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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 1
March, 1942


Page 74

Our readers will be interested in the following articles: "Count Alphonso De Saligny and the Franco-Texienne Bill by Bernice Barnett Denton," in The Southwestern Historical Quarterly (October, 1941); "Texas County Histories," continued, by H. Bailey Carroll, ibid.; "Texas Collection," by Walter Prescott Webb, ibid.; "Spain's Indian Policy in Texas, Translations for the Bexar Archives," edited by J. Villasana Haggard, ibid.; "The Union Catalog of Floridiana," by A. J. Hanna, in Special Libraries (May-June, 1941); "Guide to Depositories of Manuscript Collections in Louisiana," by the Historical Records Survey, WPA in The Louisiana Historical Quarterly (April, 1941); "Military Posts in the Southwest, 1840-1860," by A. B. Bender in The New Mexico Historical Review (April, 1941); "The Southwest Territory to the Aid of the Northwest Territory, 1791," by Samuel C. Williams, in The Indiana Magazine of History (June, 1941); "The Farm Journals, Their Editors, and Their Public, 1830-1860," in Agricultural History (October, 1941); "Oklahoma Oil and Indian Land Tenure," by Gerald Forbes, ibid.; "The Knights of the Golden Circle," by Ollinger Crenshaw, in The American Historical Review (October, 1941); "Who Elected Lincoln?," by Joseph Schafer, ibid.; "English Settlers in Illinois," by Grant Foreman, in The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (September, 1941); "French and Other Intrigues in the Southwest Territory," by Samuel C. Williams, in the East Tennessee Historical Society's Publications (Number 13); "Non-Economic Factors in the Frontier Movement," by Gilbert J. Garraghan, in Mid-America (October, 1941); "First Newspapers in Kansas Counties, 1871-1879," by G. Raymond Gaeddert, in the Kansas Historical Quarterly (August, 1941); "They Came from Missouri and They Showed the World," by Irving Dilliard, in The Missouri Historical Review (October, 1941); "Indian Women as Food Providers and Tribal Counselors," by Leslie M. Scott, in The Oregon Historical Quarterly (September, 1941); "Ranches in the Great American Desert," by Usher L. Burdick, in The North Dakota Historical Quarterly (July, 1941); "With the Indians," by J. A. Swisher, in the Palimpsest (September, 1941).

Walter Prescott Webb reports in the January, 1942, issue of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly the recent acquisition by the University of Texas of the well-known Philpott collection of Texas books. The acquisition of the Philpott books was made possible through the generosity of Miss Blanche McKie of Corsicana. The Regents of the University of Texas supplemented Miss McKie's gift to provide for the purchase.

Major Alphonso Wetmore, a Missourian, is credited with being the first historian of the Santa Fe Trail. When Senator Thomas

Page 75

Hart Benton organized his campaign in 1824 for the marking of a road to New Mexico, Wetmore at the request of Representative John Scott, collected and sent to Washington all available information in old Franklin Missouri, about Mexican trade and the activity of that town in the Santa Fe trade.1

Writings on American History, 1936, compiled by Grace Gardner Griffin and Dorothy M. Louraine, has been published as volume II of the Annual Report of the American Historical Association for 1936.

The ninth volume of the series, The Territorial Papers of the United States, has been published recently. Compiled and edited by Clarence Edward Carter, this volume contains papers relating to the Territory of Orleans for the years 1803-1812.

The National Park Service has published Observations Concerning the Conservation of Monuments in Europe and America by Hans Huth.

The Kansas Legislature has made provisions for the purchase and restoration of the old Iowa Sac and Fox Indian mission building near Highland, Kansas. The building and an area of fifteen acres has been set aside as a public park.

The legislature of Minnesota has established a new State Board, the Minnesota Historic Sites and Markers Commission. This board is made up of the Director of State Parks, the Commissioner of Highways and the Superintendent of the Minnesota Historical Society or their representatives. Among other duties it will supervise the erection of markers for historic sites.

George Young Bear of the Sac and Fox Indians at Tama, Iowa, spoke at the annual picnic of the early settlers association of Black Hawk County held at Island Park near Cedar Falls. His subject was "The Real Early Settlers."2

The importance of acquiring local and county histories is being stressed by Clifford Lord, the new Director of the New York State Historical Association.3

Interest in local history is gaining all over the country. From all parts comes word of the activity of localities in preserving and recording their history. The study of local history, however, should be more than mere antiquarianism. It should have real significance.

Page 76

The marking of a building because it is old or because some famous personage spent a night in it has no meaning in itself. The preservation of historical remains has value only when it is a part of the stream of history. It is only through a study of local history that a more complete understanding of the larger scene is possible. The preservation of local historical records, both physical and documentary, is an extremely essential part of the study of history. These records are the tools with which the historian works. In spite of the mass of materials existing, it is surprising how much is lost. History is being made each day, and yet how great an attempt is being made to preserve contemporary records? It is the duty of those interested in local history to see that records are preserved and available for use in some depository in the neighborhood of which they depict the history.4

A Microfilm Library Reader has been acquired by the Iowa State Department of History and Archives. This machine makes it possible by use of photographic copies of hitherto inaccessible or rare documents for a quantity of valuable historical records to be added to the files of middle western American history in the Department.5

The Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, paused along the educational pathway December 13, 14 and 15, 1941, to celebrate fifty years of colorful history. Among the speakers appearing on the program were Dr. Henry Aurelia Reinhardt, President of Mills College, Oakland, California; Dr. Howard Griggs, New York City; President Henry G. Bennett; Dr. Henry G. Knight, Washington City; President Clarence A. Dykstra, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Under the direction of Dr. Berlin B. Chapman, students in an Oklahoma history class at the college compiled a 300-page record book in connection with the Golden Anniversary Celebration.

The official executive committee for the University of Oklahoma's Semicentennial celebration has started definite plans for the formal semicentennial program to be held December 1 to 5, 1942.

