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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 11, No. 3
September, 1933

Page 995

At the Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, held July 27, 1933.

Mrs. John R. Williams proposed an amendment to Article V of the Constitution by striking Section 4A, which reads as follows: "No member of the Board of Directors shall be eligible to be elected to any office which carries with it a salary, or designation as an employee, which carries with it compensation, until six months have expired from the date of the termination of his or her membership in such board."

Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn gave notice that he would call up at the next annual meeting an amendment to Sec. 1, Art. VII which he had proposed at the Board meeting July 28, 1932 and caused notice to be given and which was still pending not having been reached for action at the annual meeting held January 26, 1933, as follows:

Section 1. This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the duly qualified members of the Society, at any regular annual election thereof or at any special election which may have been duly authorized and directed by vote of the annual meeting of the Society, the voting on such proposed amendment or amendments to be by a separate ballot but otherwise as prescribed in the election of directors, in Section 2, of Article 111 (3), of this Constitution, provided (1) that no proposition to submit any amendment or amendments to the same shall be submitted unless offered and supported by petition of not less than five per cent of the duly qualified members of the Society and, provided further, that due notice of the proposed adoption of such amendment be given in the form of a copy thereof, at least three months in advance of the date of such election.

July 27, 1933.

The regular quarterly meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened in the Historical Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 27, 1933, at 10:00 A. M., with Judge Thos. H. Doyle, Vice-President presiding in the absence of the President.

The Secretary called the roll, which showed the following members present: Gen. R. A. Sneed, Judge Thos. H. Doyle, Judge W. A. Ledbetter, Judge R. L. Williams, Dr. E. E. Dale, Mrs. Frank Lucas, Dr. Grant Foreman, Gen. William S. Key, Judge Harry Campbell, Judge Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams, Judge Thos. A. Edwards, Mrs. Jessie E. Moore, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Mrs. Frank Korn, Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn, and Dan W. Peery, Secretary.

The Secretary read the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors, held April 27, 1933, which were approved as read with the following exceptions:

On page 2, last paragraph the word appointing was changed to commissioning.

Page 996

Judge R. L. Williams presented to the Society manuscripts, photostat copies, and photographs as follows:

1. 1862, Feb. 20. Rector, H. M., Governor, State of Arkansas, to Executive Authority of Cherokee Nation.
Demand for surrender of Jack, a negro slave, charged with horse stealing, and now a refugee in Cherokee Nation, to be delivered to Albert Pike. (2 photostat copies).

2. 1877, Jany. 19. Letter from Miss Alice Robertson, Office of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C., to her mother, enclosing letter dated April 12, 1826, from Samuel A. Worcester, Mayhew, Choctaw Nation, to Col. Thos. L. McKenny, Indian Office, War Department, relative to the Cherokee Alphabet invented by a Cherokee named Guefs. (Photostat copy) A. L. S. 1 p.

3. 1826, April 12. Letter from Samuel A. Worcester, Mayhew, Choctaw Nation, to Col. Thos. L. McKenny, Indian Office, War Department, relative to the Cherokee Alphabet invented by a native named Guefs. A. L. S. 4 pp. (Photostat copy).

4. 1891, Dec. 7. Letter from J. B. Mayes, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, I. T. To National Council in Special Session. Advising them of their failure during regular session to make the necessary appropriations to run and maintain the different institutions of the Cherokee government, and requesting that they pass the School, Jail, Insane, Advocate and General appropriation bills. A. L. S. 1 p. (Original and photostat copy).

5. Picture of First parsonage of Flint Circuit, built in 1856 or 9, near New Hope, one miles west of Stilwell, Oklahoma, by Rev. W. B. Hastin. (Original and photostat copy).

6. Picture of Great Seal of the State of Sequoyah, 1905.

7. 1842, March 23. John Tyler, President, United States, Daniel Webster, Secretary of State, John C. Spencer, Secretary of War. Patent of United States of America, giving and granting to Choctaw Nation, a tract of country west of the Mississippi River. (Photostat copy) 1 p.

8. 1858, Oct. 10. John Early, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Choctaw Agency, Choctaw Nation. License of Willis F. Folsom, as DEACON in Methodist Episcopal Church, South. (Original and Photostat copy) 2 pp.

9. Photograph of Willis Folsom.

10. List of Presbyterian Churches in Choctaw Nation in 1860, also list of Boarding Schools. A. D. 2 pp.

11. 1869, Oct. 24. George F. Pierce, Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church, South. License of Willis F. Folsom, as ELDER in Methodist Episcopal Church, South. (Original and photostat copy) 4 pp.

