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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12, No. 3
September, 1934

July 26, 1934

Page 369

Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Sociaty was held in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 26, 1934, at 10:00 A. M., with Judge Thomas H. Doyle, vice president, presiding in the absence of the president.

The secretary called the roll, which showed the following members present: Judge R. L.Williams, Mrs. Frank B. Lucas, Dr. Grant Foreman, Gen. William S. Key, Judge Harry Campbell, Judge Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Judge Win. P. Thompson, Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Mrs. Frank Korn, Gen. R. A. Sneed, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, Col. A. N. Leecraft, and Dan W. Peery, the secretary.

The secretary gave reasons for the absence of the following members: Mr. Jasper Sipes, Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn, Mrs. Roberta Lawson, Dr. E. E., Dale and Mr. George Evans.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that the reasons given by the secretary for the absent members be deemed sufficient and the penalty for absence shall not apply. Motion was seconded and carried.

The secretary read the minutes of the Board meeting held January 25, 1934.

Mrs. Frank Korn moved that the minutes of the meeting be approved as read by the secretary. Motion was seconded and carried.

Report of officers:

The secretary read a report of the activities of the society for the past six months.

Report of committees:

Judge R. L. Williams, chairman of the committee on removal of Indian records, under Act of Congress, to the Historical building, made a verbal report.

Judge R. L. Williams presented to the Society, to be placed in its archives, photostat copy of proceedings of Muskogee Bar Association from time of its organization to Statehood, as made from an original owned and in possession of Miss Lucille Waldron, prepared by her father, the late Z. T. Waldron, first United States Attorney in Indian Territory. Upon motion the book was received.

Dr. E. B. Ringland, custodian of the Union Memorial Hall, appeared before the Board and reported the progress made by the G. A. R. Post to transfer its property to the Historical Society.

Dr. Grant Foreman stated that rules and regulations had been submitted to the Secretary of the Interior for his approval under recent Act of Congress, for the removal of the records of the various Indian Agencies to the Historical building, and reported also that Mrs. Rella Watts is making an inventory of the records of the Five Civilized Tribes that are to be transferred to the Historical building.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the secretary be directed to consult with Mr. Joe O'Brien in regard to some records that are stored in the Highway Department and have them transferred to the Historical building. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that a committee of three be appointed, with Gen. William S. Key as chairman, to have war records that are in

Page 370

the Capitol, when available for such purpose, transferred to the Historical building. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the committee heretofore appointed to secure removal of Indian records under recent Act of Congress from the Indian Agencies in the state be authorized to secure some one to move such records and to use any funds available for such purpose in payment for transportation and such service. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that these Indian records be stored in the southeast room on the second floor of the Historical building, and that this room be set aside exclusively for these tribal records. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that Mrs. Rella Watts, after such removal from. the Agency at Muskogee is completed, be transferred from Muskogee to the Oklahoma Historical Building at Oklahoma City and placed in charge of the room in which such Indian archives are to be placed and preserved and to continue all necessary work relative thereto. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the cannon now in the basement of the Capitol be loaned to the Capitol Hill Legion. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that a committee of three be appointed to draw bills embodying necessary legislation affecting the Historical Society for introduction at the next session of the Legislature. Motion was seconded and carried.

Gen. William S. Key moved that hereafter before a meeting of the Board that the secretary prepare a list of standing committees and special committees and notify each one before the meeting. Motion was seconded and carried.

Gen. R. A. Sneed submitted a verbal report on part of committee to locate the grave of Nathaniel Pryor, a veteran of the War of 1812 and a member of the Lewis-Clark Expedition. Judge William P. Thompson, another member of the committee, agreed to reduce such report to writing and embody therein a description of the place where said grave is located, such report to be published in the Chronicles.

Judge Harry Campbell, stating that a vacancy existed in the directorate of the Board occasioned by the death of Judge W. A. Ledbetter, nominated John B. Meserve, of Tulsa, to fill such vacancy.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle, after requesting Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, second vice president to take the chair, nominated Judge Robert A. Hefner, Sr., to fill the vacancy.

Dr. Grant Foreman seconded the nomination of John B. Meserve.

Gen. William, S. Key moved that the nominations now close and that the ballots be prepared. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Chair appointed Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Judge William P. Thompson and Mrs. Frank Lucas to act as tellers and counters.

Judge Harry Campbell presented to the Society a book entitled "The Beginning of Tulsa," on behalf of J. M. Hall, the author.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle moved that the book be received and that the author be thanked for this contribution to the library. Motion was seconded and carried.

The committee appointed to canvass the votes was ready to report.

Mrs. Lucas reported that John B. Meserve received eleven votes and Robert A. Hefner, Sr., received four.

Page 371

The Chair declared John B. Meserve elected to fill the vacancy in the membership of the Board of Directors.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle then resumed the chair.

The secretary brought to the attention of the Board a large group picture of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians taken in 1891 that was offered for sale.

Judge Thomas A. Edwards moved that the secretary be authorized to pay for this picture a sum not to exceed $30.00 out of the private funds of the Society. Motion was seconded.

Dr. Grant Foreman moved to amend the motion by requesting the secretary to correspond with the Smithsonian Institution, the Bureau of American Ethnology and the Office of Indian Affairs in Washington, D. C. and ascertain if this group of pictures could not be secured for a nominal sum, and that no action be taken before the next meeting of the Board. The motion as amended was carried.

The secretary read the following list of applicants for annual membership in the Society:

W. L. Alexander, Oklahoma City; Frank Anderson, El Reno; J. T. Blanton, Pauls Valley; Frank W. Boyd, Muskogee; D. D. Brunson, Ada; Mrs. G. P. Carroll, Vinita; R. A. Champlin, Enid; James W. Cosgrove, Tulsa; Gertrude B. Davis, Muskogee; J. M. Dill, Erie, Pennsylvania; Pearl Eddleman, Muskogee; Earl Q. Gray, Ardmore; Thomas A. Gruwell, Tulsa; L. H. Harrell, Ada; Dr. G. E. Harris, Hugo; Jos. O. Hickox, Mt. Wilson, California; Mrs. Lacy Hockett, Bartlesville; A. M. Kelly, Anadarko; Hugh Ledbetter, Ardmore; Mrs. Ellis Manning, Washington, D. C.; Wade Moore, Anadarko; Mrs. Max Morgan, Walters; Mrs. Martha E. Naden, Oklahoma City; Wilbur S. Nye, Fort Sill; Hugh Owen, Nowata; Dr. Ruth Perry, Ellijay, Georgia; Harry W. Priest, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Lucy A. Rains, Muskogee; Mrs. Leslie E. Salter, Chicago, Illinois; Erlene Shepard, Blackwell; O. A. Slane, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Mary L. Stewart, Oklahoma City; Judge H. L. Stuart, Oklahoma City; Joseph E. Taulman, Fort Worth, Texas; Hart A. Wand, New Orleans, Louisiana; Electa Ziegler, Hagerstown, Maryland.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that they be received into membership, which motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

On motion the meeting stood adjourned.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle, vice president,

Dan W. Peery, Secretary.

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