Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Labor, Indians to be employed when possible 29
or reservations, able-bodied males to work for value of supplies and annuities, unless President          excepts tribe from requirement 24
Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation, disposal of products of 170
Sioux Reservation, Nebr., disposal of products of 170
Secretary of Interior may expend proceeds of, paid into the Treasury 36
Lac Court Oreilles Reserve, Wis., Executive orders establishing 929
Lac de Flambeau Reserve, Wis., Executive orders establishing 932
Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway Company granted right of way through 278
Lake, statistics 1030
Lake Traverse Reservation, proclamation opening lands to settlement 953
Lake Winnipigoshish Reservation, Minnesota, Duluth and Winnipeg Railroad Company granted right of       way through 352
Northern Mississippi Railway Company granted right of way through 547
Lands and buildings of United States within ceded reservations, sale of 15
ceded, in Oklahoma, disposal under homestead laws 46
remainder after allotments under act of 1887, sale to actual settlers 34
sales of, expenses not to be deducted from 32
constitutionality of legislation of Congress respecting 1053,1058
contests filed against Indians, costs to be paid by Interior Department 66
conveyance except by treaty or convention to be void 14
negotiations by unauthorized parties, penalty 14
distilleries upon, penalty for 18
fees on land entries by nonreservation Indians to be paid by United States 34
homestead entries by Indians inalienable for five years 34
hunting by whites on, prohibited 17
laws of United States relating to crimes extended over 18
leases by tribal council of purchased lands 57
not included within boundaries of Territories 3
passports for persons entering 17
railroads through (see Railroad right of way).  
sales of, proceeds to be paid into the Treasury 10
register and receiver to conduct 20
surveys to be by General Land Office 14
L'Anse Chippewa, interest to be paid on certain funds 178
statistics 1036
La Pointe Agency, Wis., statistics 1035
La Pointe Reservation, allotments to, Chippewa on 713
Lapwai Reservation, Nez Perce of, agreement of May 1, 1893 536
Larceny, Indians committing, upon property of other Indians or other persons, laws of State and      Territory to govern 32
Leases, allottees disabled may lease allotments for farming purposes for not to exceed five years 57,82,105,620
Cherokee Nation, allotments, for grazing and farming purposes 726,798
mineral lands 727
salt deposits 215
Chickasaw Nation, not to exceed five years, to be in writing and recorded in office of clerk of United            States court 649
Choctaw Nation, not to exceed five years and to be in writing and recorded in office of clerk of            United States court 649
Choctaw Coal and Railway Company, confirmed 373
coal mines, town sites not to interfere with operation of 96
constitutionality of legislation of Congress respecting 1053
Creek Nation, grazing leases authorized 765
lands allotted, permit tax not to be paid 738
mineral lands 739
Five Civilized Tribes—  
agricultural and grazing lands, forbidden 97,99
termination of existing lease 99
Commission to report upon status of 81
ejection of lessees, damages for improvements 91
rents of tribal lands to be paid only into United States Treasury 97
grazing lands purchased by individual Indians 57
Indian Territory 93
in cities and towns, transfer of 95
mineral lands, to be under direction of Secretary of Interior 93
area not to exceed 640 acres 93
compensation for improvements 94
damages to owner of allotted land 94
payments by lessor 94
preference in leasing to persons in possession 94
royalties 94
term not to exceed fifteen years 93
Kiowa, Comanche and Apache lands, not affected by cessions or allotments 711
land purchased by Indians, to be made by tribal council 57
mining lands purchased by Indians 57
Quapaw Agency, term of leases 619
school lands, under regulations of Secretary of Interior 419
Seminole allotments 663
Seneca, agent for the New York Agency to receive and disburse rents 715
in certain villages 155
for railroad purposes 155
