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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12, No. 2
June, 1934

April 19, 1934

Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Page 227

The annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened April 19, 1934, in the Municipal Building, at Muskogee, Oklahoma, as per resolution of the Board of Directors, adopted at the meeting held January 25, 1934.

Judge R. L. Williams, a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Committee on Arrangements and Program, introduced Rev. M. L. Butler, of Okmulgee, who gave the invocation.

Judge Williams then introduced Representative Ben Martin, of Muskogee, who in turn presented Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, 2nd vice president, who presided in the absence of the president and 1st vice president.

Mr. Chal Wheeler, as a representative of the Mayor, gave the address of welcome in the absence of the Mayor, Dr. John Reynolds, who was detained on account of illness, which was responded to by Doctor Harbour.

The Bacone College's Boys Glee Club rendered several selections.

Rev. B. D. Weeks, President of Bacone College, gave an address reviewing the early history of Indian Territory.

The Bacone College's Boys Glee Club then again sang.

Judge John B. Meserve gave an address on the early history of the white man's dealing with the Indians.

Mrs. Harriette Johnson Westbrook, of Okmulgee, a descendant of the Mohawks, gave three songs in Indian language, to wit: A war song in Sioux, a tribal song in Omaha, and one in her native tongue.

The regular order of business was taken up.

Judge R. L. Williams offered the following resolution and moved its adoption:

We appreciate and extend our thanks to Dr. B. D. Weeks for the eloquent and instructive and incomparable address and the boys of the Bacone College Glee Club for the beautiful and entertaining songs, Mr. Chal Wheeler and Judge John B. Meserve for their addresses and Mrs. Harriette Johnson Westbrook for

Page 228

her instructive and beautiful songs. The motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams offered the following resolution and moved its adoption:

We regret that Dr. Grant Foreman is absent being detained on account of an indisposition occasioned by a severe cold, and recognize his great work for this Society and for the State, and hope for his speedy recovery. Upon being seconded by Col. A. N. Leecraft, the resolution was adopted.

Judge R. L. Williams offered the following resolution:

We express our appreciation and thanks to the Hon. W. W. Hastings, congressman from the 2nd district, for introducing and the American Congress for passing, and the President for approving, the Secretary of the Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs for recommending the passage of the Bill for the placing for preserving with this Society as custodian of historical records in their custody. Its adoption was moved by Col. A. N. Leecraft, and upon being seconded was carried.

Judge R. L. Williams introduced resolution as follows:

WHEREAS, Congress has passed an act  Public No. 133, 73d Congress, (H. R. 5631), "To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to place with the Oklahoma Historical Society at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as custodian for the United States, certain records of the Five Civilized Tribes, and other Indian Tribes in the State of Oklahoma, under rules and regulations to be prescribed by him," same having been approved by the President, and pertaining to the Indian Tribes located in Oklahoma whose agencies being located at Muskogee, Miami, Pawhuska, Pawnee, Shawnee, Anadarko, Concho and at other places in said state, and said act contemplating the placing of same with said Historical Society as custodian, within the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, under rules and regulations to be prescribed by him, such records pertaining to the various Indian Tribes located in said state; and

WHEREAS, R. L. Williams, Thomas H. Doyle and Grant Foreman have heretofore been appointed by the Board of Directors of said Society as a committee to look after said matter, and through the initiative of said committee said bill was prepared and introduced in Congress by Congressman W. W. Hastings, and became a law, now, therefore,

Be it resolved that said committee be continued and directed

Page 229

and authorized to take the matter up with the Secretary of the Interior, with a view of procuring the approval and promulgation of such rules under said act as authorized and as may be determined proper by the Secretary of the Interior, and said committee is further authorized to act for and on behalf of said Society in all matters necessary to the procurement and placing of such records with the Oklahoma Historical Society as custodian, and to execute all agreements in the name of said Society and to bind the Society in all matters pertaining to the procuring of such records and placing same with the Oklahoma Historical Society as custodian, pursuant to the terms of said act.

Be it further resolved, that the President and Secretary of Oklahoma Historical Society are directed to officially sign and attest such agreement as may be entered into with the Secretary of the Interior by said committee and to affix the seal thereto.

