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Plenary Session — Forest Genetics and Forest Sustainability
Wednesday June 25, 2003 Steve McKeand, Moderator
Pioneering Tree Improvement in Oklahoma (Invited Paper)
Clark W. Lantz and Craig R. McKinley; pp. 1-5
Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Certification, Tree Improvement, and Forest Biotechnology (Invited Paper)
Frederick Cubbage; pp. 6-15
Conservation Efforts for Pinus maximinoi in Mesoamerica and Its Potential as a Hybrid with Pinus taeda in South America
W. S. Dvorak, J. L. Hamrick, B. J. Furman, G. R. Hodge and A. P. Jordan; p. 16
Third-Cycle Breeding Strategy for Slash Pine by the Cooperative Forest Genetics Research Program
T. L. White, D. A. Huber and G. L. Powell; pp. 17-29
Session I, Concurrent A — Breeding, Testing and Selection
Wednesday June 25, 2003 Robert Purnell, Moderator
Responsiveness of Diverse Families of Loblolly Pine to Fertilization: Eight-Year Results from SETRES-2
S. E. McKeand, J. E. Grissom, R. Rubilar, and H. L. Allen; pp. 30-33
Dominance and Stand Structure Analyses of a GXE Interaction Trial
Rafael Rubilar, Steve McKeand, H. Lee Allen; pp. 34-37
Age-Five Results from the Cooperative Forest Genetics Research Program Slash Pine Polymix Trials
D. A. Huber, T. L. White and G. L. Powell; pp. 38-43
The Use of Site Factor Studies in Determining Environmental Variables That May be Important for Genotype by Environment Interaction
Arnulf Kanzler, Gary R. Hodge and Lee Allen ; p. 44
An Evaluation of Height as an Early Selection Criterion for Volume and Predictor of Site Index Gain in the Western Gulf
E. M. Raley, D. P. Gwaze and T. D. Byram; pp. 45-55
Introgression between Pinus taeda L. and Pinus echinata Mill.
Jiwang Chen, C. G. Tauer, Guihua Bai, and Yinghua Huang; pp. 56-59
Session I, Concurrent B — Breeding, Testing and Selection
Wednesday June 25, 2003 Tom Byram, Moderator
Development of Differential Screening Panels for Slash Pine-Fusiform Rust Reaction Types
F. E. Bridgwater, C. D. Nelson, T. D. Byram, T. L. Kubisiak, C. H. Young and R. L. Doudrick; p. 60
Time Trend and Genetic Difference of Rust Infection in a Diallel Loblolly Pine Population Across Four Tests
Hua Li, Henry Amerson and Bailian Li; p. 61
On the Origin of Fusiform Rust Resistance in Loblolly Pine
R. C. Schmidtling, C. D. Nelson and T. Kubisiak; p. 62
The Efficacy of Breeding for Brown Spot Disease Resistance in Longleaf Pine
D. P. Gwaze, L. H. Lott and C. D. Nelson; pp. 63-71
Genetic Variation in Fraser Fir Mortality Due to Phytophthora Root Rot
Kevin M. Potter and John Frampton; pp. 72-74
Session II, Concurrent A — Breeding, Testing and Selection
Thursday June 26, 2003 Tim White, Moderator
Cooperative Second-Generation Breeding and Testing of Coastal Douglas-fir in the US Pacific Northwest
Keith J. S. Jayawickrama; p. 75
Complementary Pairs Interaction of Resistance Genes and Avirulent Genes in Loblolly Pine: Fusiform Rust Pathosystem Using Diallel Data
Hua Li, Henry Amerson and Bailian Li; p. 76
Evaluation of an Open-Nucleus Model for Forest Tree Breeding
Milan Lstibůrek and T. J. Mullin; pp. 77-80
Implementation of Third–Cycle Loblolly Pine Breeding Plan —N. C. State University-Industry Cooperative Tree Improvement Program
Bailian Li; p. 81
Variation in Estimation of Genetic Parameters from Small Disconnected Diallel Mating
Fikret Isik and Bailian Li; p. 82
Age-Age Correlations In Pinus Taeda In Brazil
Gary R. Hodge, Arnaldo Ribeiro Ferreira, Waldemar Assis da Veiga; pp. 83-84
Session II, Concurrent B — Breeding, Testing and Selection
Thursday June 26, 2003 Mike Stine, Moderator
Genetic Variation in Stone Pine Half-Sib Progenies
Ioan Blada; pp. 85-95
Top Grafting Longleaf x Slash Pine F1 Hybrids on Mature Longleaf and Slash Pine Interstocks
L. H. Lott, L. M. Lott, M. Stine, T. L. Kubisiak, and C. D. Nelson; pp. 96-101
Genetic and Phenotypic Variability for Constitutive Oleoresin Flow in Loblolly Pine
J. H. Roberds, B. L. Strom and F. P. Hain; pp. 102-104
TREEPLAN® — A Genetic Evaluation System for Forest Trees
T. A. McRae, L. A. Apiolaza, G. W. Dutkowski, R. J. Kerr, D. J. Pilbeam, M. B. Powell and B. Tier; pp. 105-113
A New Model for Moving Forward with Marker-based Selection
C. D. Nelson and C. S. Echt; p. 114
Genetic Variation of Juvenile Wood Properties in a Loblolly Pine Diallel Test
Robert Sykes, Fikret Isik, Bailian Li, John Kadla and H-m. Chang; p. 115
Session III, Concurrent A — Tree Improvement and Forest Sustainability
Thursday June 26, 2003 John Adams, Moderator
Cone and Seed Insect Pest Research: The Role of the Southwide Studies
T. D. Byram, A. C. Mangini, and S. E. McKeand; pp. 116-125
Performance of Nuttall Oak (Quercus texana Buckl.) Provenances in the Western Gulf Region
