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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12, No. 2
June, 1934

Page 222

The students of history, not only those who are matriculated in the schools, but all who love to delve in historic lore find in the archives of the Oklahoma Historical Society a veritable cache of historical material.

The library of the society receives regularly the publications of the historical organizations of most of the states, as well as those magazines published by private societies and universities. These publications are bound annually, catalogued and accessioned in the library of our society. These volumes contain much authentic history of the older states and are available to all research workers in the field of American history. The library of this society has more than 10,000 volumes of history.

In order that the historical research workers may know the class and type of material in our library, we are printing a list of books that have been recently added to the library collection.

The Brooks and Baxter War, (Arkansas).

The Lost Empires of the Itzeas and Mayas, Willard.

Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. 10.

Sacajawea, Guide and Interpreter for Lewis & Clark.

Daniel Boone, by Flint.

David Crockett, by C. F. Allen.

Thomas Jefferson—Correspondence.

History of Virginia, J. W. Campbell.

The Quivira Society, Vol. 3, Publications.

Beveridge and the Progressive Era

Life of John Adams, by B. C. Clark.

Coronado's Children, Dobie, J. F.

Fall of the Inca Empire, P. A. Means.

John Sevier, C. S. Driver.

Excerpts from the Memoirs for the history of the province of Texas, concerning the various Indians of the province of Texas, by Morfi.

Trail of Tears, by Barry.

Black Hawk, by Drake.

Border Rifle, (Texas), Aimard.

Manuscript, by James Buchanan.

Jacob's Life of Cresap and Wayne's Expedition.

90th Division, by Wythe.

American Mission to the Pawnee Indians.

Page 223

Treaty U. S. and Chickasaws—1801-1809, (Jefferson).

Discovery of the Mississippi, Lasalle.

Underground Railway, by Cochran.

George Washington, by Prussing.

Is Davis a Araitor, by Bledsoe.

Life and Reminiscences of Jefferson Davis, by distinguished men of his time.

Crimes of the Civil War, by H. C. Dean.

Life . . . . Gen. Sam Houston, by Wm. Carey Crane.

Chickasaws and Choctaws, Treaty of 1830.

Louisiana Purchase, by Binger.

Life of John Albert Johnson.

Cherokee National Council.

Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Wyeth.

Peace with Mexico, by Gallatin.

A Diary from Dixie, by Chestnut.

Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. Eleven.

Andrew Jackson, by Marquis James.

American Population . . . . 1790, Greene, E. B.

Arkansas Journal, Albert Sidney Pike.

The Expedition of the Donner Party.

Dodge, Gen. Grenville M. Personal recollections of Lincoln, Grant and Sherman.

Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol. 5.

Pendleton's History of Tazwell County, and Southwest Virginia.

History of Scott County, Virginia.

Writings of Abraham Lincoln, 8 Volumes.

The Codex Perex, an ancient hieroglyphic book (Mayan).

History of Denton County, Texas, by Bates.

History of the J. A. Ranch, by Burton.

Constitutional Convention of Texas, 1868.

Biography of Private Alfonso Steele, last survivor of San Jacinto.

Title of Greer County, by J. N. Swisher.

History of San Antonio, 1890, by W. Corner.

Travels . . . by Marco Polo.

Voyage of Christopher Columbus.

Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas, 1889.

Oklahoma Emblems.

Frontier Defenses of the Upper Ohio, Thwaite, Kellogg.

Revolution on the Upper Ohio, Thwaite & Kellog.

Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. 12.

Page 224

International Thesaurus (Dictionary).

Colorado. Hafen, LeRoy R.

Indian Tribes in the Southwest, by Mrs. Dama Margaret Smith.

Conquest of S. W. Kansas.

Taylor Family in Tennessee.

Custer Fight, by Brinninstoll.

Wild Bill and His Era, by Connelley.

Alex Spottswood, Governor of Virginia.

Souvenir of Salem, Lincoln.

Notable Southern Families, Vol. 6.

The Comanche Barrier to South Plains Settlement.

Tribes of the Gila River, Leslie Spier.

Government of Kent County, Maryland.

Toward the New Spain, Joseph A. Brandt.

America Made Young, Duval McCutcheon.