Upon motion of Col. J. H. Stolper the motion was seconded and adopted.

The following resolution was read by Dr. B. D. Weeks, which had been prepared by Dr. Grant Foreman

WHEREAS, the long and interesting history of the country that is now the State of Oklahoma has been marked by many army posts, cemeteries, homes and spots of great historical significance,

AND WHEREAS, the makers of the laws under which the lands were allotted and set apart for settlement having no interest in the historical value of these features made no provision for their preservation so that they have been subjected to a ruthless course of destruction at the hands of the elements and of the vandal, and at the present rate of destruction it will not be many years until every vestige of these structures will have disappeared,

AND WHEREAS, one of the functions of the Oklahoma Historical Society is to aid in the location and preservation of these historic sites and monuments and to arouse interest among our people in this field of endeavor,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Oklahoma Historical Society notes with deep appreciation the cooperation in this movement by organizations such as the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Daughters of the Confederacy, the Old Fort Club of Fort Gibson, and other organizations that have already taken steps to preserve and to mark historic features of the state; and particularly they note the marking of places and per-

Page 230

sons of great antiquity associated with the history of Oklahoma, such as the establishment of the monument at the Three Forks and the monument to Montfort Stokes, both by the Indian Territory Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution; the restoration of the monument over the grave of Rev. Epaphras Chapman at Union Mission by the teachers and students of the Northeastern State Teachers College at Tahlequah; the monument to Milly Francis at Bacone College, and the monument to Milly Francis in Spaulding Park of Muskogee by the Children's Hour Club of the Muskogee Library, and the construction of the curb around the old garrison well by the Old Fort Club at Fort Gibson, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the state historical society notes with deep regret that such historic posts as Fort Towson, Fort Washita, Fort Arbuckle, Fort Coffee, Fort Wayne and Fort Gibson have all but entiraly disappeared under the ruthless hands of the white man through the failure to reserve them from allotment and sale. And in case of some of these army posts there is scarcely a vestige to show where the life and activities once so important in our history have long since ceased, and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this historical society notes as particularly urgent the need for prompt, effective action to preserve from destruction by the elements and by vandals the home of the immortal Cherokee Cadmus, Sequoyah, and the venerable structures forming part of the old Fort Gibson, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Oklahoma Historical Society looks forward to the time when the State of Oklahoma may acquire the title to as much as possible of the site of the old Fort Gibson and the structure of the old fort yet remaining there and make of it a state park, and that it will also acquire the title to the lands containing the home of Sequoyah and make of this a state park and historic shrine, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this be declared to be the policy of the Oklahoma Historical Society in annual convention assembled and that the Board of Directors be instructed to take the necessary steps to carry this policy into effect and to report at the next annual meeting of the members of the Society the plans and steps taken and recommendations for the future, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that it is the conviction of this society that few states of the union have a more interesting history than ours and few have done less than has been done in this state

Page 231

to preserve and mark for future generations our historic shrines, structures and sites, and we appeal to all possessed of pride of citizenship and character and a measure of appreciation and gratitude to the pioneers of this commonwealth to take greater interest in our history and to manifest it by efforts to commemorate and preserve in tangible form the memories of persons, planes and events identified with our interesting and honorable history.

Upon motion of Col. A. N. Leecraft, which was seconded, the resolution was adopted.

By consent the reading of the minutes of the last annual meeting of the Historical Society was dispensed with.

Judge R. L. Williams read the following list of applicants for annual membership in the Historical Society, at this meeting, and asked that the Secretary be instructed to send reach one a copy of the March Chronicles:

