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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 16, No. 4
December, 1938

Edited by
James W. Moffitt.

Page 393

Impressive dedicatory exercises were held at the Robert M. Jones cemetery near Hugo, Oklahoma, April 26, 1938, with the following members of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society present: Judge Robert L. Williams, President; Gen. William S. Key, Vice-President; Col. A. N. Leecraft, and James W. Moffitt, the Secretary. The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Ebenezer Hotchkin. Judge Robert L. Williams then delivered an address on the history of Robert M. Jones and of the steps leading to the preservation of his cemetery. Music was furnished by the Hugo band. The Masonic service was carried out at the laying of the corner stone and also at its dedication with John R. Abernathy, the Grand Master, and other Grand officers participating. The allegiance to the flag was also rendered. A list of the articles to be placed in the corner stone was read. The corner stone was then laid. The president of the Oklahoma Historical Society then presented Gen. William S. Key who addressed the gathering. Afterwards H. G. Hixon, Dr. G. E. Harris and also Otis Harwood, area supervisor, for the Works Progress Administration, who represented Ron Stephens, State Administrator of the Works Progress Administration, were introduced. Harwood presented the corner stone to Judge Williams who in turn accepted it for the Oklahoma Historical Society. The president then introduced J. H. Randell of Denison, Texas, who represented the Randell family, his brother, the late G. G. Randell, having married the daughter of Robert M. Jones. Descendants of Robert M. Jones were present, including the children and grandchildren of the late Robert M. Love of Shawneetown and Clarksville, Texas, who was a grandson of Robert M. Jones. Judge Earl Welch of Antlers, of

Page 394

the State Supreme Court, was also present, as were Judge Thomas W. Hunter, Hugo, County Judge of Choctaw County; the Honorable Victor Locke, a former chief of the Choctaw Nation, and Dr. W. B. Morrison of Durant. The Hon. W. A. Durant spoke for the Choctaw Nation during the exercises in a brief address. The Hon. Ben Carter, county attorney of Bryan County and a son of the late Congressman Charles D. Carter, spoke for the Chickasaws. Then there were included two aged Negroes, Ed Bailey and Andrew McAfee. After a prayer, the benediction was given by Rev. E. B. Miller of Goodland and the meeting stood adjourned.

A large and interested crowd, including members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and of the American Legion, was given the opportunity to view the handsome corner stone and graveyard with the durable wall surrounding it. On the corner stone appears the Masonic emblem with the following inscription "April 26, 1938, AL 4938," and also the following: "Robert M. Jones Memorial, Representative from the Choctaw Nation in the Congress of the Confederate States of America." With the names of the Committee representing the Oklahoma Historical Society, "R. L. Williams, W. B. Morrison, A. N. Leecraft, G. E. Harris, W. A. Loftin," and also the name of W. S. Key, Works Progress Administrator, and H. G. Hixon, Engineer.

The following have been elected to membership in the Oklahoma Historical Society during the year: Mrs. George Burris, Ada; Mrs. Lillie Byrd Dickerson, El Paso, Texas; John B. Fink, Oklahoma City; Walter H. Foth, Cordell; E. A. Gourd, Rosedale; William D. Gray, Winter Haven, Florida; Thomas C. Humphrey, Jr., Tulsa; Whit Ingram, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Laura Pierce Kendall, Oklahoma City; R. Vinson Lackey, Tulsa; Newton Melville, Arkansas City, Kansas; Oscar E. Payne, Tulsa; Gilbert L. Robinson, Oklahoma City; John W. Ryle, Norman; Mrs. S. J. Soldani, Ponca City; Louise Thomson, Meeker; Thomas Waters, Hennessey; Mrs. Charles Lincoln White, Oklahoma City; John M. Wilson, Tulsa; Hampton W. Anderson, Dallas, Texas; Waldo Joseph Bashaw, Tulsa; Hazel E. Beaty, Oklahoma City; C. E. Burlingame, Bartles-