Members of the executive committee are President Emeritus W. B. Bizzell, appointed by the Board of Regents to direct the Semicentennial observances; Dr. Claude S. Chambers, of Seminole, representing the regents; Frank A. Balyeat, and Kenneth Kaufman, representing the University faculty, and George D. Hann, Ardmore school superintendent, alumni representative.

In addition to planning a formal academic program, the executive committee has discussed various other suggestions for special

Page 77

events to be held at other times during the semicentennial year, such as an historical pageant, a rodeo, numerous short courses and conferences, special semicentennial publications, and perhaps a nationwide radio broadcast presenting alumni talent.

Committee appointments have been announced by President Emeritus Bizzell as follows:

Program—C. C. Rister, chairman, Harrington Wimberly, John G. Hervey, Gilbert Harold, Lawrence Haskell, Cortez A. M. Ewing, A. Richards, J. R. Hinshaw, William H. Carson, H. A. Shoemaker, Joseph R. Taylor, Spencer Norton, W. S. Campbell, E. J. Ortman.

Publicity—Stewart Harral, chairman, Roscoe Cate, Savoie Lottinville, Clancy Pearce, H. H. Herbert, J. C. Mayfield, Alice Sowers, C. C. Walcutt, Ralph Rienfang, C. F. Daily, Homer Heck.

Conventions and institutes—R. Boyd Gunning, chairman, Glenn C. Couch, A. B. Sears, Royden J. Dangerfield, George A. Hoke, W. C. Bednar, M. R. Everett.

Invitations—M. L. Wardell, chairman, Jesse L. Rader, Homer L. Dodge, Dora McFarland, Findley Weaver, Ted Beaird.

Pageant—Rupel J. Jones, chairman, E. E. Dale, John Alley, Suzanne Lasater, Della Brunsteter, Charles P. Green, Edith Mahier.

Local Entertainment—H. H. Scott, chairman, L. E. Harris, Wyatt Marrs, Virginia Reinecke, Lewis S. Salter, L. B. Swearingen, Dixie Young.

Local Arrangements—Guy Y. Willams, chairman, L. H. Cherry, S. R. Hadsell, Paul S. Carpenter, J. H. Marshburn, M. H. Merrill.

Luncheons and dinners—Helen Burton, chairman, G. L. Cross, R. H. Dott, Helen H. Hamill, Henry L. Kamphoefner, L. N. Morgan, H. Lloyd Stow.

The general theme for the formal Semicentennial program the first week in December, 1942, will be various aspects of Oklahoma and southwestern culture and the region's contributions to science, literature and art. Principal addresses are to be given by two University presidents, one from a major state university and one from a major endowed institution. Seminars in various special fields of higher education will be held. Tentative plans include a night program devoted to Indian music and dancing. Events of the week will end with a football game between the Oklahoma Sooners and William and Mary College, a game which will bring together the teams of one of America's youngest universities and one of its oldest colleges.6

Honorable Paul A. Walker, President of the Oklahoma State Society in Washington City, has presented the archives of the Society the script used on a radio broadcast program honoring Oklahoma and Oklahoma's distinguished Indian citizens given over Station W W D C in Washington on January 15, 1942.

Page 78

The library of the Oklahoma Historical Society has received the following publications recently: Inventory of Federal Archives Series: Alabama: Department of Interior, Miscellaneous Agencies; Arkansas: Department of the Interior; Works Progress Administration, Farm Credit Administration, Miscellaneous Agencies; Florida: Department of the Interior, Miscellaneous Agencies; Minnesota: Department of the Interior; Tennessee: Department of Labor, Veterans' Administration; Nevada: Veterans' Administration, Miscellaneous Agencies; Washington: Veterans' Administration, Work Progress Administration; Mississippi: Civil Work Administration, Work Progress Administration, Miscellaneous Agencies; Historical Records Survey: District Courts of the Territory of Arizona, 1864-1912, Arizona, Journal of the Pioneer and Walker Mining Districts, 1863-1865; California,Inventory of State Archives, Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Immigration and Housing; California (Southern), List of Letters and Documents of Rulers and Statesmen in the Wm. Andrews Clark Memorial library; District of Columbia, A Calendar of the Writings of Frederick Douglas; Florida, Translation and Transcription of Church Archives, Roman Catholic records—St. Augustine Parish, White Baptists; Iowa, Inventory of County Archives, Taylor County; Kansas, Inventory of County Archives, Love County, Phillips County; Louisiana., Inventory of State Archives, Series 2, Judiciary, Court of Appeals, Transcriptions of Manuscript collections, Transcriptions of Parish Records, St. Bernard Parish, Police Jury Minutes, 1880-1895; Massachusetts, Abstract and Index of the Records of the Inferior Courts of Pleas, Suffolk County Court, 1680-1698; Michigan, Calendar of the Baptist Collection of Kalamazoo College, Calendar of the John C. Dancy Correspondence, 1898-1910, Inventory of the Church Archives, Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A,, Presbytery of Flint, Transcriptions of the Municipal Archives, Minutes of the Meetings of the Townships of Bucklin, Pekin, and Dearborn, May 28, 1827-April 13, 1857, Village of Hamtramck, 1901-1905, Town of Springwells, 1861-1872, Inventory of State Archives, Police; Minnesota, Inventory of County Archives, Big Stone County, Dodge County, Redwood County, Yellow Medicine County, Report of the Chippewa Mission Archaeological Investigation; Montana, Inventory of County Archives, Flathead County, Lake County, Lincoln County, Mineral County, Ravallia County, Sanders County; New Hampshire, Inventory of Town Archives, Belknap County, Town of Sanbornton; New Jersey, Inventory of Church Archives—Evangelical Church, Calendar of State Library Manuscript Collection of Trenton, Commemoration of Five Years of Continuous Service, 1936-1941, Index of the Official Register of Officers of Members of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War, Manual of Recording Acts—County Requirements, Transactions of Early Church Records—Presbyterian—John Brainerd's Journal, 1761-1762; Nevada, Inventory of Church Archives, Protestant Epis-