12. 1882, Oct. 22. Alex. Reid. Report of his labors as a preacher within the bounds of the Indian Presbytery, for the nine months ending October 22, 1882. A. D. 4 pp.

13. 1883, Jan. 16. A. Reid, Spencer Orphan School, Choctaw Nation. To O. E. Boyd. Letter advising that Indian Presbytery numbered 12 ordained ministers with 27 churches under its care, with membership of 992, at the time of the last General Assembly; that the number of ministers has since been reduced to nine, three white men, five Choctaws and one Freedman; that the object of this letter is to call attention to the necessity of making such a division of the field as will enable the Southern and Northern Churches to

Page 997

work together among the Choctaws harmoniously, etc. A. L. S. 6 pp.

14. 1883, Jan. 26. Alex Reid. (Spencer Academy, Choctaw Nation). To O. E. Boyd. With reference to a division in the mission field as suggested in his letter of January 16, 1883. A. L. S. 4 pp.

15. 1883; Feb. 14. Alex Reid, Spencer Academy, Choctaw Nation. Report of Alex Reid's activities as a preacher for the three months ending January 22, 1883. A. L. S. 2 pp.

16. 1884, Feb. 12. A. Reid, Spencer Orphan School, Doaksville, I. T. To Rev. R. H. Allen, D. D. Letter with reference to the Board looking for men to occupy three of the old Mission Stations, Good Water, Wheelock and Stockbridge; the removal of the Orphan School from Spencer to Wheelock where a fine building is being erected for the accommodation of fifty or sixty girls, at a cost of five or six thousand dollars; that an orphan school for fifty boys has been established at Armstrong Academy 50 miles west of Spencer and 12 miles from Caddo; that the Council contracts to pay the Boards having these two orphanages in charge $5000.00 per year; with reference to Mr. W. B. Robe, Superintendent of the Orphan School; with reference to securing a missionary for Wheelock; with reference to Rev. Alfred Wright and his work; the old mission house, etc. A. L. S. 8 pp.

17. 1884, July 28. Alex Reid, Spencer Academy, Choctaw Nation. To Dr. R. H. Allen. Letter with reference to return of Messrs. Williams and Hall, to Clear Creek and Stockbridge, respectively. (Copy) 3 pp.

18. 1890, Oct. 24. W. Nelson, Clerk, U. S. Court in Indian Territory. Certificate that Willis F. Folsom, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, has caused to be recorded in the office of the First Judicial Division, his license and credentials of his clerical character, and that same are recorded in Book A of Record of official credentials at page 85. (Original and photostat copy). 2 pp.

19. 1892, Oct. 25. N. B. Ainsworth, Attorney at Law, McAlester, I. T. To Rev. Willis Folsom, Pocola, I. T.
Letter enclosing a gift, it being about Conference time. (Original and photostat copy) 4 pp.

20. Miscellaneous documents with reference to Good Water needing an old fashioned missionary day school, etc. A. D. 2 pp.

21. 1911, April 29. C. H. Kingsbury, Tamaha, Oklahoma. To W. F. Dunkle, McAlester, Okla. Letter advising that both of his grandfathers, Kingsbury and Hotchkin were Presbyterian Missionaries in the Choctaw Nation in Mississippi and in Indian Territory; that he could give him some information about the missionaries. A. L. S. 3 pp.

22. Article entitled "Skullyville, Oklahoma," by Frank E. Parke. Original manuscript and typewritten copy. 16 pp.

23. Photograph of Col. Robert M. Jones, Rose Hill, I. T. Taken about 1870.

24. Four (4) photostat copies of photographs of Col. Robert M. Jones, Rose Hill, I. T. Taken about 1870.

25. Picture of Rose Hill mansion, home of Col. Robert M. Jones, taken with group of children on the upstairs porch; together with three photostat copies of same.

Page 998

26. Picture of Rose Hill mansion, home of Col. Robert M. Jones, taken with a group of seven men and one boy standing in front of same; together with three photostat copies of same.

27. Picture of Rose Hill mansion, home of Col. Robert M. Jones, with elderly men standing on the porch.

28. 1927, Sept. 19. J. L. Dickson, referee in bankruptcy, Hugo, Oklahoma. To R. L. Williams, Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Letter advising he is sending two pictures of the old Rose Hill mansion by Judge Barrett; advising that they were taken about 1906 after the building had begun to deteriorate.