Page 395

ville; Mrs. Helen S. Carpenter, Shawnee; Mrs. Byron Cavnar, Hinton; Frank M. Colville, Alhambra, California; Ella M. Covel, Tahlequah; Mrs. Lillian P. Davis, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Adelaide DeSaussure, Oklahoma City; Frances Elizabeth Duke, Oklahoma City; B. H. Elliott, Tulsa; Frank F. Finney, Bartlesville; Mrs. Eula C. Froman, Weatherford; Mrs. Clarence A. Gwyn, Kingfisher; John J. Harrison, Holdenville; J. D. Hartzler, Partridge, Kansas; George DeWitt Holden, Arlington, Virginia; Mabel Davis Holt, Stillwater; Arthur B. Honnold, Tulsa; Mrs. Gilbert L. Hyroop Oklahoma City; Thomas Ray Langford, Britton; Harley E. Lee, Kansas City, Missouri; Mrs. Garnett R. Love, Denison, Texas; Robert Lee Lunsford, Cleveland; W. P. Neff, Miami; Henry J. Polk, Sweetwater, Texas; Vinnie Ream, Wapanucka; Carter Smith, Tulsa; W. A. Thompson, Tahlequah; Willis M. Timmons, Jr., Atlanta, Georgia; Jack Tuggle, Oklahoma City; Christian Adolph Vammen, Oaks; Dr. S. C. Venable, Tulsa; Fred G. Watts, Shawnee; Mrs. Sam Wear, Springfield, Missouri; Malcolm W. Williamson, Maysville; A. T. Winn, Oklahoma City; Moss Patterson, Oklahoma City (Life); J. R. Barbee, Tulsa; Anna L. Bockoven, Oklahoma City; Ray P. Boyce, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Ann Mayer Cooper, Chandler; Mrs. Elizabeth W. Cosgrove, Muskogee; Nathaniel Folsom, Hartshorne; Mrs. Hopewell Fox, Columbia, Missouri; Dr. James V. Frederick, Alva; Hugh M. Hamill, Chilocco; C. W. Johnson, Morris; Dr. G. E. Johnson, Ardmore; Mrs. Ed T. Kennedy, Pawhuska; Dr. C. W. Kerr, Tulsa; Mrs. John C. Newton, Miami; Milton E. Parker, Oklahoma City; O. D. Sartin, Cedarvale, Kansas; Mrs. H. K. Smith, Springfield, Illinois; D. D. Tidwell, De Leon, Texas; James Watzke, Henryetta; Ward H. Bell, Kiowa; George Carleton, Claremore; Henry Chouteau, Ralston; Thaddeus L. Duren, Countyline; Mrs. Mary E. Hadden, Ponca City; W. E. B. Leonard, Oklahoma City; Virginia L. Lindsey, Chouteau; Mrs. Raymond Lucas, Spiro; Mrs. Tony Lyons, Oklahoma City; Lillian B. Mathews, Pawhuska; Mrs. H. B. McKnight, Oklahoma City; Alfred P. Murrah, Oklahoma City; Dr. S. W. Perkins, Rose, T. C. Peters, Wichita, Kansas; Aubrey L. Steele, Pampa, Texas; Joel W. Taylor, Oklahoma City; Florencio P. Valencio, Mexico City; R. C. Walker, Tulsa; Mrs. W. J. Walker, Mazie; Mrs. Leonora Ward,

Page 396

Erick; Samuel W. West, Blanchard, and Annah L. Wilson, New York City, New York.

On May 2, 3, 1938 the Osage Indians opened their new museum at Pawhuska to the public. Among those participating were Chief Fred Lookout, John Joseph Mathews, and the Curator, Miss Lillian Mathews.