Page 79

copal; New York City, Guide to Manuscript Depositories; New York, Calendar of the Gerrit Smith Papers in the Syracuse University Library; North Dakota, Guide to Public Vital Statistics Records; Oklahoma, Guide to Public Vital Statistics Records; Oregon, Inventory of County Archives, Klamath County; Pennsylvania, Inventory of County Archives, Berks County; South Dakota, Inventory of County Archives, Miner County; Tennessee, Inventory of County Archives, Cheatham County, Directory of Churches, Missions and Religious Institutions, Knox County, Transcriptions of County Archives, Minutes of County Court of Knox County, Book O, 1792-1795, Guide to Collections of Manuscripts; Texas, Statewide Records Project, Index to Probate Cases Filed in Texas, Brazos County, Brown County, Robertson County; Utah, Inventory of County Archives, Sanpete County; Virginia, Inventory of County Archives, Prince George County; Washington, Guide to Public Vital Statistics Records, Inventory of County Archives, Garfield County, King County, Judicial Offices; Wisconsin, Guide to Manuscript Depositories, An Index to Governor's Messages, 1848-1935, Inventory of the County Archives—Pepin County, Taylor County. Additional library accessions are listed in the Minutes.

Research on the following topics has been carried on in the newspaper collections of the Society in recent months: Cheyenne and Arapaho Opening; David L. Payne; Floods in Southeast Oklahoma; Will Rogers; Care of the Insane in Oklahoma and Indian Territory; Oklahoma High School Athletic Association; Invasion of Belgium and Luxembourg; Vinita during the 1870's; Life of J. W. Scroggs; History and Development of the Rush Springs Gazette; Education in Oklahoma; The Life of Governor Charles N. Haskell; Telephone Records; Conservation, Oil and Gas History. An increasing interest is being shown in legal records and vital statistics.

The following have done research in the Indian Archives on these topics: Sister M. Urbana, Catholics among the Five Tribes; Angie Debo, Locher Poker Town; Lee Patrick, Sac and Fox Indian Agency; Gertrude Stratton, Sac and Fox Indian Agency; John E. Kilgore, Howeah, Comanche; Mrs. Harry Gilstrap, Sac and Fox Indian Agency; Sister Anna Marie, Catholics among the Five Tribes; J. Stanley Clark, Foods of Oklahoma; J. T. Roberts, Tulsa; John Oskison, Foods of Oklahoma; Eugene Heflin, Caddo Indians; Mrs. Mary Frost, Carter County; Mrs. R. E. Henderson, Pottawatomie Indians; Amelia Harris, Wapanucka Institute; O. D. Lewis, Edward Brady; Charles Brill, Dull Knife; Mrs. Myrtle Williams, Benjamin Blackwell; W. Rollow, Ganoe's Trail; Sim Liles, Quapaw Indians; William M. Bryan, Pottawatomie Indians.

The collections of the museum have been enriched through the thoughtfulness of the following: Mrs. Carolyn Thomas Foreman;

Page 80

Prentice Price; The Oklahoma Daughters of the American Revolution; Roland G. Pitzer; J. C. Williams; J. B. Milam; Waddie Hudson; Mrs. Howard Searcy; Mrs. Juanita J. Smith; Winnie Holroyd; Julien C. Monnet; Everett Haynes; P. C. Rosenbaum; Ruth Olive Angel; Mrs. Callie McSpadden; Frances Densmore; Mrs. Emmitt Thompson; Mrs. Charles B. Ames; Mrs. Kate Galt Zaneis ; Mrs. C. C. Herndon; W. M. Brown; O. B. Jacobson; Floyd E. Maytubby; Massena, Johnston, William H., Jr., and Burbank Murray; Ohland Morton; J. B. Fink; C. P. Wickmiller; Mrs. M. Alice Miller; William C. Coon; Mrs. William C. Coon; Mary T. Hockaday; James Thompson; Clive E. Murray; Mrs. Fannie Boggs; Mrs. Helen Martin; Frank Carter; Morris Tennenbaum; C. A. Adkinson; Mrs. Jessie Moore; Mrs. Vera Bare Wignall.

Dean Emeritus Julien C. Monnet, University of Oklahoma School of Law, recently presented to the Oklahoma Historical Society the pen used by the late Governor Lee Cruce in signing the appropriation bill for the Law Building. Additional museum acquisitions are listed in the Minutes.

The following have assisted in building up the membership of the Oklahoma Historical Society in recent months: Judge R. L. Williams, H. L. Muldrow, E. E. Dale, Baxter Taylor, Mrs. Carolyn Thomas Foreman, Mrs. John R. Williams, J. B. Milam, W. L. Blessing, James W. Moffitt, Mrs. C. R. Bellatti, H. W. Hicks, Judge C. Ross Hume, Mrs. James R. Weldon, J. C. Muerman, Mrs. Howard Searcy, Icelle Wright, Don Eells, Harold Keith, Mrs. Mabel Fuller Hammerly, Mrs. Czarina Conlan, Mrs. Frank M. Canton, Fred S. Clinton, Loren Brown, F. Hiner Dale, Edmon Low, B. B. Chapman, and Lawrence Platt.

Dr. Grant Foreman's fourteenth book on the Oklahoma scene has recently come from the University of Oklahoma Press. A History of Oklahoma is a comprehensive one-volume history of this state. It has been written for the general reader and not as a textbook and is the first interpretive history of Oklahoma to be written for popular sale. Foreman is a lawyer in Muskogee who has had unusual opportunity to witness Oklahoma history in the making. He came into Oklahoma with the famous Dawes Commission which undertook the tremendous job of alloting Indian lands in severalty. This placed him next to the source materials which dealt with those amazing nations known as the Five Civilized Tribes, and he has now spent some forty years in an intensive research on the subject. This volume should be placed on the shelves of both public and college libraries.

Not all of the waste paper being turned over by patriotic citizens for salvage has been waste, the Oklahoma Committee on the Conservation of Cultural Resources believes.

Page 81

During the last war many family and public records of historical value were thrown into waste paper collection piles. This new committee seeks to prevent the repetition of such destruction.

It is suggested that waste paper, wrappings and boxes should be given to waste paper collectors as a patriotic service in this time of crisis.

