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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 2
June, 1942
April 20, 1942, Cordell, Oklahoma

Page 209

The Oklahoma Historical Society convened in annual session at the city of Cordell, Oklahoma on April 20, 1942, as the guest of the city, the Golden Anniversary of the opening of the Cheyenne and Arapaho country being observed at the same time.

The annual meeting met first in the refectory of the Methodist Church with the following directors present: Judge Robert L. Williams, President, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Judge Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams, Mrs. J. Garfield Buell, Mrs. Jessie R. Moore (Treasurer), James W. Moffitt (Secretary), and over fifteen other members, life and annual, being present, and Dr. E. E. Dale later was present.

The President, Judge Robert L. Williams, was presented by Judge Thomas A. Edwards, chairman of the program committee, and Judge C. Ross Hume on request gave the invocation. The mayor of the city, the Honorable Raymond Symcox, on being presented delivered an address of cordial welcome. A fine response thereto was given by Mr. Justice Fletcher Riley of the State Supreme Court. The Honorable Victor Murdock, editor of the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle, was then introduced and received an accolade. He proceeded to deliver in his inimitable style a splendid address on "Reminiscences of Southwest Oklahoma," recounting experiences in his travels over Oklahoma Territory in the summer of 1896, especially as it related to the Cheyenne and Arapaho country and old Greer county. He told of many interesting incidents, stories and anecdotes relating to that early day. At its close the audience evincing its appreciation by hearty acclaim, Judge Baxter Taylor moved that the society as well as all others present express their appreciation then and there for the magnificent address which was unanimously adopted.

The President called attention of the audience to the work of the Oklahoma Historical Society, especially as it affected that section of the state, and the earnest efforts being made to preserve not only the history of the present but also of those early days. The society then recessed the meeting to be reconvened at 3:30 o'clock in the afternoon in the lounge room of the Hotel Washita, at which time then and there a brief session was held, the President presiding.

The Secretary presented a list of the following names for membership in the society:

Life: Kent Birch Hayes, Oklahoma City, and Quintin Little, Madill.

Annual: Fred Amen, Cordell; Mrs. H. T. Ballentine, Muskogee; Charles F. Banard, Hope, Arkansas; Mrs. W. N. Barry, Okemah; Tony Baucum, Placentia, California; Archibald F. Bennett, Salt Lake City, Utah; John A. Brett, Oklahoma City; W. O. Colwell, Mountain View; Harry T. Craft, Hominy; Mrs. M. O. Dawson, Custer; Mark Deason, Westville; Dr. Harry L. Deupree, Oklahoma City; Dr. Charles Evans, Oklahoma City; Joy G. Grant, Lucien; Dr. D. W. Griffin, Norman; Mrs Hugh Halsell, Durant; Dr. Basil A. Hayes, Oklahoma City; Neil R. Johnson, Norman; Elizabeth Lucas, Sherman, Texas; Dr. Elmer L. Lucas, Norman; John E. Luttrell, Norman; Harold McDonald, Cleveland; Mrs. J. W. McMahan, Okemah; Dr. Clifford A. Merritt, Norman; Gilbert V. Middleton, Oklahoma City; Van Phillips, Oklahoma City; Lester Randall, Broken Arrow; Mrs. Lula D. Rennie, Durant; Mrs. Velma Seawright, Norman; Lt. Col. Harland F. Seeley, Lebanon, Missouri; John S. Seikel, McLoud; Mrs. Thelma K. Shumake, Oklahoma City; Marian St. Pierre, East Orange, New Jersey; Sara

Page 210

Thomason, Pauls Valley; Mrs. Nina Todd, Cloud Chief; Mrs. Texa B. Williams, Hollywood, California; Charles Newton Windle, Locust Grove, Mrs. O. N. Windle, Sayre.

Whereupon, Judge Thomas A. Edwards moved that they each be elected and accepted as members in the society in the class as indicated in the list, which motion having been seconded was unanimously carried.

The President read a telegram from Senator George L. Bowman of Kingfisher expressing his regret at not being able to be present on account of high water and in which he extended an invitation on the part of the city of Kingfisher and various local organizations for the society to hold its annual meeting in 1943 at Kingfisher to observe the 50th Anniversary of its organization there.