At the dedication of the old Choctaw Capitol at Tuskahoma on June 3, 4, 1938, addresses were given as follows:

Renowned Chiefs in Mississippi:—

Mosholetubbi,                          James Culberson,
Col. David Folsom,                          Czarina Conlan,
Pushmataha,                          W. F. Semple,

Chiefs under Skulleyville Constitution:—

Alfred Wade,         1857-1859,      Ivan Wade
Tandy Walker,         1858-1858,      Edgar A. Moore,
Basil L. LeFlore         1859-1860,      Joel Griggs,

Chiefs under Doaksville Constitution:—

George Hudson,   1860-1862,      Peter J. Hudson,
Samuel Garland,   1862-1864,      William G. Stigler,
Peter P. Pitchlynn,   1864-1866,      Everett V. Jones,
Allen Wright,   1866-1870,      Muriel Wright,
William Bryant   1870-1874,      Josh Anderson,
Coleman Cole,   1874-1878,      Silas E. Cole,
Isaac Garvin,   1878-1880,      Francis Raffee,
Jackson McCurtain   1880-1884,      Sam L. Riddle,
Edmund McCurtain,   1884-1886,      Chas B. Bascomb,
Ben F. Smallwood,   1888-1890,      Martin McKee,
Wilson N. Jones,   1890-1894,      William M. LeFlore,
Jefferson Gardner,   1894-1896,      Oscar Gardner,
Green McCurtain,   1896-1900,      Hampton Tucker,
Gilbert W. Dukes,   1900-1902,      Justine Dukes Calloway.

The Tulsa Association of Pioneers held their annual picnic on June 9, 1938. A memorial service was conducted by Judge Harry

Page 397

Campbell. Addresses were given by Dr. C. W. Kerr, Mrs. Roberta Campbell Lawson, and Cyrus S. Avery. The officers are as follows Dr. S. G. Kennedy, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Lee Clinton, President; Vern H. Vandever, Vice-President; N. C. Cross, Secretary; Colonel Lynch, Treasurer; Mrs. Frank G. Seaman, Assistant Secretary, and Floyd Shurtleff, Assistant Treasurer.

The Old Timers Picnic was held at Alluwee on August 28, 1938. This was the eighth annual homecoming sponsored by the Pioneers. Among those on the program were Judge W. H. Kornegay and James W. Moffitt. The officers of this organization are as follows: Chairman, Lee Dishman; Vice-Chairman, D. E. Maples, and Secretary-Treasurer, Emmitt Jarvis.

The American Indian Exposition took place at Andarko, August 24-27. A historical pageant entitled "The Spirit of the Washita" depicted the history of that area. Indian dances also featured this occasion.

The Old Pioneers' Club met at Chickasha on September 12, 1938. Judge Will Linn is President of this organization of Grady County early settlers. He introduced a number who had come back for the program and reunion. Mr. George H. Evans, publisher of the Chickasha Daily Express presented among others Mrs. Meta C. Sager, who spoke on "What I Found, When I Came to Grady County Forty-Nine Years Ago." The other officers are Mrs. Burney Roy, Secretary; J. R. Burleson, Vice-President, and Bob Thompson, Vice-President. Under the direction of H. C. Brunt, President, the annual Old Settlers Picnic took place at Chandler on September 15, 1938.

The Secretary attended the observance of the Centennial of Cherokee Removal at Chattanooga, Tennessee, September 20-22, 1938. A tour of sites of interest in Cherokee history was taken, also. At Old Brainerd Mission Cemetery a tablet was unveiled in honor of the Reverend Stephen Foreman. Among his descendants present were Miss Minta Foreman, Mrs. Susan Wear, Mrs. D. J. Faulkner, James Rider, Mrs. R. P. Shelton, and Miss Susan Comer. Also present were Mrs. J. B. Milam, and Miss Mary Milam, whose

Page 398

progenitor, the Reverend Ard Hoyt labored there as a missionary one hundred years ago. Other guests were J. B. Milam, Miss Bess Howard, Robert Sparks Walker, J. P. Brown, Miss Amanda Finley, Mrs. Penelope Johnson Allen, Dr. Alfred Hurst, Chief Jarrett Blye and Cherokees from the reservation in North Carolina.