Among the records, however, which should be preserved are family papers; journals and diaries; birth and death records; files of old newspapers and records of city, county and other governmental units. In case of doubt persons with waste paper which they believe may be of value should write the Secretary of the State Historical Society, the State Librarian or librarians in the university, college and public libraries.

In addition to those whose untimely passing has already been chronicled in these pages, the Oklahoma Historical Society lost the following interested members by death during the year 1941: Judge Sam P. Ridings; D. P. Fleet; William Beaumont; R. Q. Blakeney; Elizabeth Boyle; J. L. Newland; Dr. Richard H. Harper; Dean Sebring; Jeanette Gordon; George S. Ramsey.

The attention of our readers is called to, the directory of historical societies which follows. This is only a tentative list of historical societies in Oklahoma. Included are the names and officers of agencies, institutions, societies and other organizations carrying on one or more phases of historical activity. Readers of The Chronicles are invited to send in additional data and corrections.

Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, Historical Building, Oklahoma City: Charles F. Barrett, Oklahoma City; Jim Biggerstaff, Wagoner; George L. Bowman, Kingfisher; Mrs. J. Garfield Buell, Tulsa; Harry Campbell, Tulsa; E. E. Dale, Norman;Thomas H. Doyle, Oklahoma City; Thomas A. Edwards, Cordell; Grant Foreman, Muskogee; James H. Gardner, Tulsa; Emma Estill-Harbour, Edmond; Thomas J. Harrison, Pryor; Robert A. Hefner, Sr., Oklahoma City; William S. Key, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Frank Korn, El Reno; A. N. Leecraft, Durant; Mrs. Blanche Lucas, Ponca City; John B. Meserve, Tulsa; J. B. Milam, Claremore; Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Oklahoma City; H. L. Muldrow, Norman; W. J. Peterson, Okmulgee ; Governor Leon C. Phillips, Ex Officio; Baxter Taylor, Oklahoma City; Mrs. John R. Williams, Oklahoma City; Robert L. Williams, Durant. Officers: Robert L. Williams, President; Thomas H. Doyle, President Emeritus; Emma Estill-Harbour, Vice President; William S. Key, Vice President; Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Treasurer; Grant Foreman, Director of Historical Research; James W. Moffitt, Secretary, Historical Building, Oklahoma City. Members of the Staff: Hazel E. Beaty, Annie M. Canton, Annie R. Cubage, Mabel F. Hammerly, Rella Looney, Laura M. Messenbaugh, Edith Mitchell, James W. Moffitt, M. A. Mulholland.

Page 82

Officers of the Oklahoma State Archaeological Society: Hazel Desjardins, Tulsa, President; George F. Lisle, Secretary.

Officers of the History Section of the Oklahoma Education Association: J. V. Frederick, Northwest State College, Alva, Chairman; Edward Davis, East Central State College, Ada, Vice President; James W. Moffitt, Oklahoma Historical Society, Historical Building, Oklahoma City, Secretary.

Officers of the Oklahoma Philatelic Society: D. R. Hetherington, Enid, President; R. B. Allport, First Vice President; W. T.Blanton, Second Vice President; Rowland Blanc, Third Vice President; Mrs. S. C. Buxton, Business Secretary; A. C. Townsend, Corresponding Secretary; O. A. Farrell, Treasurer; M. G. Simons, Travelling Secretary; Don R. Rodkey, Assistant Travelling Secretary; W. Hamilton Peck, Paul S. Hedrick, T. A. Edwards, C. L. Battle, C. N. A. De Bojligethy, F. M. Wood, Director.

Officers of the Oklahoma Folklore Society: Walter R. Smith, President; Della I. Young, Vice President; Ethel Moore, Tulsa, Secretary; Chauncey Moore, Director of Folk Festivals.

Officers of the Cherokee Seminaries Students Association: J.Grove Scales, President; Lola Garrett Bowers, Northeastern State College, Tahlequah, Secretary; John M. Wilson, Vice President; James Pickup, Chaplain; Callie McNair McSpadden, Treasurer; E. D. Hicks, Historian.

Officers of the Oklahoma Memorial Association: J. W. Harreld, President; Anna B. Korn, President Emeritus; Ruby Turner-Looper, Oklahoma City, Recording Secretary; P. B. Vandament, Treasurer.

Board Members of the Pontotoc County Historical Society: Mrs. Allen, John Beard, Frank Bourland, Mrs. George Burris, Edward Davis, Renfro Herndon, Mrs. Ike King, J. F. McKeel, Roy McKeown, Mrs. P. A. Norris, George Overturf. Officers of the Pontotoc County Historical Society: Gordon M. Harrel, East Central State College, Ada, President; Mrs. Byron Norrell, Vice President; Mrs. Lottie Braly, Vice President; Mrs. Julia Manville, Secretary-Treasurer.

Board of Directors of the, Cherokee Alfalfa County Historical Society: Mrs. J. C. Blacklege, L. C. Brandt, Elmer Immell, Floyd Parr, Mrs. E. E. Talley. Officers of the Cherokee Alfalfa County Historical Society: L. R. Smith, Cherokee, President; Bert Raney, Vice President; J. Wilford Hill, Secretary-Treasurer.

Officers of the Old Greer County Historical Society: President, J. O. Tuton, Lawton; Vice President, Mrs. Nell Sipes; Secretary-Treasurer, Lem H. Tittle, Mangum; F. M. Wickersham, WPA Unit Clerk of the Pioneer's Museum, Mangum.

Page 83

Officers of the Pottawatomie County Historical Society: Mrs. W. F. Durham, President Emeritus; Mrs. O. D. Lewis, Shawnee, President; Mrs. W. L. Oldham, Vice President; Mrs. Ozetta Jenks, Treasurer; Miss Frances Guilliams, Treasurer; Mrs. Florence Pigg, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Sidney Clark, Custodian; Mrs. Ben Clardy, Emeritus Custodian. Improvement Committee: George Stone, Chairman; Harry A. P. Smith, W. L. Blessing, Henry Moyle, and D. A. Sweet.

The Lincoln County Historical Society: James G. Cansler, Chandler, President.