D. P. Gwaze, T. D. Byram and E. M. Raley; pp. 126-137
Early Performance and Genetic Parameters for Atlantic Coastal and Piedmont Loblolly Pine and Their Hybrids in the Piedmont
Paraskevi Alizoti, Bailian Li and Steve McKeand; p. 138
Seed Source Comparisons in 100 Tests in Arkansas and Oklahoma
Lou Anne Dill and Clem Lambeth; pp. 139-142
Session III, Concurrent B — Tree Improvement and Forest Sustainability
Thursday June 26, 2003 Randy Rousseau, Moderator
Validation of Predicted Breeding Values for Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii var. elliottii) Using Field Trials Planted in Large Block Plots
Rodrigo Vergara, Timothy L. White, Dudley A. Huber, Barry D. Shiver, and Donald L. Rockwood; pp. 143-154
Field Performance of Shortleaf Pine Half-Sib Families Though 10 Years in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas
John C. Brissette and James P. Barnett; pp. 155-161
Slash and Loblolly Pine Productivity on Reclaimed Titanium Mined Lands in Northeast Florida
P. A. Proctor, D. L. Rockwood, and J. A. Mathey; pp. 162-170
Performance Effects of Outside Pollen on Seed Orchards In and Out of the Genetic Source Area
John A. Scrivani, Wayne F. Bowman and Onesphore Bitoki; p. 171
Transgenic Loblolly Pine Trees from Diverse Elite Families
H. J. Gladfelter, J. E. Gulledge, S. Schwuchow, R. R. McCormack, R. T. Kothera, M. R. Becwar, Bob J. Kodrzycki, H. D. Wilde, and M. B. Connett; p. 172
Session IV, Molecular Genetics and Clonal Propagation
Friday June 27, 2003 Charles Tauer, Moderator
Genetic Analysis of a Disease Resistance Gene from Loblolly Pine
Yinghua Huang, Nili Jin, Alex Diner, Chuck Tauer, Yan Zhang and John Damicone; pp. 173-180
Light Quality Effects on Germination and Conversion of Southern Pine Somatic Embryos
S. A. Merkle, B. L. Upchurch, P. M. Montello, X. Xia, and D. R. Smith; pp. 181-183
Loblolly Pine Karyotype Using FISH and DAPI Positive Banding
M. N. Islam-Faridi, C. Dana Nelson, T. L. Kubisiak, M. V. Gullirmo, V. H. McNamara, S. Ramakrishnan, H. J. Price and D. M. Stelly; pp. 184-188
Fourth-Year Results from a Clonal Test of Loblolly Pine
Barry Goldfarb, Fikret Isik, Anthony LeBude, Steve McKeand and Bailian Li; p. 189
Volume Gains of Rooted Loblolly Pine Clones at Age 10 in Florida and Alabama
Early McCall and Fikret Isik; pp. 190-196
Improving the Rooting Ability of Stem Cuttings from Virginia Pine and Fraser Fir Christmas Trees by Stumping
Christopher Rosier and John Frampton; pp. 197-200
USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection Resistance Screening Center
Carol H. Young; p. 201
Poster Abstracts
Wednesday June 25, 2003
High Efficiency Transformation of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Using Green Fluorescent Protein as a Vital Screenable Marker
Wei Tang and Ronald J. Newton; p. 202
Antibiotics Effects on the Elimination of Agrobacterium tumefaciens from Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Zygotic Embryo Explants and on Transgenic Plant Regeneration
Wei Tang and Ronald J. Newton; p. 203
Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and Virtual Reality Models (VRM) to Improve the Analysis of Genetic and Silvicultural Trials
Rafael Rubilar, Steve McKeand and H. Lee Allen; p. 204
Microprojectile-Mediated Genetic Transformation of Embryogenic Sweetgum Cultures
M. J. Walsh and S. A. Merkle; p. 205
Rooting Cuttings of Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra L.)
Matthew H. Gocke, Barry Goldfarb and Daniel J. Robison; p. 206
Progress with American Chestnut Somatic Embryogenesis
G. M. Andrade and S. A. Merkle; p. 207
Evaluation of the Inheritance of Tip Moth Susceptibility Using Pine Hybrids Planted in Southeast Mississippi
M. T. Highsmith, L. H. Lott, D. P. Gwaze, D. Lominy and C. D. Nelson; p. 208
Evaluation of an Open-Nucleus Model for Forest Tree Breeding
M. Lstibůrek and T. J. Mullin; p. 209
Characterization of a Bacterial Contaminant in Loblolly Pine Tissue Culture
M. J. Cook, J. J. Clark, J. W. Anderson, A. D. Junkins, C. K. Karr and M. R. Becwar; p. 210
A Functional Genomics Pipeline in Loblolly Pine and Eastern Cottonwood
Bob Kodrzycki, Paul Sanders, Murray Grigor, Samantha Roberts, Kim Winkeler, Kirk Foutz, Heather Holley and Carl Huetteman; p. 211
Field Selection of American Sweetgum Transformed for Herbicide Resistance
C. A. Huetteman, Y. Zhao, K. C. Gause, H. D. Wilde and B. T. Parks; p. 212
Loblolly Pine Karyotype Using FISH and DAPI Positive Banding
M. N. Islam-Faridi, C. D. Nelson, T. L. Kubisiak, M. V. Gullirmo, V. H. McNamara, H. J. Price and D. M. Stelly; p. 213
Molecular Pathology of Pitch Canker Disease
Katherine E. Smith, Alison M. Morse, Gogce Kayihan, Dudley A. Huber, Timothy L. White, C. Dana Nelson and John M. Davis; p. 214