Mrs. Frank W. Boyd, Muskogee; Judge O. H. P. Brewer, Muskogee; Mrs. Eck E. Brook, Muskogee; J. C. Buchanan, Muskogee; Mrs. J. Garfield Buell, Muskogee; Mrs. Helen Butler, Okmulgee; Rev. M. L. Butler, Okmulgee; Rev. R. O. Callahan, Muskogee; J. Stanley Clark, Tishomingo; T. R. Corr, Muskogee; Mrs. Forrest L. Dack, Muskogee; Mrs. R. H. Ellison, Okmulgee; Mrs. Fred Fleming, Muskogee; Mrs. W. L. Hammond, Muskogee; Mrs. Lulu P. Holcomb, Muskogee; Mrs. M. E. Hunt; Muskogee; Mrs. C. L. Jackson, Muskogee; Mrs. Ada A. Jones, Pryor, Mrs. F. S. King, Muskogee; Mrs. D. H. Linebaugh, Muskogee; Mrs. Jay Little, Muskogee; Mrs. S. B. Locke, Muskogee; Mrs. J. R. McIntosh, Chelsea; J. R. McIntosh, Chelsea; A. G. McMillan, Muskogee; H. S. Milam, Chelsea; John T. Mounts, Muskogee; Clark Nichols, Jr., Washington, D. C.; B. E. Nussbaum, Muskogee; Stella R. Pearson, Muskogee; Daisy Shannon, Wagoner; Mrs. H. Van Smith, Muskogee; Anne Stewart, Muskogee; Francis Stewart, Muskogee; Lemuel C. Summers, Fort Gibson; Orlando Swain, Okmulgee; Mrs. B. D. Weeks, Bacone; Dr. B. D. Weeks, Bacone; Bell West, Wagoner; Mrs. John L. Wisener, Muskogee.

Upon motion of Col J. H. Stolper they were received into membership.

The Secretary presented the following list of applicants for annual membership in the Historical Society

Mrs. Cliff Allen, Kiefer; Tom Baugh, Oklahoma City; James E. Berry, Stillwater; C. H. Brand, Moore; H. C. Brunt, Chandler; J. F. Cain, Dayton, Ohio; J. T. Crow, Sapulpa; Dr. Walter T.

Page 232

Dardis, Oklahoma City; Hugh C. Doyle, Higgins, Texas; Perry Ellis, Riverside, California; William Griess, Sapulpa; A. E. Hall, Muskogee; E. L. Harris, Tulsa; Clarence D. Hull, Carnegie; Mrs. Frank E. Kimble, Salida, Colorado; B. C. King, Ada; F. M. March, Litchfield, Minnesota; W. M. Morgan, Oklahoma City; Walter W. Morton, Okmulgee; Lewis G. Oden, Alva; F. M. Pitcher, Carnegie; Mrs. Rita Rakestraw Pritckett, Dallas, Texas; Dr. E. P. R. Ryan, New York City, N. Y.; Ed M. Semans, Oklahoma City; F. Scruggs, Muskogee; R. W. Simpson, Ada; F. B. H. Spellman, Alva; Scott P. Squyres, Oklahoma City; R. S. Trulock, Oklahoma City; Mrs. H. D. Wall, Stillwater; Frank Gaston Walling, Tulsa; Mrs. F. E. Watkins, Waurika; Sam W. Wilhite, Anadarko; Mrs. John T. Witcher, Tulsa.

Upon motion they were received into membership.

Judge R. L. Williams read communications from the following organizations inviting the Society to hold its annual meeting in 1935 at Okmulgee, Commissioners of the City of Okmulgee, The Creek Indian Memorial Association, the Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce, the Okmulgee Rotary Club, The Lions Club of Okmulgee, the Okmulgee Young Women's Christian Association, the Business and Professional Women's Club of Okmulgee; and the Superintendent of the Okmulgee city schools, and moved that the invitation be accepted and that this meeting vote to hold its regular annual meeting in 1935 at Okmulgee, the date to be fixed by the board of directors. The motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams read the following amendment to the Constitution, proposed by Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn

It is hereby proposed that Section (one) 1, of Article (seven) VII, of the Constitution of the Oklahoma Historical Society be amended to read as follows:

Section 1. This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the duly qualified members of the Society, at any regular annual election thereof or at any special election which may have been duly authorized and directed by vote of the annual meeting of the Society, the voting on such proposed amendment or amendments to be by a separate ballot but otherwise as prescribed in the election of directors, in Section 2, of Article III, of this Constitution, provided (1), that no proposition to submit any amendment or amendments to the same shall be submitted unless offered and supported by petition of not less than five per cent of the duly qualified members of the Society and, provided further, that due

Page 233

notice of the proposed adoption of such amendments be given in the form of a copy thereof, at least three months in advance of the date of such election.