Officers of the Latimer County Historical Society: James D. Morrison,8 Eastern Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Wilburton, President; Hobart Boggs, Secretary; E. T. Dunlap, Membership Vice President; E. G. Stevens, Program Vice President.

Officers of the Grant County Historical Society: J. W. McCollom, Medford, President; J. H. Asher, Vice President; Irene Sturm, Secretary and Treasurer; Mrs. Sadie Caldwell, Medford, Curator; Elmer W. Fink, Editor-in-chief; Members of the Board of Directors: George Streets, Frank Nichols, G. B. Dailey. Chairmen of the committees to outline plans for a master yearbook to begin a permanent record of data relating to Grant County: George Streets, membership and finance; James M. Hannum, education; W. Irving Smith, religion; Maurice Gale, civic organizations; W. S. Williams, public officers; G. H. Cowen, service; Mrs. Mabelle Flint, family history; Lee A. Card, Industry and business; Mrs. Sadie Caldwell, archives; G. B. Dailey, historical records and pioneer history; Mrs.J. C. Pond, writers; Frank W. Postlewaid, American Legion.

Officers of the Stephens County Historical Society: J. G. Clift, Duncan, President; Sue Salmon, Secretary.

The Northern Oklahoma Historical Society: T. E. Beck, Jefferson, Secretary.

Officers of the No Man's Land Historical Society: Boss Neff, Hooker, President; Charlie Hitch, Vice President; Dr. Claude Fly, President Emeritus; Lida Mulkin, Goodwell, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Fred Tracy, Historian. Directors of the No Man's Land Historical Society: William E. Baker, Julius Cox, Cy Strong, Mrs. Mary England, Charlie Hitch, Henry Hitch, Stella Stedman, Maude Thomas, Fred Tracy, E. L. Morrison.

Officers of the Creek County Historical Society: Mrs. E. H. Black, Bristow, President; Mrs. J. C. Vickers, Vice President; Mrs. Mary Warren Oldham, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. R. A. Shaw, Di-

Page 84

rector of Publicity. Board of Directors of the Creek County Historical Society: Don W. Walker, Lew Allard, John Young, Ray Gearhart.

Officers of the Garfield County Historical Society: I. N. McCash, Enid, President; H. F. Donnelly, Program Vice President; Ed Stinnett, Membership Vice President; Mable McClure, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. F. L. Crowe, Reporter.

Officers of the 101 Ranch Historical Foundation and of the 101 Ranch Historical Society: Harry Cragin, President; Clifford Wetzel, Treasurer; H. L. Schall, Ponca City, Secretary; Felix C. Duvall, Attorney; Clyde E. Muchmore and Lawrence R. Northcutt, Board Members.

Officers of the Payne County Historical Society: Clarence Bassler, President; Mabel Davis Holt, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, Secretary; Mrs. O. H. Lachenmeyer, Vice President; Mrs. C. L. Kezer, Program Chairman; Freeman E. Miller, Membership Chairman; James Hastings, Clarence Bassler, Mrs. O. H. Lachenmeyer, W. A. Swiler, John W. Hinkle, Freeman E. Miller, Mrs. C. L. Kezer and Mable Davis Holt, Board of Directors.

Officers of the Woods County Historical Society: Mrs. Frank G. Munson, Alva, President; Mrs. Fred J. Fash, Vice President; Mrs. F. J. Coffman, Curator; Mrs. Raymond Tolle, Historian; Mrs. Bert Beegle, Mrs. W. F. Hatfield and August Schroeder , Directors.

Officers of the Cherokee Strip Historical Society: Harry O. Glasser, President; Vera Whiting, Vice President; Bess Truitt, Enid, Secretary.

Officers of the Central State College Historical Society, Edmond: Theris Bowen, Student President; Melba Code, Secretary-Treasurer and Student Curator; Allen Price, Program Chairman; Darrel Trogel, Director of International Relations; Sibyl Fields, Reporter; Virginia Pyle, Librarian; Glen Rose, Membership Chairman; L. Jeston Hampton, President Ex-Officio, Curator of the Historical Museum and Faculty Counselor.

Officers of the Tulsa Historical Society, Central High School, Tulsa: Sam McCollum, President; William Schwabe, Vice President; Virginia Murray, Secretary; Royal Dixon, Treasurer; Chauncey Yetter and Mickey Vassar, Senators; Louise Whitham, Tulsa Central High School, Sponsor.

The Historical Society of Capitol Hill Senior High School and Junior College: Mary A. Selken, Sponsor.

Page 85

Officers of the Oklahoma History Club of Duncan: Betty Jean Gray, President; Jimmy Shaffer, Vice President; Marcia Lawson, Duncan, Secretary; Billy Lewis, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Officers of the Washington County Library Association: Clinton Beard, President; Fred Popkiss, Vice President; A. J. Mahoney, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Allen Pettigrove and H. E. Lemmons, Directors.

Officers of the Eighty-Niners: Mrs. Owen N. Dailey, President; Mrs. A. W. White, First Vice President; Mrs. De Witt C. Woods, Second Vice President; Mrs. W. M. Bottoms, Oklahoma City, Recording Secretary; Mrs. George Laing, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Blanche Housel Hawley, Treasurer; Mrs. James L. Wyatt, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Jasper Sipes, Historian; Robert K. Everest, Raymond Dawson, Vernon E. Cook, J. Garnett Land, Member of the Executive Board.

Officers of the Cherokee Strip Old Timer's Association: Amos M. Thomas, Tonkawa, President; James H. Stone, Vice President; Harvey L. Wile, Secretary; Thomas G. Sheets and Oliver L. Chambers, Directors.

Officers of the Grady County Pioneers: Judge Will Linn, Chickasha, President; Mrs. Wessie Ray, Secretary.

Officers of the Pickens County Cowpunchers Association: George Byram, Ringling, President; T. J. Nolan, Vice President; Mrs. Henry Price, Secretary-Treasurer.

Officers of the Pioneer Association of Washington County Andrew Brown, Copan, President; Mrs. Zora L. Hait, Vice President; Mrs. Susie K. Allen, Secretary; Mrs. Jennie Johnson, Treasurer.

