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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 3
September, 1942

By James W. Moffitt

Page 264

The importance of county historical societies lies in the fact that they serve as local centers of historical interest and their activities are a step in the direction of covering the whole field of local history more adequately.1 One of the purposes of the county historical society is to collect objects and printed materials of interest in connection with the history of the county and state. Also it should attempt to arouse within its citizens an awareness of the heritage they enjoy. Another strong reason for county historical societies is their potential value to research. If research in state history is to prove effective there must be many depositories of printed materials on the subject and access to these made available to those interested. Each locality should have collections of manuscript or printed material on the state's history.

During the present world conflict both individuals and organizations should collect pictures, clippings, maps, war music, service records and other data which should be of great value when county and other war histories are written.2 Each county historical society should act as a central agency in sponsoring this important work. Scrapbooks, letter files, folders and filing cases should be used for preserving historical items. Members of clubs and other organizations should keep records of their activities in war work and file them with the county historical society or with the State Historical Society. Interested individuals should realize that this is a part of their patriotic duty which, properly carried out, will assist in building up the public morale in this time of crisis. The county historical society collections may be kept permanently at some logical place in the county by the society such as the public library. Where facilities are not available to take care of all items collected they may be given with due credit to the State Historical Society.3

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