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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 13, No. 1
March, 1935

Charles F. Colcord

Page 7


Adopted by

Board of Directors of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce December 20, 1934.

Whereas, Death, in his relentless stride, has overtaken and stricken down our dear and honored friend and fellow-member, Charles F. Colcord:

Be It Resolved by the officers and members of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, That we deeply mourn his loss, recognizing in him, as we do, not only one of the first citizens of this city and of the State of Oklahoma, but as a personal and beloved friend. While he was full of years and honors at the end, yet his death seems most untimely, and we find it difficult to realize that he has gone out from among us, never to return.

Yet his memory remains, and his long life of unselfish and devoted service is an inspiration to us all. For forty years and more he served his city and his state. As a peace officer in the early days, as one among the pioneers who laid the foundations of our present greatness, as a city builder whose faith and courage never faltered, as a civic leader who worked to the limit of his power and often over-taxed his strength, as a member of this, our Chamber of Commerce, and as its President, as a member and President of the State Historical Society, and as a factor in many other activities, he served his generation far beyond the call of duty or the ordinary standards of good citizenship; and never in this long and faithful service was his integrity doubted or his sincerity or purpose called in question.

Affluence came to him but left unspoiled his native gentleness and simplicity. Always hoe was modest, humble, democratic,

Page 8

generous, just, and kind. He remembered and cherished the less fortunate friends of his early days. He loved to gather about him, on festal days or in vacation times, his large family circle, and to them he was the idol and patriarch of the group. These same gracious qualities endeared him to an ever-widening multitude of friends, and it could be said of him with almost literal truth that he had no enemies. His is truly the record of a long and useful life.

Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to Mrs. Colcord, to the heads of the immediate family circle, and to the State Historical Society, and that these resolutions be filed in the archives of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

By the Committee

A. C. Scott, Chairman
John R. Boardman
Walter C. Dean
J. R. Keaton
J. M. Owen

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