Officers of the Holdenville Tree Blazers: John Jacobs, President; Loyd Thomas, Secretary and Treasurer; Mrs. Loyd Thomas, Historian.

Officers of the Holdenville Pioneer Men's Club: Ernest Roberts, President; W. W. Smith, Secretary; Marion Middleton, Treasurer; Albin Haskett, Chaplain.

Officers of the Caddo County Old Settlers' Association: Albert Connel, President; Karl Douglass, Vice President; Roy Young, Secretary; Neil Dikerman, Treasurer; Ray Oliver, Carl West, Verde Tomkinson, Hoyt Shelby, Frank Callahan, George Nixon, Ralph Harrison, C. Ross Hume, Pat Stevenson, Wren Graham, B. W. Hammert, Frank Lacer, Ray Hallar, Joe Dorley, John Pfaff, G. C. Campbell, Adolph Youngheim, Ralph Cleveland, Board of Directors and Annual Celebration Committee.

Page 86

Officers of the Old Timers of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Country: John C. Casady, President; Della I. Young, Cheyenne, Secretary.

The officers of the Cherokee Strip Cowpunchers' Association President, Zack T. Miller; Assistant Presidents, Ike Clubb and Hugo Milde; Secretary, O. E. Brewster, Crescent; Vice Presidents, Abe Banta, Clyde Sharp, Frank C. Orner, Tuck Pendley, M. M. Tate, Dan C. Murley, Glenn W. Slaver, Earl Davis, Jay Peckham, Billie Fog, John L. Miller, Ted Wells, Cal Rosencrants, Bob Finner, Doug Cooley, George Elser, Ross Stratton and H. H. Halsell.

Officers of the Old Greer County Pioneers' Association: G. B. Townsend, President, Mangum; Louis M. Tittle, Vice President from Greer County; Jeff Price, Vice President from Beckham County; Carl Putnam, Vice President from Harmon County; F. B. Baker, Vice President from Jackson County.

Officers of the Tulsa Association of Pioneers: Floyd Shurtleff, Chairman; Verne Vandever, Vice Chairman; Mrs. Frank G. Seaman, President; L. C. Clark, Vice President; Mrs. A. Garland Marrs, Tulsa, Secretary; W. E. Fent, Assistant Secretary; Col. C. B. Lynch, Treasurer, and Arthur Perryman, Assistant Treasurer.

Officers of the Day County Pioneers' Association: President, Mrs. Clint Potter Cassidy, Cheyenne; Vice-President, A. A. Bennett,Secretary; O. E. Null, Arnett.

Officer and members of the Eighty-Niners Anniversary Celebration Committee of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce: W. E. Hightower, Oklahoma City, President; C. C. Day, Vice President; Ned Holman, Vice President, Harvey P. Everest, Vice President; Virgil Browne, Treasurer; Stanley C. Draper, Managing Director.

Officers of the Cherokee Strip Association: Chester A. Wahl, President; George Limerick, Vice President; R. Lee Kisner, Treasurer; O. E. Zink, Enid, Secretary and Manager.

Officers of the Jesse Chisholm Trail and Memorial Association John L. Miller, President; Ernest F. Smith, Vice President; Ed Stinnett, Enid, Secretary and Treasurer.

Officers of the Oklahoma State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution: J. Garfield Buell, President; George R. Tabor, First Vice President; William J. Crowe, Secretary-Treasurer; W. A. Jennings, Oklahoma City, Registrar; John Russell Whitney, Trustee; Robert H. Hannum, Chaplain; A. N. Leecraft, Historian.

Page 87

Officers of the Oklahoma Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy: Mrs. J. R. Weldon, Enid, President; Mrs. F. D. Ross, First Vice President; Mrs. J. H. Parks, Second Vice President; Mrs. Fred J. Wetzel, Third Vice President; Mrs. Hugh A. Lewis, Fourth Vice President; Mrs. B. F. Harrison, Recording Secretary; Miss Quincy Mitchell, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. J. R. Bruce, Treasurer; Mrs. G. L. Bradfield, Registrar; Mrs. Edgar Cook, Historian; Mrs. John G. Duncan, Recorder of Crosses; Mrs. W. Earl Sexton, Custodian of Flags; Mrs. B. E. Chaney, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Isla E. Hudson, Editor.

Officers of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Oklahoma: Mrs. Nathan Russell Patterson, Tulsa, Regent; Mrs. R. R. Owens, Vice Regent; Mrs. Lawrence Cannon, Chaplain; Mrs. Gerald Brown, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Lela Harrington, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Lewis L. Snow, Treasurer; Mrs. J. C. Hawkins, Registrar; Mrs. Howard Searcy, Historian; Mrs. J. P. Curtright, Librarian; Mrs. Robert Ray, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Alice Brown Raupe, Senior President, Children of the American Revolution; Alice O'Brien, Junior President, Children of the American Revolution.

Officers of the National Society of Colonial Dames in Oklahoma: Mrs. Andrew R. Hickam, Oklahoma City, President; Mrs. John A. Pearson, First Vice President; Mrs. Myron E. Humphrey, Second Vice President; Mrs. Reford Bond, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Ralph K. Alexander, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Lewis J. Moorman, Treasurer; Mrs. Samuel E. Clarkson, Registrar; Mrs. J. Read Moore, Historian; Mrs. Robert J. Edwards, Chairman Patriotic Service Committee. Board of Managers of the National Society of Colonial Dames in Oklahoma: Mrs. Samuel E. Clarkson, Mrs. George G. Sohlberg, Mrs. James L. Patterson, Mrs. J. Read Moore, Mrs. Jason C. Clark, Mrs. Ralph K. Alexander, Mrs. James B. Diggs, Mrs. R. J. Edwards, Mrs. Reford Bond, Mrs. John B. Meserve, Mrs. Lewis J. Moorman, Mrs. Burdette V. Gill, Mrs. James A. Carroll, Mrs. W. Thomas Thach, and Mrs. Joseph F. Rumsey.