The establishment of the Old Chouteau Trading Post at Salina was commemorated in a program given there on October 10, 11, 1938. Among those speaking were Governor Elect Leon C. Phillips, Dr. M. L. Wardell of the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Thomas J. Harrison of Pryor, and the Secretary. Miss Yvonne Chouteau of Oklahoma City presented several French and Indian dances. J. E. Reynolds, Salina; Harve Langley, Pryor, and Joe Lewis of Salina constituted the committee on arrangements. Others who assisted were Mrs. J. S. Knight, County Superintendent of Mayes County, Pryor; James F. Rollins, Locust Grove; Dr. S. W. Perkins, Rose; Jesse Mayes, Pryor; C. H. Boake, Pryor; Cleo Callison, Pryor; V. R. Casey, Salina; C. W. Jetton, Salina; and George Mayes, Oklahoma City. A number of Chouteau descendants attended.

During the third annual American Indian week in Tulsa the Oklahoma Archaeological Society met October 19. How to identify Indian design as to region was explained at the dinner by Frederic H. Douglas, Director of the Denver Art Museum. Clark Field reported that at least 100 men are doing excavation work in the Grand River Dam area in order to preserve relics from prehistoric sites before the floodwaters cover them. The officers for the ensuing year are James H. Gardner, President and H. Grady Snuggs, Secretary. Another event of this week was the Indian banquet on the evening of October 20. Mrs. Roberta Campbell Lawson, Chairman of the program committee introduced John Joseph Mathews to make the principal address. The Indian Cavalcade, a pageant, presented the history of this region. October 19 and 20, the Inter-Tribal Council met with W. F. Semple as Chairman. New officers were elected as follows: President, Ben Dwight, Vice-President, Dennis Bushyhead, and Secretary, Louis Ware. J. B. Milam is the Chairman of the newly organized Cherokee committee. In the Exposition Hall

Page 399

were displayed exhibits from different Indian Schools including Bacone, Sequoyah, Seneca, Chilocco, Fort Sill, and Haskell.

The Secretary represented the Society at the Southern Historical Association in New Orleans, November 3-5, 1938.

The Regent of the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. Charles Gordon Girvin has presented year books and other historical material to the Oklahoma Historical Society. In the Year Book for 1938-1939 Mrs. Frank G. Munson of Alva, State Historian, has reported an interest in State and local history as shown in the following activities: Durant has marked the grave of Reverend Dixon Durant; Cushing has set aside a place for trees as a memorial to George Washington; Shawnee has erected a boulder describing the Washington Irving Trail; Pond Creek has placed two granite markers on the Chisholm Trail; Oklahoma City has cooperated with the Eighty-Niners' Association and the Park Board in marking with bronze plaques, the sites of the first camp, the first military post, the first city hall, the first church services, the first school, the first post office and other places of interest. Historical programs have been given by the different chapters on Statehood Day, Constitution Day, Flag Day, Washington's Birthday, Independence Day and Armistice Day. History Scrap Books have been kept by ten chapters. Others have presented exhibits of historical objects. The Black Beaver chapter is gathering the history of early settlers. One member in the Alva chapter has been busy tracing the route of Coronado across Oklahoma. Mrs. Kenneth Kaufman of the Norman chapter has written a paper on John Rollin Ridge and Mrs. Preston C. West has traced the history of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Oklahoma. Mrs. Virgil Browne of Oklahoma City has reported two hundred participants in the American History essay contest and Mrs. Tide Cox of Ardmore forty-eight.

Judge R. A. Hefner has renewed his offer to give $50.00 another year for the best paper on some phase of Oklahoma Baptist history. The contest is open to all students of Oklahoma colleges and universities whether undergraduate or graduate stu-

Page 400

ents. The activities, biographies or institutions treated must go back at least fifty years in time. All papers entered should be in the office of Dr. E. C. Routh, editor of the Baptist Messenger, at Oklahoma City, by April 30, 1939.

The attention of our readers is called to the "Minutes" on pages 498-501 where other items of interest may be found.

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