29. Photograph—Mr. E. A. Gray, 1882, New Hope Academy, Choctaw Nation.

30. Photograph—Mrs. E. A. Gray, 1882, New Hope Academy, Choctaw Nation.

31. 1836, Mar. 31. Sampson Lanier, Clerk, Circuit Court, State of Alabama. To Sheriff, Tallapoosa County.
Command to take Ho Po eath le Yo ho to Co. Sar Tustunnuckee alias Mad Blue uckabatcha Micco and Micco pockar alias Old King before the Judge of the Macon Circuit Court, on the fourth Monday of April 1836, to answer Zackariah McGirth in a plea of trespass. (2 photostat copies) 4 pp.

32. 1876, Nov. 23. S. A. Galpin, Ockmulkee. To Jno. R. Moore, Chairman, Creek Commission on Seminole Lands. Carbon copy of letter recommending a proposition in regard to the disputed Creek-Seminole boundary question— 50c per acre for so much of the land occupied by the Seminoles lying East of the present Western Boundary of the Creek Nation and between the Canadian River and its North Fork as may be necessary for occupancy by the Seminoles without disturbing them in their present locations—said land estimated to contain 175,000 acres. (Carbon copy) 1 p.

33. 1880, Jany. 2. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulkee, I. T. To D. W. Bushyhead, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, Fort Gibson, I. T. Writ for surrender of one Archopar or Nail who resides in Cherokee Nation and who stands charged with theft committed in Eufaula District, Creek Nation, and for whom a warrant for arrest has been issued. (2 photostat copies).

34. 1880, Apr. 14. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulgee, I. T. To Executive Department of Cherokee Nation. Writ for surrender of Judge Clinging, Mac Coats and Malcom Moore, citizens of Illinois District, Cherokee Nation, charged with stealing 10 head of cattle from Joe Primus and 3 head of cattle from Jake Roberts, citizens of Coweta District. (2 photostat copies) 4 pp.

35. 1880, Sept. 15. Jane Williams. Affidavit that she was at Aunt Kinney's house on July 26, 1880, when a crowd of men took Monday Roberts out of said house; that his body was found hanging to a tree next morning; that she recognized Bill Clinging, citizen of Cherokee Nation, among said crowd. (2 photostat copies) 4 pp.

36. 1880, Oct. 19. Kinney Luckey, Cowetah District, Muskogee Nation. Affidavit that on the night on which Robert Jones and Monday Roberts were taken out of their homes and hung, she recognized in the crowd, Charley Haynes and Bill Clinging citizens of Cherokee Nation.

37. 1882, Jan. 16. Saml. Checote. To Hon. B. E. Porter. Advising that the Stateschool pupils have arrived; that small pox is raging and Mr. Perryman has recalled the boys; asking how the Carlisle, Pa.,

Page 999

pupils are. (Original, translation by Jesse McDermott, and four photostat copies) 6 pp.

38. 1882, Feby. 28. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulgee, I. T. To Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation. Demand for surrender of Bill Clingin and Charley Haynes, citizens of Cherokee Nation, residing in Coo-we-skoo-wee District, Cherokee Nation, who stand charged with crime of murder of Robt. Jones and Monday Roberts in Cowetah District, Muskogee Nation, and that they be delivered to Daniel Miller, Captain of the Light Horse company of Cowetah District, Muskogee Nation. (2 photostat copies) 4 pp.

39. 1882, Feby. 28. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulgee, I. T. To D. W. Bushyhead, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, I. T. Demand for surrender of Napoleon Blythe, citizen of Cherokee Nation, who stands charged with murder of Ross Cunningham, also citizen of Cherokee Nation, said crime having been committed in the town of Muskogee, Muskogee District, Muskogee Nation; and that said Blythe be delivered to R. C. Hawkins, Captain of Light Horse company, Muskogee District, Muskogee Nation. (2 photostat copies) 4 pp.

40. Article by Miss Alice Robertson, about James McHenry. (Typewritten) 7 pp.

41. Copy of narrative by Dr. A. W. Loomis, of Miss Nancy Thompson, which appeared in "Scenes in the Indian Country," published by the Presbyterian Board of Publication in Philadelphia in 1859. (Typewritten) 3 pp.

42. Article by R. M. Loughridge, dated December 2, 1891, Red Ford, I. T., telling of his missionary life. (Typewritten) 4 pp.

43. Article entitled "Presbyterian Mission," by Miss Alice Robertson. (Typewritten) 3 pp.

44. An article, entitled "Pe lo che," giving a picture of Creek home life. Author unknown. (Typewritten) 32 pp.

45. 1865, June 16. Resolution passed by the Grand Council at Choctaw Tamaha, I. T., June 16, 1865, defining the object of the Confederation of the Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, Seminoles, Cherokees, Comanches, Caddoes and other Indian Tribes, as being the cessation of hostilities between factions of the same and the restoration of peace and amity among them, and the preservation of the rights of Indians in general; said resolutions signed by Saml. Garland, President, Grand Council; attested by Campbell Leflore, Secretary; approved by chiefs of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Osage, Comanche and Caddo tribes. (Photostat copy) 4 pp.

