Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Gainesville, McAlester and St. Louis Railroad Company granted right of way through Indian Territory 476
amendment of provisions relative to 580,668
time for construction extended 679
Gainesville, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway Company, granted right of way through Indian Territory 462
Galena, Guthrie and Western Railway Company, granted right of way through Indian Territory 355
General Land Office, reporting of allotting agents to be deposited in 33
surveys of Indian lands to be made by 14
Geographical and geological survey of the Rocky Mountain region, records of, relating to Indians to be turned         over to Smithsonian Institute 27
Geological Survey to supervise surveys in Indian Territory 82
Georgetown Indians, statistics 1040
Gibson Station, Ind. T., survey and platting of 734
Gila Bend Reserve, Executive orders establishing 804
Gila River Reserve, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 806
Hudson Reservoir and Canal Company may construct canal through 616
Maricopa and Phoenix Railway Company granted right of way through 243
Gila Reserve, N. Mex., Executive orders establishing 873
Gila Valley, Globe and Northern Railway Company, right of way through San Carlos Reservation, Ariz. 554
time for construction extended 627
Goods, delivery to chiefs for tribe 9
chiefs violating treaties not to receive 11
distribution of 9
number of Indians present and receiving same to be reported 13
money annuities may be paid in 8
purchase by public bids 8
seized in violation of law, action against as under revenue laws 15
seizure by military force 19
sold to Indians, to be under supervision of Commissioner of Indian Affairs 27
Grand Portage Reservation, Minn., timber on allotments may be cut and sold 713
Grand River Band of Ute, agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
Grand Junction Indian School, right of way through reserve conveyed to Rio Grande Junction Railway        Company 382
Grande Ronde Agency, Oreg., statistics 1033
Grande Ronde Reserve, Oreg., Executive orders establishing 886
right of way granted to Albany and Astoria Railroad Company 512
Grazing, Cherokee Nation, taxation authorized only when on tribal lands 798
Creek Nation 765
lands, allotments of, to be in double quantities 57
lands on Uintah Reservation reserved for 799
leases, Five Civilized Tribes, of tribal lands prohibited 99
termination of existing leases 99
of allotments by disabled allottees for five years 82
of lands of individual Indians 57
on Crow reservation 196
on Indian lands, penalty for 331
Sioux allotments, additional lands for 331
Great Sioux Reservation, allotments in severalty on 330,331
divided into separate reservation and remainder to be disposed of 328
settlers may commute entries on 687
Green Bay Agency, Wis., statistics 1034
timber, cutting on, regulations approved 194
agreement of January 21, 1887 261
allotments in severalty 263
area 263
descent by laws of Montana 263
patents for, contents of 262
title in trust for twenty-five years 263
allottees not prejudiced in tribal rights 263
annuities 262
preference to industrious Indians 263
surplus not required to be retained for future benefit of tribe 263
boundaries of reservation 265
marking of 264
cattle, brand of Indian department to be on 262
sale prohibited 262
cession of lands 262
employees at agency, Indians preferred 262
purpose of agreement 262
reservation in Montana established 262
boundaries 265
to be separate from other tribes 262
rights of way through reservation 264
agreement of December 14, 1886, on Fort Berthold Reservation 425
allotments on diminished reservation 425
restrictions on alienation, etc., for twenty-five years 426
annuities, $80,000 annually for ten years 425
how to be expended 427
cession of land to United States 425
laws of Dakota extended over reservation 426
subsistence not to be furnished adult males not working or children not attending schools 427
unallotted lands to be held in trust for twenty-five years 426
agreement of October 9, 1895 601
annuities to be paid 601,602
cattle delivered to Indians, not to be sold 602
cession of lands 601
depredation claims not to be deducted from payments here directed 603
employment of Indians in agency 602
“mixed bloods” included in term “Indian” 603
payment for cession, distribution of 601,602
stock raising on reservation 602
survey of reservation 603
legislation relating to, note 149
statistics 1033
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company, right of way through Indian Territory granted 217


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