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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 4
December, 1942

Page 318

The Oklahoma Historical Society was organized by a group of Oklahoma Territory newspaper men interested in the history of Oklahoma who assembled in Kingfisher, May 26, 1893. From the beginning the organization has experienced a steady growth.

The major objective of the Society involves the promotion of interest and research in Oklahoma history, the collection and preservation of the state's historical records, pictures, and relics. The Society also seeks to foster the study and teaching of the history of Oklahoma.

The Chronicles of Oklahoma, published quarterly by the Society, is distributed free to its members. Each issue contains scholarly articles as well as those of popular interest, together with book reviews, historical notes, etc.

Membership in the Oklahoma Historical Society is open to everyone interested. The quarterly is designed for college and university professors, for those engaged in research in Oklahoma and Indian history, for high school history teachers, for others interested in the state's history and for librarians. The annual dues are $1 and includes a subscription to The Chronicles of Oklahoma. A free sample copy will be sent upon request. Life membership may be secured upon the payment of $25. All dues and correspondence relating thereto should be sent direct to the Secretary of the Society, Oklahoma Historical Society Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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