New Hesperides, Ramey.

Earth History, Luther Snider.

History of Mass., 3 Vols.

Salem Witchcraft, by Abner Cheney Goodell.

William Penn, 5 Vols.

History of the American People, by Woodrow Wilson, 5 Vols.

Biography of Richard M. Johnson.

War of 1812, Ingersoll.

Freemont, by Albert Nevins, 2 Vols.

Georgia's Bi-Centennial Memories and Memoirs.

Publication of the Quivira Society, Vol. 4.

American at War, by Newton D. Baker.

Mesa Land, by Anna Wilmarth Ickes.

William Clark Breckenridge, his life and letters.

Louisiana in French Diplomacy, Lyon.

Frontier Times, (5 copies of back numbers).

Blennerhasset Papers, by Safford.

Battle of Manassas, Beauregard.

Benjamin Franklin, 10 Vols.

Georgia Scenes, etc., Longstreet.

Illinois, History of, Brown.

Illinois, History of, Ford.

Indians, Nez Perces, by McBeth.

Kansas, Ingalls collection.

Massachusetts, History of Slavery.

Massachusetts, Town of Roxbury.

Page 225

Mecklenburg, Declaration of Independence, Wm. H. Hoyt.

Mexico, Shelby's Expedition, Edwards.

Michigan, History of, Moore, 4 Vols.

Ohio, Story of, Alex Black.

Pennsylvania, Colonial and Federal, 3 Vols.

Grady, Henry, Life of, Edited by Joel Chandler Harris.

South Dakota, by J. L. Sanford.

Texas, Austin Papers, 2 Vols.

Texas, Diplomatic Correspondence of Texas, 3 Vols.

Roosevelt, Ranch Life.

Youngblood, Charles L., His Adventures on the Plains.

Dunmore's War.

Some Early Virginia Families.

Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. 13.

Wesley, John, The life and times of, by L. Tyerman—3 Vols. 1872.

Confederate, Sketches of the rise, progress and decline of secession, with a narrative of personal adventures among the rebels, by W. G. Brownlow, 1862.

A Journal of the Santa Fe Expedition, under Colonel Doniphan, by Jacob S. Robinson, reprint.

Hamilton, Alexander, The intimate life of, by A. M. Hamilton, 1910.

Declaration of the Warrantable grounds and proceedings of the first association of the Government of New Plymouth, 1773.

New Jersey, by John Henry and Henry Howe, Historical collections of the State of New Jersey, 1844.

Webster, Daniel, Life of, by G. T. Curtis, 2 Vols., 1870.

Pennsylvania, by Thomas Gabriel, Historical and Geographical Account from its discovery to the Declaration of Independence, 1829.

Jackson, Andrew, Correspondence between Gen. Andrew Jackson and John C. Calhoun, in regard to the Seminole War, 1831.

North Carolina, by John H. Wheeler, Historical sketches of North Carolina, 1584 to 1851—2 Vols.

Books by Oklahoma Authors:

Indian Removal, by Grand Foreman, Oklahoma.

Advancing the Frontier, by Grant Foreman, Oklahoma.

Indian Justice, by Grant Foreman, Oklahoma.

Behind the Door of Delusion, Marle Woodson, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Place Names, Chas. N. Gould, Oklahoma.

In Defense of the Senate, Dangerfield, Oklahoma

Page 226

Miami-Picher Lead-Zinc District, Oklahoma.

Folk-Say, Botkin, Vol. 4, Oklahoma.

Biological Survey, Vol. 3, No. 1, Oklahoma.

Forgotten Frontiers, by Thomas, Oklahoma.

History of Labor Legislation, by Ryan, Oklahoma.

Folk-Say, 1930, Botkin, Oklahoma.

Folk-Say, 1931, Botkin, Oklahoma.

Wah-Kon-Tah, (Osages) Mathews, Oklahoma.

Fort Gibson Letter, Photostated, (Bound), Oklahoma.

Along the Arkansas, by Anna Lewis, Oklahoma.

Speeches—Governor William H. Murray, Oklahoma.

The Cherokee Strip, by George Rainey, Oklahoma.

Outlaws, Zoe Tilghman, Oklahoma.

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