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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12, No. 1
March, 1934

John B. Meserve

Page 4

The Oklahoma State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution held its annual meeting at Tulsa on February 22. This patriotic organization composed of a group of thoughtful men each of whom derives his eligibility to membership through the patriotic service of an ancestor in the Revolution, is committed to upholding the sacred principles of the government of our fathers. Among its membership in Oklahoma are found many of the outstanding characters of the State's business and professional life. Montfort Stokes Chapter at Muskogee was signally honored by the selection of its most deserving president as President of the State Society, in the person of Hon. Philos S. Jones. The chapter at Muskogee is named in honor of Montfort Stokes whose public service was so closely interwoven with the very early life of this country. He died at or near Ft. Gibson and is perhaps the only soldier of the Revolution to be buried within the confines of the State of Oklahoma. Other officers at the State meeting were: U. M. Baughman of Oklahoma City, 1st Vice-president, William O. Beall of Tulsa, 2nd Vice-president, James B. Diggs of Tulsa, 3rd Vice-president; W. J. Basshaw of Oklahoma City, Registrar; John B. Meserve of Tulsa, Historian; Robert W. Kellough of Tulsa, Chaplain; J. O. Parr of Oklahoma City, National Delegate and Paul P. Pinkerton of Sand Springs, Alternate.

A most interesting feature of the State meeting was the patriotic address by Compatriot Robert L. Williams of Muskogee. The Society maintains a strong interest in the State Historical Society and its members are quite uniformly members of that organization. The next State meeting will be held at Muskogee on February 22, 1935.

John B. Meserve, State Historian.

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