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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12, No. 4
December, 1934

Page 483

The following is a list of books that have been catalogued and placed in the library of the Oklahoma Historical Society since the list published in the June number of the Chronicles:

Builders of the Nation, The Railroads, by Cy Warman, 2 v.
Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. 14.
Life and Speeches of Henry Clay, 2 v. Edt. by Danl. Mallory.
State Papers and Addresses of Woodrow Wilson.
Missionary Records of North America, (Indian), 183-
Blaine of Maine (James G.), His Life and Times, by Charles Edward Russell.
Buchanan (James) The Life and Public Service of; by R. G. Horton.
Burr, (Aaron); by Aristide, 1803.
Life of Erasmus, 2v. by J. J. Mangam.
Historical Review of Pennsylvania, by Benj. Franklin, 1812.
Life and Period of Simon Kenton, 1755-1836.
Napoleon, Translated by Elizabeth Gilbert Martin, 4 v.
Life and Works of Thomas Paine, 10v.
Slavery—Pamphlets, 1855-1860.
Dred Scott Case, 1857.
Tuskegee and Its People, by Booker T. Washington.
South Africa, by David Livingston.
Impeachment of La Fayette, translated by William Corbett.
Virginia's First Century, by Mary Newton Stanard.
Works of Daniel Webster, 6 vols.
Who's Who in America, Vol. 18, 1934-1935.
South, Battlefields with Sketches of Confederate Commanders.
South, Clemenceau, Georges, American Reconstruction, 1865-1870.
South, Dr. Quintard, Chaplain C. S. A., Second Bishop of Tennessee. His story of the war.
Texas, by Alfred M. Williams. Sam Houston and the War of Independence of Texas.
Daniel, John Warwick, (Virginia). His speeches and Orations compiled by his son E. M. Daniel.
West, The Story of a Soldier, by George A. Forsyth.
Burr, Aaron, Correspondence of Aaron Burr and his daughter Theodosia.

Page 484

American Book Prices current, index 1916-1922.
Life of Stephen A. Douglas.
Early Life o f John Howard Payne, by W. T. Hanson.
Pershing, Gen. John J. My Experiences in the World War. 2v.
Mayflower Descendants of New York, Record Book, Vols. 4, 5 and 6.
Sangamon County, Illinois, with accounts of the Winnebago and Black Hawk Wars.
Bradford's History of the Plymouth Plantation, 1606-1646, by Wm. T. Davis.
The Constitution of Ohio, 1787, by Isaac Franklin Patterson,
Dred Scott Case (2 Pamphlets). Opinions of Chief Justice Taney.
Historical Collections of Virginia, 1856, by Henry Howe.
Travels through the Western Territory of U.S. 1808-1816, by Henry Kerr.
Richard Bland, "An American Commoner".
The Greater Southwest, by Rister of Oklahoma University and Richardson of Simmons University.
Papers of the Confederacy. Texas Camel Tales (Transportation in Texas) by Chris Emmett.
Give 'Way to the Right, History of the 90th Division, Oklahoma and Texas, by Emmett.
Fernando Cortes, 2 vols. Translated by Dr. MacNutt. Five narratives of his earliest voyages.

Books by Oklahoma Authors:

The Five Civilized Tribes, by Dr. Grant Foreman.
New Sources of Indian History, by Stanley Vestal.
Death on the Prairie, by Paul I. Wellman.
Through the Shadows with 0. Henry, by Al Jennings.
Sundown, by John Joseph Mathews.
Oklahoma, by Victor Harlow.
The Story of Oklahoma Baptists, by E. C. Routh.
Red Earth, by Jennie Harris Oliver.
In Camp with Theodore Roosevelt, by John Abernathy.
Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic, by Angie Debo.
Early Days Among the Cheyennes and Arapahoes, by Stanley Vestal.
Warpath, by Stanley Vestal.

Page 485

No More Unemployed, by John B. Cheadle, Howard O. Eaton and Cortez Ewing.
Lights on the Cimarron, by Mrs. J. L. Paxton.
Our Economic Evolution, by Arthur B. Adams.
Job Insurance, by John B. Ewing.
Oil Well Completion and Operation, by H. C. George.
Stabilization of the Petroleum Industry, by Leonard M. Logan, Jr.
The Forgotten God, by Bishop Francis C. Kelley, D. D.
Oklahoma Land of Opportunity, by Mrs. Dan Morris.

Excerpts from Magazines:

Indian Commonwealth by R. W. McAdam.
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, by Grant Foreman.
Ten Days Outing in Indian Territory, by E. H. Hudson.
Grand Council at Okmulgee, 1879, by A. W. Williams.

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