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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 3
September, 1942

Page 314

ROBERT L. WILLIAMS, Durant, Oklahoma, President of the Oklahoma Historical Society, has contributed biographical articles to The Chronicles of Oklahoma in the past.

JOHN BARTLETT MESERVE, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has also previously contributed biographical articles to The Chronicles.

In this number of The Chronicles BASIL A. HAYES, M.D., Oklahoma City, continues his account of the late LeRoy Long, M.D.

CAROLYN THOMAS FOREMAN, Muskogee, Oklahoma, is the author of Oklahoma Imprints and of biographical articles which have appeared in The Chronicles.

DR. BERLIN B. CHAPMAN is Professor of Oklahoma History at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, and has contributed articles for The Kansas Historical Quarterly and The Chronicles of Oklahoma.

L. HUBBARD SHATTUCK is Director of the Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois.

DR. A. RICHARDS is the Director of the University of Oklahoma Museum of Zoology, Norman.

BRADFORD A. OSBORNE is head of the Technical Department, Tulsa Public Library, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

DR. J. S. CLARK, Oklahoma City, is a contributor to The Chronicles of Oklahoma.

H. R. ANTLE, Sulphur, Oklahoma, has written articles for The Oklahoma Prehistorian and The Chronicles of Oklahoma.

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