trust funds to be distributed per capita 624
statistics 1034,1039
Murder, Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, change of venue in trials for 654
Indian committing, against Indian or other persons, laws of State or Territory to govern 32
killing of person by shooting, etc., at trains in Indian Territory 78
Murrow, J. S., lands reserved from allotment 775
Muscogee, term of court at 70,120
Muscogee Coal and Railway Company, right of way through Indian Territory and Oklahoma 627
Muscogee, Oklahoma and Western Railroad Company, right of way through Indian Territory 612


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