renewals not exceeding ninety-nine years, except of railroad lands, authorized 368
oil and gas wells, with William B. Barker, ratified 468
release to Seneca Nation of part of lands confirmed 622,623
to Erie Preserving Company, confirmed 715
to Ogden Land Company 522
to J. W. Peglow, of sand banks, confirmed 744
Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux, authorized for farming and grazing 620
approval of Secretary of Interior required 666
subleases to be void 666
surplus tribal lands for farming purposes 68
United Peoria and Miami, Indian Territory 345
Wea, Peoria, Kaskaskia, and Piankashaw mineral lands 407
Yakima Reservation, of agricultural lands, not to exceed five years 686
allotments, not to exceed ten years 701
"Leased district,'' proceeds of sale to be distributed in accordance with decision of Court of Claims in      case of Choctaw and Chickasaw v. Wichita 654
Leather, manufacture by Indians on reservations 69,113
Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston railroad, lands on Osage Reservation, in Kansas, may be      purchased by 164,165
Leavenworth, Pawnee and Western Railroad Company, payment to Delawares for lands sold to 447
suit to be brought against, for damages, etc 447
Leaves of absence, employees of Indian service, not to exceed sixty days 7
Lebanon Orphan Home, lands reserved from allotment 775
Leech Lake Chippewa, statistics 1046
Leech Lake Reservation, Minn.—  
Brainerd and Northern Minnesota Railway Company granted right of way through 514,571
Duluth and Winnipeg Railroad Company granted right of way through 342
Executive orders establishing 851
Northern Mississippi Railway Company granted right of way through 547
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway Company granted right of way through 515
time for construction extended 618
Lemhi Agency, Idaho, statistics 1035
Lemhi Reserve, Idaho, cession of lands by agreement of May 14, 1880 314
Executive orders establishing 839
Liabilities to Indian tribes, statement of 1023
Liaywas, embraced in Yakima Nation 520
License to trade with Indians, agents, subagents and superintendents may issue 16
revocation of 16
sale of intoxicants cause for 18
Limitations, statute of, to apply to actions by allottees for allotments 121,122
Little Falls, Mille Lacs and Lake Superior Railway Company, right of way through Mille Lacs      Reservation, Minn 362
Little Lake Indians, statistics 1041
Little River Valley Railway Company, right of way through Choctaw and Chickasaw nations 673
Little Traverse Reserve, Mich., Executive orders establishing 847
Live stock, removal from Indian lands prohibited 17
sale of, by agent for tribe 16
Loafer Sioux, statistics 1041
Menominee Reservation, Wis., on Oconto River 163,164
Pigeon River, obstructions to, at Cascades, may be removed by Pigeon River Improvement, Slide            and Boom Company 744
Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock, decision of Supreme Court in case of 1058
Los Pinos Agency, Colo.—  
agreement with Ute at 151
removal of agency 157
Lotteries in Indian Territory prohibited 52
Lower Brule Sioux of Lower Brule Reservation, S. Dak.—  
agreement of March 1, 1898 688
agency and boarding school to be maintained 689
cession of lands 688
part of tribe on Rosebud Reservation to be allowed share of funds 688
reallotment of lands 688
claims for property lost on removal to be paid 753
Lower Brule Sioux of Rosebud Reservation, S. Dak.—  
agreement of March 1, 1898 690
allotments in severalty 690
settlement on reservation 690
allotments in severalty to 599
payments for lands allotted 599
return to allotments 599
statistics 1036
Lower Brule Agency, S. Dak.—  
agreement with Sioux at, September 26, 1876 169,172
statistics 1036
Lower Brule Reservation, S. Dak.—  
boundaries defined 329
ceded lands opened to settlement 714
Lower Kalispel, statistics 1032
Lower Spokan, statistics 1030
Lower Yanktonai Sioux, statistics 1031
Loyal Creek claim, Senate to determine 660,736
Loyal Seminole claim, Senate to determine 664,700
Luckamute, statistics 1033
Lummi, statistics 1044
Lummi Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 917
Lutheran Mission School, lands in Cherokee Nation reserved for 725,790


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