Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Eastern Cherokee, claim to funds of Cherokee Nation referred to Court of Claims 216
funds may be used for certain purposes 167
statistics 1032
taxes on North Carolina lands to be paid from tribal funds 457
Eastern Cherokee Agency, N. C., statistics 1032
Eastern Nebraska and Gulf Railway Company, right of way through Omaha and Winnebago reservations         in Nebraska 513
time for construction extended 616
Eastern Shawnee. (See also Shawnee, Eastern Band)—  
allotments, minor children 752
funds, interest to be paid at 5 per cent from July 1, 1902 752
payment per capita 752
permanent annuities funded 742
statistics 1040
Education, appropriations for, allottees not to be excluded from 68
expenditure to be in the Indian country 10
reported annually to Congress 36
Bible may be taught in the Indian language 38
Cherokee Nation, proceeds of salt leases to be added to fund 215
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, royalties from leased coal and asphalt lands to be devoted to, while            members are not taxed to support schools 652,653
Creek Nation, annuities for 323
Sioux, fund for 170
teachers, employment of 7,87
report of 32
Electric power plant, Arizona Water Company may construct on Pima Reservation, Ariz 714
Electric railroad companies in Indian Territory, incorporation of 110
Elm Springs Mission School, lands in Cherokee Nation reserved for 725,790
Embezzlement, Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, Arkansas laws in force 653
Embracery, Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, Arkansas laws in force 653
Eminent domain (see also Railroad rights of way)—  
allotments subject to 113
cities and towns in Indian Territory may acquire lands by 93
Employees of Indian service—  
accounts of, false voucher to forfeit amount due 32
correct vouchers not affected 32
knowledge of employee presumed 32
settlement before advances on succeeding year 10
allowance, for office expenses 7
for traveling expenses 7,26
per diem when specially detailed for service outside of Washington 29
annual report of services, names, compensation, and law authorizing appointment 62,69
at agencies, account of agent to contain sworn statement of services of 24
expenditure for, not to exceed $10,000 per annum 24,89
at consolidated agencies may not exceed $15,000 89
increase of number on order of Secretary of the Interior 24
interpreting not to be paid extra 67
preference to Indians 29,69
Secretary of the Interior to prescribe number and kind 24,89
at Indian schools, annual report of 63,69,108
at Washington, annual report of, by Commissioner of Indian Affairs 63,69
Blackfeet Reservation, Mont., preference to Indians 606
Cœur d'Alene Reservation 421,422
entrusted with delivery of goods and money, accounts to be settled annually 10
list of, to be reported annually 9
property, increased bonds may be required 7
Fort Belknap Agency Indians to be preferred 602
Indians acquiring citizenship under allotment laws to be preferred 35
Indians to be employed in agencies when competent 24
Indians to be preferred in employment 7,29,68,69
interpreters 6
leaves of absence not to exceed sixty days 7
married persons to be employed on Sioux and Northern Arapaho and Cheyenne reservations 170
not to be interested in contracts 22
preference to Indians on Gros Ventre, Piegan, Blood, and Blackfeet reservations 262
remains of deceased, transportation forbidden 89
sanctioning violations of law, disqualified from holding office under United States 12
Spokan Reservation, Wash., preference to Indians 454
trading with Indians prohibited 7
penalty to be fine and removal from office 7
tribe to direct employment of, when 7
two offices not to be held by 7
Employees of traders, license from Commissioner of Indian Affairs 29
Enid and Anadarko Railway Company, right of way through Indian Territory and Oklahoma 744
Erie Preserving Company, lease from Seneca confirmed 715
Euches Boarding School, lands in Creek Nation reserved for 735
Eufaula, term of court at 120
Eufaula High School, lands in Creek Nation reserved for 735
Excessive holdings, Cherokee Nation, penalty for 788
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, penalty for 773
Five Civilized Tribes, report upon by Dawes Commission, penalty for 81,97
Executive orders establishing reserves 801
Arapaho and Cheyenne Reserve, in Indian Territory 839
Bad River (fishery) Reserve, in Wisconsin 928
Bitter Root Valley Reserve, in Montana 854
Blackfeet Reserve, in Montana 855
Bosque Redondo Reserve, in New Mexico 870
Camp Grant Reserve, in Arizona 801
Camp Verde Reserve, in Arizona 801
Carlin Farms Reserve, in Nevada 865
Chehalis Reserve, in Washington 901
Cheyenne and Arapaho Reserve, in Oklahoma 839
Cheyenne and Arapaho Half-breed Reserve, in Colorado 832
Cheyenne and Arapaho School, in Oklahoma 886
Cheyenne River (Sioux) Reserve, in South Dakota 898
Chilocco School, in Oklahoma 842
Chippewa and Ottawa Reserve, in Michigan 849
