Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Kah-milt-pahs, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Kaibabs, Nevada, statistics 1042
Kalispel settlement on Cœur d'Alene Reservation, Idaho 420
statistics 1030
agreement ratified July 1, 1902 766
allotments in severalty 766,767
cemeteries, lands reserved for 768
claims, adjustment by Interior Department and Court of Claims 770
deeds for allotments 767
funds, pro rata distribution of 768
heirs, payment to 769
sale of inherited lands by 769
lands in Kansas, sale of 769
minors, funds due, administration of 768
roll of citizens to be final 766
sale of lands by individuals, permission may be granted 769
schools, lands reserved for 768
surplus lands unallotted to be divided 767
town sites 768
tribal lands to be divided 766
civil actions against, district court at Pawhuska to have exclusive jurisdiction 87
funds of, part of $200,000 fund to be used to pay scrip, and to be reimbursed from sales of Kansa            lands 285
proceeds of land in Kansas 162
lands in Kansas, sale of 162,285,769
appraisal of lands 163
to be revised 177
forfeiture, resale on 163,178
patents to issue 163
price of lands 177,178
settlement, adjoining claims 178
settlers may purchase 162
terms of sale 177
waste, bonds to prevent 178
lands, sale of, proceeds to be used to reimburse fund of $200,000 for part taken to pay scrip 285
legislation relative to, note 162
settlement on Osage Reservation, Ind. T 138
statistics 1038
trust and diminished reserve lands, sale of 769
Kansa scrip, payment of, out of trust funds, amount to be reimbursed from sale of lands 285
laws of, descent and partition applied to Indian Territory 34
Ottawa lands in, subject to taxation 144
Potawatomi lands, conveyances by certain patentees confirmed 175
Kansas and Arkansas Valley Railway, bridge may be constructed across Arkansas River by 347
right of way through Indian Territory 231,400
time for construction extended 511
Kansas City and Pacific Railroad Company, right of way through Indian Territory 267
time for construction extended 348
Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad Company, right of way through Indian Territory 239
repealed 321
Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad Company, right of way through Indian Territory 584
Kansas City, Pittsburg and Gulf Railway Company, right of way through Indian Territory 469
branch road may be constructed 569
time for construction extended and fences and bridges to be built 558
Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway Company, right of way through Chilocco Reservation, Okla 645
Kansas, Oklahoma Central and Southwestern Railway, right of way granted through Indian Territory 505
additional provisions relative to 617,677
allotments in Indian Territory 344
lease of 345
claim referred to Court of Claims 346
funds of, to be paid per capita 407
mining leases valid for twenty-five years, persons deemed improper may be removed from leased           lands 407
statistics 1040
Kaw (see Kansa).  
Keshena Improvement Company, improvement of Wolf River by, across Menominee Reservation 153
Kettle River Valley Railway Company, right of way through Colville Reservation 644
agreement of June 21, 1891 480
allotments in severalty 480
patents after twenty-five years 481
cession of lands in Indian Territory 480
payment per capita for cession 481
depredation claims not to be paid from 483
money may be left in Treasury at interest 481
reservations for religious organizations, etc 482
allotments, absentees and children 568,681
allottees, dying without heirs, land sold for tribe 243
estates of deceased, settlement of 242
funds of, proceeds of sale of Kansas land to be held at interest 141,205
proceeds of sale of lands of deceased, without heirs 243
in Oklahoma, funds in Treasury to be held permanently at 5 per cent interest 597
lands ceded in Indian Territory, settlement under land laws 483
Oklahoma, proclamation opening to settlement 988
right to commute entries on 639
lands in Kansas, allotments to children 568
sale of 204
proceeds may be paid in installments 205
held as permanent fund at 4 and 5 per cent 141,205
surplus of unallotted lands to be sold 568,680
Indians may purchase 568
patents to issue for 568
proceeds to be held in trust 567
school lands excepted 568
statistics 1039,1042
Kickapoo Reserve, Ind. T., Executive orders establishing 844
Kansas surplus lands to be sold 680
Kingfisher, Okla., may purchase lands for cemetery purposes 486
Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache—  
agreement October 21, 1892 708
allotments in severalty 709,710,711
grazing lands 709
reserved lands 709
school lands reserved 710
selection and area of 709
time for selections 710
title to be held in trust for twenty-five years 710
certain persons not members entitled to benefit of agreement 711
cession of lands 709
leases not affected 711
payments for cessions 710
depredation claims not to be deducted 712
ceded lands in Oklahoma—  
claims of Choctaw and Chickasaw to, referred to the Court of Claims 712
commutation of homesteads for town-site entries on 748
opened to settlement 711,1012
statistics 1035
Kiowa Agency, Okla., statistics 1035
Klamath, statistics 1034,1035
Klamath Agency, Oreg., statistics 1035
Klamath Reservation, Oreg., allotments to children born subsequent to completion of allotments 751
Klamath River Reserve, Cal., allotments to Indians on 439
Executive orders establishing 816
lands to be sold 439
in occupancy of Indians excepted 439
proceeds to be held in trust 439
Klickitas, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Klingnits, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Konwassayus, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Kootenai. (See Kutenai.)  
Kutenai, Bitter Root Valley lands to be sold 135
members of tribe may enter 160 acres 135
lands to be alienable 135
tribal rights relinquished 135
proceeds not exceeding $50,000 to be held in the Treasury at interest 136
removal to Jocko Reservation 135
statistics 1032


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