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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12, No. 4
December, 1934

Page 479

The Historical Society has recently been the recipient of some very valuable donations which are a real contribution, both historically and culturally. One of the most beautiful, interesting and worthwhile collections that has been presented to the Museum Deportment of the Historical Society is the General Grant Fan Collection. It consists of seventy eight fans that were collected by a member of General Grant's party who made a tour of the world at the close of his second administration in 1877.

Many of these fans were the gift of royalty, and also of distinguished heads of governments who had been the hosts to our most distinguished American citizen, at that time, General U. S. Grant. Some of these fans are two or three hundred years old, and represent the works of art, in both painting and carving, by craftsmen of long ago. There are Chinese fans, the gift from the rich Mandarins who were entertaining General Grant, while in the Orient. There are Japanese fans, Spanish fans, French fans and Italian fans. Perhaps one of the most historic fans is the one presented to Jennie Lind, the "Swedish Nightingale" by Queen Victoria. It has the nightingales woven in the Rosepoint lace, and her name carved on the front guard in mother of pearl letters. We are delighted to have such a rich collection in our museum for the benefit of all lovers of artistic, aesthetic and cultural things that embellish civilized life.

Another splendid gift comes from New York City; however it is a gift from a former Oklahoman who has been residing in New York for several years. This is a painting entitled "Autumn Oaks." The original was painted by George Inness, and hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York. This gift comes from Mrs. A. E. Davenport, wife of Dr. Davenport. Mrs. Davenport is an artist in her own right, but she loves to copy the work of the world's greatest masters, and spends much of her time copying paintings in the great art galleries of New York. Mrs. Davenport's maiden name was Julia Chisholm and is a niece of Governor Douglas Johnston; was reared in his family. She is of Chickasaw and Cherokee blood and is a granddaughter of Jessie Chisholm. Dr. Davenport, her husband, is now

Page 480

in the Government service in the Public Health Department. He was at one time President of the Board of Health in Oklahoma.

Mrs. McClendon of McAlester, Oklahoma has recently presented, to the Museum of the Historical Society, a number of pieces of antique furniture of much value, also a large painting of Pushmataha, and a number of other items of historical interest.

In 1924 Mrs. McClendon loaned the Historical Society approximately one hundred articles of historical interest. She said she wished to present these articles to the State Historical Society.

Dr. McClendon, up until his death October 3, 1934, was in charge of the hospital at Supply, Oklahoma. He was a pioneer physician of the Indian Territory and a life member of Oklahoma Historical Society.

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