Upon motion of Mrs. J. Garfield Buell, seconded by Mrs. John R. Williams, the invitation was unanimously accepted with the expression and the hope that the Oklahoma Press Association would hold its meeting at Kingfisher at the same time.

An invitation was presented from the Pottawatomie County Historical Society on the part of the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce and other organizations for the Oklahoma Historical Society to hold its annual meeting in Shawnee in 1944. On motion by Judge Edwards, seconded by Mrs. John R. Williams, the invitation was received with expressions of appreciation and ordered to be held by the Secretary to be acted upon at the annual meeting in 1943, which motion was unanimously carried.

The President on motion duly seconded was unanimously authorized on the part of the society to procure Cherokee records that are not now housed in the Oklahoma Historical Building at Oklahoma City and to exercise his judgment as to matters relating thereto, the resolution being introduced by Mrs. Jessie R. Moore and seconded by Judge Baxter Taylor, Judge Thomas A. Edwards putting the motion which was unanimously carried.

On motion of Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, seconded by Judge Edwards, the President and Secretary were authorized to draw a voucher on the private funds of the society not to exceed $30.00 with which to purchase a Creek Indian banner for the War Memorial Building at Montgomery, Alabama, banners of the other four members of the Five Civilized Tribes already being in said War Memorial Building, which motion as seconded was unanimously carried.

On motion, duly seconded, the act of the executive committee approving the setting aside of funds contributed for the Senator Robert L. Owens portrait was approved, said funds to be held as a segregated fund by the Treasurer and the President and Secretary were authorized to draw on this fund to pay the artist, Boris Gordon, for painting same and also to cover the charges for the frame and marker, cartage and express and other necessary expense for same to be delivered to the society in Oklahoma City. Said motion was unanimously carried.

The President read a letter from Mrs. Howard Searcy on behalf of the Daughters of the American Revolution stating that said organization presented to the Oklahoma Historical Society a flag representing the 46th state's admission into the union. On motion of Mrs. J. Garfield Buell, seconded by Mrs. John R. Williams, the Secretary was directed to express to Mrs. Searcy to be transmitted to the Daughters of the American Revolution organization its appreciation for this flag, and Mrs. Garfield Buell then and there stated that she would bear the expense for the procurement of a glass case in which to encase and preserve said flag. The motion of Mrs. Buell as to thanking the Daughters of the American Revolu-

Page 211

tion organization was unanimously adopted and on motion and second a motion was adopted thanking Mrs. Buell for her kind offer to provide the glass case in which to encase and preserve said flag.

On motion by Judge Taylor, seconded by Mrs. John R. Williams, Honorable Victor Murdock was to be made an honorary life member of said society, and said motion was unanimously adopted.

Judge Edwards moved that Holmes Colbert be made an honorary life member, which was duly seconded by Mrs. Buell and unanimously adopted.

On motion duly seconded it was unanimously adopted that the regular quarterly board meeting to be held in April be dispensed with and that the next regular board meeting be at the regular time in July, 1942.

Judge Taylor moved, which was seconded by Mrs. Buell, that Judge Edwards as chairman of the program committee and the other members of said committee be thanked for the excellent program provided and that the citizens of Cordell and various organizations including the American Legion, Chamber of Commerce and churches and other organizations be thanked for their courtesy and hospitable entertainment, said motion being unanimously adopted.

A motion being made and seconded and carried a recess was taken until seven o'clock P. M., to reconvene at the Methodist church refectory, and then and there at said time, Judge Edwards, chairman of the program committee introduced members and guests and after an excellent dinner, Dr. E. E. Dale of the Department of History at the University of Oklahoma, delivered an elegant address entitled "Historical Backgrounds of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation." In an interesting way he described the important historical movement which brought about the opening of said reservation for settlement and its division into county governments, and becoming a part of Oklahoma Territory and now a part of the State of Oklahoma.

On motion and second and adopted expressions of appreciation were extended to Dr. Dale.

The annual meeting which was a part of the observance of the 50th Anniversary of the opening of said country came to an end and members departed for their respective homes with appreciation for the interesting program and gracious hospitality.

Dated this the 20th day of April, A. D. 1942.


JAMES W. MOFFITT, Secretary,

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