Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Half-breeds, Blackfeet, to have rights of full-blood 607
Grosventres and Assiniboin on Fort Belknap Reservation, rights defined 603
mother's rights to be accorded 89
Yankton Sioux, rights defined 526
Harley Institute, lands reserved for 775
Harness, manufacture of, by Indians 69
Havasupai Reservation, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 809
Heirs of deceased allottees may alien allotment 120
homesteads not to be sold in certain cases 120
land to become subject to taxation 120
minors to sell by guardian 120
Highways through Indian lands and allotments 114
Cherokee Nation 793
Creek Nation 763
Fort Hall Reservation 706
Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho 169
Secretary of the Interior may open 114
Sioux Reservation 169
Hoh, statistics 1037
Hoh River Reservation, Wash., Executive orders establishing 916
Homesteads, alienation by heirs of deceased allottees forbidden in certain cases 120
ceded parts of reservations allotted under general allotment act to be entered as 34
Cherokee Nation, selection of, upon allotment, alienation restricted 788
Choctaw and Chickasaw 649,772
commutation of entries, Absentee Shawnee lands in Oklahoma 505
Cheyenne and Arapaho lands in Oklahoma 505
Great Sioux Reservation 689
Kickapoo lands in Oklahoma 639
Potawatomi lands in Oklahoma 505
public land strip 505
Creek Nation, disposition on death of allottee 764
incumbrance for twenty-one years void 764
patents to be delivered after twenty-one years 764
selections of lands for 764
Indians abandoning tribal relations may enter 23
alienation restricted for five years from patent 23
laws relating to—  
Bitter Root Valley, Montana, lands subject to 149
extended to Indians 23,31
alienation of homestead forbidden for five years 23
confirmation of prior entries 23
entries by nonreservation Indians entitled to allotment 33,34
fees not to be charged on entries 31
patents to be held in trust for twenty-five years 31
tribal rights of Indians not affected 23
Oklahoma ceded lands to be entered under 46
Ute ceded lands not subject to 185
settlers on Indian reservations, time for payments extended 82,89
Hoopa, statistics 1034
Hoopa Valley Agency, Cal., statistics 1034
Hoopa Valley Reserve, Cal., Executive orders establishing 815
wagon road across to be constructed 522
Hopi Pueblo, statistics 1037
Hopi (Moqui) Reserve, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 805
Horses, sale of, by agent for tribe 16
stealing in Indian Territory, punishment for 36
Hostilities, annual report of, to Congress 11
annuities may be forfeited because of 11
appropriations not to be paid to tribes while at war 24
arms and ammunition not to be sold to tribes at war 1
inciting, penalty for 13
treaties may be annulled because of 8
Hot Springs Reserve, N. Mex., Executive orders establishing 873
Hualapai, statistics 1034
Hualapai Agency, Ariz., statistics 1034
Hualapai Indian School Reserve, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 805
Hualapai Reserve, Executive orders establishing 804
Hudson Reservoir and Canal Company may construct irrigating canal through Gila River Reservation 616
Humptulip, statistics 1040
Hunkpapa Sioux, statistics 1043
Hunting on Indian lands prohibited, penalty for 17
Hutchinson and Southern Railroad Company, right of way granted through the Indian Territory 364
route extended 438
time for construction extended 438,551


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