Officers of the American Legion, Department of Oklahoma Max Fife, Department Commander; Dr. A. B. Rivers, National Executive Committeeman; Randell S. Cobb, Immediate Past Commander; Milt Phillips, Oklahoma City, Adjutant; Glenn W. Nolle, Department Service Officer; F. G. Baker, Finance Officer; Fred Tillman, Judge-Advocate; T. T. Brown, Chaplain; Ross Wommack, Historian; John Bodine, Sergeant-at-Arms.

The officers of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Oklahoma: National Executive Committeewoman, Mrs. J. R. Ball, President, Mrs. Edward M. Bog; First Vice President, Mrs. E. B.

Page 88

Benton; Second Vice President, Mrs. H. H. Holliday; Secretary, Mrs. Mary Demke, Oklahoma City; Treasurer, Mrs. Roy Chrisman; Historian, Mrs. Sabin C. Percefull; Parliamentarian, Mrs. H. L. Schall; Chaplain, Mrs. Corinne Craig.

Officers of the Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Oklahoma: Mrs. Lois Tucker, President; Maybelle White, Tulsa, Secretary; Nellie Rockenfield, Treasurer; Mrs. Scott Squyres, State Honor Roll Chairman.

Officers of the Oklahoma War Mothers: Elizabeth Oliver, President; Mrs. S. C. Wheeler, Oklahoma City, Parliamentarian.

Officers of the Department of Oklahoma, Auxiliary of United Spanish War Veterans: Mrs. Hattie Matthews, Oklahoma City, President; Margaret Blackwell, Senior Vice President; Frances E. King, Junior Vice President; Mabel Leffingwell, Chaplain; Cora Weissinger, Patriotic Instructor; Glenna Ward, Historian; Tena Schwoerke, Secretary; Sophia McWherter, Treasurer.

Officers of the Department of Oklahoma, Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic: Villa Hults, Enid, President; Emma Hubbs, Senior Vice President; Emma Roach, Junior Vice President; Jessie Windsor, Secretary; Nellie Emmerton, Treasurer; Minnie Inselman, Chaplain; Katie Williams, Inspector; Carmaleta Jones; Lila D. Lindsay, Field Officer; Clara Dunn, Patriotic Instructor; Dora Bird, Press Correspondent; Jessie Smith, Senior Aide; Grace Nucholls, Director of Junior Clubs; Dorothy Wood, Zelma Roberts, Jessie Taylor and Minnie Vandorventer, Executive Board.

Officers of the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Oklahoma: Mrs. Bertha M. Hodgkin, El Reno, President; Myrtle Fortner, Senior Vice President; Mabel Smith, Junior Vice President; Mary Maud Moran, Treasurer; Mrs. I. M. Turcotte, Registrar; Anna Cleveland, Chaplain; Grace Mount, Secretary; Elizabeth Stearns, Historian; Mattie Dunning, Patriotic Instructor.

Officers of other state patriotic societies: Gen. John W. Harris, Oklahoma City, Commander, Oklahoma Division, United Confederate Veterans; W. V. Buckner, Tulsa, Department Commander, United Spanish War Veterans; A. J. Bradley, Oklahoma City, Division Commander, Sons of Confederate Veterans; Alex Williams, Muskogee, Department Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars; H. L. Linzee, Oklahoma City, President, Sons of the Revolution; Mrs. Rhoda Arnold Blackwell, State President, Daughters of Union Veterans.

Page 89

Members of the Will Rogers Memorial Commission, Will Rogers Memorial, Claremore: N. G. Henthorne, Chairman; L. H. Wentz, Vice President; Ewing Halsell, Treasurer; Walter Harrison, Bill Rogers, Dr. J. C. Bushyhead, and W. E. Sunday. Members of the Staff: Paula McSpadden Love, Will Rogers Memorial, Claremore, Curator; Robert W. Love, Edward F. Denton, Neil D. Williams, Bill Holler, and Virgil Easterling.

Officers of the Southwestern Art Association, Philbrook Art Museum, Tulsa: Norman M. Hulings, President; B. B. Weatherby, First Vice President; P. C. Lauinger, Second Vice President; Eugene Kingman, Director, Philbrook Art Museum, Tulsa. Members of the Board of Trustees: Rush Greenslade, Chairman; Waite Phillips, Mrs. Waite Phillips, R. 0. McClintock, C. I. Pontius, Fred Haddock, Gary Y. Vandever, Mrs. Almond M. Blow, Mrs. Water Ferguson, Jenkins Lloyd Jones, Mrs. A. L. Farmer, Nelson K. Moody, John S. Zink, Mrs. L. C. Ritts, Mrs. Fred P. Walter, A. B. Butler, N. G. Henthorne, and Mrs. Ed Lawson.

The Osage Indian Museum, Pawhuska: Lillian B. Mathews, Curator.

The Woolaroc Museum, Frank Phillips, Bartlesville, Sponsor.

The Wagoner Museum: Mrs. Howard Searcy, Wagoner, Sponsor.

The Museum and Art Gallery, St. Gregory's College, Shawnee Father Gregory, Curator.

The Art Museum, University of Oklahoma, Norman: O. B. Jacobson, Director.

Officers of the Creek Indian Memorial Association, Indian Museum, Okmulgee: Ernest C. Lambert, President; Herman Head, Vice President; Nellie V. Kennedy, Treasurer; Orlando Swain, Creek Indian National Council House, Indian Museum, Okmulgee, Secretary.

Sequoyah Home, Akins: Mrs. Pearl M. Matheson, Curator.

There are other museums at Fort Gibson; Fort Sill; Tuskahoma; Guthrie; Goodwell; University of Tulsa; Kaw City.

Officers of the Chilocco Museum Society: Arye Potts, President; Kathereen Bohanan, Secretary; Dora McFarland, Chilocco Indian Agricultural School, Chilocco, Curator.

Officers of the Washita Museum Club, Cordell: Mrs. D'Lila Symcox, Sponsor; Florence Dorney, President; Maxine Ray, Vice President; Sam Arnold, Cordell, Secretary and Treasurer; Kenneth Cooper, Reporter; Billy W. Harden, Parliamentarian.