Col. J. H. Stolper moved that the amendment as read be adopted. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams presented to the Society a picture of the building located at Muskogee in which the first United States Court for the Indian Territory, then including Oklahoma Territory, was organized and first convened, which was accepted upon motion of Col. J. H. Stolper.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that Mrs. H. C. Rogers and J. E. Hayes be accepted as annual members of the Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams presented two historical papers, the gift of Mrs. John R. Frazier, as follows:

August. 15, 1870. Pitchlynn, P. P., Washington, D. C. To the People of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations.

With reference to the July 1870 election when the Choctaw people condemned by an overwhelming majority the mischievous project to sectionize and divide their land in severalty urged upon them by a small number of their own people, some of whom were fearful of the country being overrun by squatters and others misled by unscrupulous white men; that the instigators of this project will not remain inactive and urging them never to yield up any of their legal rights to their lands and not to change their present mode of holding them until they can do so with perfect safety, and upon no consideration to grant lands .for sale and general settlement to any railroad or other corporation; imploring the Chickasaws and Choctaws to remain united and act together for the common good, etc. (Printed pamphlet, 15 pp.)

July 3, 1889. Itemized statement by C. Leflore and E. McCurtain of 20% of Net Proceeds Claim due Choctaw Delegation of 1853, including report of services of Delegates in Washington, commencing in 1854, and compensation of Delegates who commenced in 1856 ; Agreement of N. Cochnauer and Geo. W. Hazkins, Chiefs, of Nov. 21, 1855, that the delegation composed of P. P. Pitchlynn, Israel Fulsom, Samuel Garland and Dickson W. Lewis, shall receive 20 per cent upon all claims arising to the Nation or individuals under Treaty of June 22, 1855, for their services in negotiating said treaty and other services to be rendered thereafter at Washington; Letter dated October 25, 1888, from

Page 234

Hy. McBride, Lehigh, C. N., to Campbell Leflore, Ft. Smith, Ark., stating he paid Smallwood his part, etc.; Report of Leflore and McCurtain to Choctaw Council of receipts and disbursements of Net Proceeds Claim; Will of Col. P. P. Pitchlynn, Choctaw Delegate, dated Jan. 1, 1881, to facilitate settlement of his personal affairs, and the proper distribution of whatever may be realized by or for him as fees as Delegate of Choctaw Nation out of Net Proceeds Claim, and out of debts due him from Choctaw Nation, and of unsettled claims against it, described, etc. (Printed pamphlet, 8 pp.)

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that these documents be accepted and that the Secretary be instructed to thank Mrs. Frazier for these papers. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that Mrs. P. B. Bostic and Mrs. Homer Baughman be elected annual members of the Society, which motion upon being seconded was carried.

Judge R. L. Williams presented the following resolution and moved its adoption:

Resolved that we extend our thanks to the city of Muskogee, and its Chamber of Commerce and their officials and the citizens of Muskogee, Fort Gibson and Sallisaw for their fine entertainment of this meeting of the Historical Society. The motion was seconded and carried.

The Chair introduced Dr. Anna Lewis, head of the history department of the Oklahoma Colloge for Women, at Chickasha.

Chief John Templeton, former fire chief of Muskogee, presented to the presiding officer a gavel made from cedar from the Cherokee country.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors for April be suspended, and that the next regular meeting of the board be held in July, which motion was seconded and carried, and the next regular quarterly meeting will be held in July, 1934.

Col. J. H. Stolper moved that all who paid dues will be considered elected annual members of the Oklahoma Historical Society at this meeting, their names be so recorded and enrolled. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Chair read a letter from Mr. J. S. Clark, superintendent of the Boynton schools, and presented two of his pupils, Eddie

Page 235

Swyden and Josephine Khourie, who won first and second prizes in the Oklahoma History Contest, held recently at Tahlequah.

The annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society on motion stood adjourned.

Vice President, Presiding.

Dan W. Peery, Secretary.

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