Chiricahua Reserve, in Arizona 802
Coast Reserve, in Oregon 890
Cœur d'Alene Reserve, in Idaho 835
Colorado River Reserve, in Arizona and California 803
Columbia Reserve, in Washington 904,1048
Colville Reserve, in Washington 915
Confederated Ute Reserve, in Colorado 834
Crow Reserve, in Montana 857
Crow Creek Reserve, in South Dakota 895
Custer Battlefield Reserve, in Montana 857
Deer Creek Reserve, in Minnesota 850
Drifting Goose Reserve, in South Dakota 895
Duck Valley Reserve, in Idaho and Nevada 866
Fond du Lac Reserve, in Minnesota 851,1048
Fort Apache Reserve, in Arizona 810
Fort Belknap Reserve, in Montana 855
Fort Berthold Reserve, in North Dakota 881
Fort Du Chesne (military) Reserve, in Utah 900
Fort Hall Reserve, in Idaho 838
Fort Peck Reserve, in Montana 859
Fort Reno (military) Reserve, in Oklahoma 842
Fort Stanton Reserve, in New Mexico 870
Fort Supply (military) Reserve, in Oklahoma 843,1047
Fort Washakie (military) Reserve, in Wyoming 936
Gila Reserve, in New Mexico 873
Gila Bend Reserve, in Arizona 804
Gila River Reserve, in Arizona 804,806
Grande Ronde Reserve, in Oregon 886
Great Sioux Reserve, in Nebraska 864
Havasapai Reserve, in Arizona 809
Hoh Reserve, in Washington 916
Hopi Reserve, in Arizona 805
Hoopa Valley Reserve, in California 815
Hot Springs Reserve, in New Mexico 873
Hualapai Indian School Reserve 805
Hualapai Reserve, in Arizona 804
Hupa Valley Reserve, in California 815
Iowa Reserve, in Indian Territory 843
Isabella Reserve, in Michigan 846
Jicarilla Apache Reserve, in New Mexico 874
Judith Basin Reserve, in Montana 859
Kickapoo Reserve, in Indian Territory 844
Klamath River Reserve, in California 816
Lac Courte Oreilles Reserve, in Wisconsin 929
Lac du Flambeau Reserve, in Wisconsin 932,1051
La Pointe (Bad River) Reserve, in Wisconsin 928
Leech Lake Reserve, in Minnesota 851
Lemhi Reserve, in Idaho 839
Little Traverse Reserve, in Michigan 847
Lower Brule (Sioux) Reserve, in South Dakota 898
Lummi Reserve, in Washington 917
Makah Reserve, in Washington 917
Malheur Reserve, in Oregon 887
Maricopa and Pima Reserve, in Arizona 806
Mendocino Reserve, in California 817
Mescalero Apache Reserve, in New Mexico 870
Mission Indian reserves, in California 819
Moapa River Reserve, in Nevada 866
Moqui Reserve, in Arizona 805
Moses Reserve, in Washington 904,1048
Muckleshoot Reserve, in Washington 918
Muddy Valley Reserve, in Nevada 866
Navajo Reserve, in Arizona and Utah 805,875
Niobrara Reserve, in Nebraska 861
Nisqually Reserve, in Washington 919
Nome Cult Reserve, in California 824
Northern Cheyenne Reserve, in Montana 860
Old Winnebago Reserve, in South Dakota 896
Ontonagon Reserve, in Michigan 848
Osette Reserve, in Washington 920
Oto Reserve, in Oklahoma 844
Ottawa and Chippewa reserves, in Michigan 849,1047
Papago Reserve, in Arizona 805
Pima and Maricopa Reserve, in Arizona 806
Pine Ridge (Sioux) Reserve, in South Dakota 898
Port Madison Reserve, in Washington 920
Pueblo Industrial School Reserve, in New Mexico 877
Pueblo of San Felipe Reserve, in New Mexico 878
Puyallup Reserve, in Washington 922
Pyramid Lake Reserve, in Nevada 868
Quillehute Reserve, in Washington 923
Quinaielt Reserve, in Washington 923
Red Cliff Reserve, in Wisconsin 933
Red Lake Reserve, in Minnesota 852
Rosebud (Sioux) Reserve, in South Dakota 898
Round Valley Reserve, in California 824
Salt River Reserve, in Arizona 809
San Carlos Reserve, in Arizona 810
Santee Sioux Reserve, in Nebraska 864
Santee Sioux Reserve, in South Dakota 897
Shoalwater Reserve, in Washington 924
Shoshoni (Fort Washakie Military) Reserve, in Wyoming 936
Siletz Reserve, in Oregon 890
Sioux Reserve, in Nebraska 864
Sioux Reserve, in South Dakota 898
Skokomish Reserve, in Washington 924
Smith River Reserve, in California 830
Snohomish Reserve, in Washington 925
Southern Ute Reserve, in Colorado and New Mexico 834
Spokan Reserve, in Washington 924
Standing Rock (Sioux) Reserve, in North and South Dakota 884
Suppai Reserve, in Arizona 809
Swinomish (Perry Island) Reserve, in Washington 925
Truckee Reserve, in Nevada 868
Tulalip Reserve, in Washington 925
Tule River Reserve, in California 830
Tulerosa Valley Reserve, in New Mexico 879
Turtle Mountain Reserve, in North Dakota 885
Uintah Valley Reserve, in Utah 900
Umatilla Reserve, in Oregon 891
Uncompahgre (Ute) Reserve, in Utah 901
Ute Reserve, in Colorado 834
Vermilion Lake Reserve, in Minnesota 853
Walapai Reserve, in Arizona 804
Walker River Reserve, in Nevada 869
Wallowa Reserve, in Oregon 894
White Earth Reserve, in Minnesota 853
White Mountain Reserve, in Arizona 810
White Oak Point Reserve, in Minnesota 854
Wind River (Fort Washakie Military) Reserve, in Wyoming 936
Winnebagoshish Reserve, in Minnesota 854
Yakima (fishery) Reserve, in Washington 926
Yuma Reserve, in Arizona and California 815,831
Zuni Pueblo Reserve, in New Mexico 880
Extradition of criminals in Indian Territory on order of judge of United States court 54


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