Page 90

Officers of the Statewide Museum Service, Works Projects Administration: George E. Walton, Norman, State Supervisor; Fountain H. Angel, District Supervisor.

The museum committee of the Anadarko Museum: Mrs. Roy Oliver, Anadarko, Chairman; Mrs. H. C. Grimmett, Mrs. Susie Peters, Mrs. G. C. Wamsley, Mrs. C. A. Cleveland, Mrs. E. F. Armstrong, Anadarko, Foreman (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Lawton High School Museum: Lily F. Stafford, Lawton, Sponsor; Stella W. Gold, Ophelia D. Vestal and Clarence M. Jennings, members of the staff (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Redskin Museum, Capitol Hill High School, Oklahoma City: W. C. Haller, Principal Capitol Hill Senior High School, Sponsor; William L. Stone, Clerk (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Northeastern Historical Museum, Northeastern State College, Tahlequah: Fannie Baker, N. N. Duncan, T. M. Pearson, T. L. Ballenger; Sue N. Sharum, Curator and Unit Clerk. Lydia G. Christian, Assistant (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Holdenville General Museum: Ethel G. George, Unit Clerk; Ida B. Miller, Senior Clerk; Lillian J. Estes, Junior Clerk(W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Kiamichi Valley Museum, Antlers: Scott Amend, Superintendent of Schools, Antlers, Sponsor; Zetta L. Mays, Unit Clerk, Rosetta B. Maxwell, Gertrude Bedford, Jesse Hairrell, Assistants (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Children's Museum, Atoka: Ferman Phillips, Superintendent of Schools, Atoka, Sponsor; Mary P. Locke, Unit Clerk, Melvin V. Pewitt and David A. Burleson, Assistants (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Purcell Museum: J. Ernest Baker, Superintendent of Schools, Purcell, Sponsor; Robert Boatman, Unit Clerk, Charlie L. Tucker, Assistant (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

Officers of the Hugo Museum Club, Hugo Museum: Terry Leard, President; Mary Louise Evans, Vice President; Jo Carolyn Palmer, Secretary; Clarence S. Nease, Unit Clerk (W.P.A. Statewide Museum. Service).

The Madill Highschool Museum: M. C. Collum, Superintendent of Schools, Madill, Sponsor; Mattie S. Williams, Unit Clerk, George E. Duncan, Assistant (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Weatherford Highschool Museum of Science: Mrs. Addie Jan Little, Weatherford, Research Editor (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

Page 91

The Kenton Highschool Museum: Glen E. Loafman, Superintendent of Schools, Kenton, Sponsor; Crompton R. Tate, Unit Clerk, James Robert Wielhite, Assistant (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Project).

Officers of the Poteau Hobby Club: Frances Perry, President; Edith Cupp, Vice President; Vera Doyle, Secretary and Treasurer; Pauline Couch, Reporter; Mark Jeffry, Sponsor; Inez Noah, Clerk (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

Officers of the Central High School Museum, Bartlesville: Museum Committee: John Haley, Chairman; M. W. Taylor, H. Shamburger, Caroline Davis; Beulah Stark, Unit Clerk (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

Officers of the Wilburton Museum Club, Wilburton Museum Tom Fullerton, Sponsor; Cecil Rich, President; Billy Boone, Vice President; Dale Askew, Secretary-Treasurer; Edward Wallace, Unit Clerk, Wilburton Museum (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Norman School Museum, Junior High School: William A. Smith, Clerk; John Ward and Zaidee B. Bland, Assistants (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The El Reno Museum: Paul R. Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, El Reno, Sponsor; Anna R. Barry, Unit Clerk, Lottie S. Simpson and Thomas Upton, Assistants (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

The Dewey School Museum: C. R. Clodfelter, Superintendent. of Schools, Dewey, Sponsor; Sadie E. Drake, Unit Clerk, Rilla B. Rogers, Anna J. Masten, Dennis E. Whiteturkey, Assistants (W.P.A. Statewide Museum Service).

Mrs. Omer D. Lewis, President of the Pottawatomie County Historical Society, reports the restoration of the historically interesting Friends Mission Church near the Shawnee Indian Agency by this active county society with the aid of oil and gas lease money which was received recently. It is planned to keep it as much like it was originally as possible. The original pews are still there—in the belfry the old bronze bell hangs and retains its musical chimes and deep resonance. The north room of the church will serve as a museum to house, preserve and exhibit old Indian and early Pottawatomie County pioneer relics. The officers of this society have had the assistance of the able Improvement Committee consisting of Harry A. P. Smith, W. L. Blessing, Henry Moyle and D. A. Sweet in carrying out their program.

The Tulsa Historical Society, Central High School, Tulsa, is inaugurating a project of publishing a series of historical post cards beginning with Tulsa's first post office. Louise Whitham, Sponsor

Page 92

of this society, writes that they hope to make a little money from this sale of these historical post cards to start a fund to be used in publishing a volume entitled Historical Backgrounds of Tulsa.

The newly organized Okmulgee County Historical Society on January 16 appointed the following nominating committee: W. J. Peterson; W. Max Chambers; W. A. Hiatt.

The Stephens County Historical Society is sponsoring the collection of records of the Second World War and also a series of historical questions and answers in The Duncan Banner.

At a meeting of the Pottawatomie County Historical Society, January 26, 1942, members were urged to collect and preserve records of the present World War by James W. Moffitt, Secretary of the Oklahoma Historical Society. It was suggested that Oklahomans both as individuals and as organizations begin collecting clippings, pictures, maps, war music, service records, and other data which should be of great value later when county and other war histories are written. Each county historical society in the State should act as a central agency in sponsoring this important activity. Scrapbooks, letter files and folders were described as the best means for preserving historical items. Club members were also encouraged to keep records of their activities in war work and file them with the County Historical Society. It was suggested that as far as individuals are concerned, this activity is a part of their patriotic duty and will help build morale. This movement was sanctioned by the Society and Mrs. John G. Cubage was appointed curator of historical materials dealing with World War II.

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