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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12, No. 1
March, 1934

Page 3

The annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society for 1934 is to be held in Muskogee on April 19, in one of the assembly rooms of the City Hall where an appropriate program will be given. It is planned to make a tour of historical spots and structures within convenient distance of Muskogee the day before the meeting. Visits will be made to Fort Gibson, Park Hill, the Three Forks the site of the old Cherokee agency, Sam Houston's old home, the National Cemetery, and Tahlequah; if time will permit we shall visit the log home of Sequoyah, Webbers Falls the home of Stand Watie, Dwight Mission and other interesting places. It is hoped that all members of the society and any others who are interested in Oklahoma history will avail themselves of the opportunity of taking part in this tour. Those who desire to travel in their own cars can do so but if a sufficient number prefer, arrangements will be made to secure a comfortable bus or busses from the Southern Kansas Stage Lines. In order to ascertain whether the requisite number will desire to travel in this manner it is requested that those who plan to do so will express their intention by mail to the secretary. The cost of this transportation per person will depend on the number who desire to avail themselves of it. The bus line has offered us their busses at the rate of $37.50 each for the day. When filled these busses will seat twenty-five people which fixes the rate at $1.50 per passenger if the whole bus is occupied. A picnic lunch can be furnished for fifty cents per person. It is requested that those who plan to attend the meeting and take part in the tour will inform the secretary of the society at an early date in order that necessary arrangements may be made to insure the success of the undertaking.

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