46. 1812, Dec. 20. Francis Asbury, Bishop, Methodist Episcopal Church in America. License of John Ira Ellis Byrd as DEACON in Methodist Episcopal Church. (Original and photostat copy) 2 pp.

47. 1815, Oct. 27. W. McKendree, Tennessee Conf. "To John I. E. Bird: The Conference hath permitted you to perform the office of a DEACON in the Methodist Episcopal Church, in your located station, so long as you conform to the Doctrines and Discipline of the Church, and walk worthy of your vocation as a Minister of the Gospel." (Original and photostat copy) 2 pp.

48. 1831, Dec. 7. Wm. M. Curtiss, Secretary, Mississippi Annual Conference, Woodville, Mississippi. License in favor of John I. E. Bird as an ordained Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church. (Original and photostat copy) 2 pp.

Page 1000

49. 1883, June 20. John C. Lowrie, Secy., to Rev. Messrs. Loughridge, Ramsay and Stark and others, Missionaries of the Board of Foreign Missions to the Creek, Seminole and Choctaw Indians, with reference to the Presbytery exercising a closer supervision of the Missions in its bounds. A. L. S. 2 pp.

50. 1907, Mar. 4. W. M. Spain, Pastor, M. E. Church, South, Fort Gibson, I. T. To Conference Board of Education, Oklahoma Conference. Making application for a scholarship, $10.00, in the correspondence school, first year course.

51. 1909, May 13. H. S. Shangle, Pierce City, Mo. To Rev. W. F. Dunkle, Muskogee, Okla. Advising he is sending a picture of Rev. F. M. Paine, deceased, who was Supt. of Indian schools from 1854 to 1862, with headquarters at Ft. Coffee, and also prominent for many years as a member of the Arkansas Conference; that Rev. Paine's widow lives at Cameron, Oklahoma; that she has the book containing the records of the organization of the system of education for the Indians approved November 29, 1842, and signed by the Speaker of the Council and three of the Chiefs; that the book also contains correspondence of Brothers Saule and Morris, and records of the schools, or reports from W. L. McAlister, John Harrell and F. M. Paine who had charge from 1842 to 1862, etc.

52. 1909, June 1. Miss Rena Bettis, Harrisburg, Arkansas. To Chas. W. Clay, Tahlequah, Okla. Advising she is enclosing the picture of her grandfather, John Moore Steele; also advising that Rev. John R. Steele is a son of John Moore Steele and that his address is Stamford, Texas, c/o First State Bank. A. L. S. 4 pp.

53. 1909, Aug. 13. H. S. Shangle, Milton, Oregon, Presiding Elder, Walla Walla District, M. E. Church, South. To Rev. W. F. Dunkle, Muskogee, Okla. Letter with reference to Methodist Church matters. A. L. S. 2 pp.

54. 1910, Jan. 2. J. Spencer, Slater, Mo. To Rev. W. F. Dunkle, McAlester, Okla. Letter with reference to the boundary of the Indian Mission Conference. A. L. S. 3 pp.

55. 1910, Jan. 24. J. Spencer, Slater, Mo. To Rev. W. F. Dunkle, McAlester, Okla. Postcard giving some Indian Mission boundary information.

56. 1913, Feb. 21. "Clay" 15 4th Ave., N. W., Ardmore, Okla. To Rev. Dunkle. Letter enclosing kodak picture of Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Anadarko, Oklahoma, erected in 1902, J. J. Methvin, pastor. A. L. S. 3 pp.

57. Photograph—Oklahoma Presbyterian College, 1925.

58. 1834, August 27. T. B. Wheelock, 1st Lieut., Dragoons, Fort Gibson, I. T. To Col. Henry Dodge, U. S. Dragoons, Carbon copy of Journal of campaign of the regiment of dragoons for the summer of 1834. 39 pp.

59. Photograph—John Morgan.

60. Photograph—Wade Hampton.

61. Photograph—Gen. Magruder.

62. Photograph—Gen. Jos. E. Johnston.

63. Photograph—Fitzhugh Lee.

64. Photograph—Jeff Davis.

65. Photograph—A. H. Stephens.

66. Photograph—Gen. A. P. Hill.

Page 1001

67. Photograph of four men—left to right, first row, Col. T. B. Needles and Col. Z. T. Waldron; 2 row, W. R. Nelson and Judge Shackleford—all of the United States Court for the Indian Territory.

68. Photograph—Interior of court room-United States Court for the Indian Territory—taken in two story brick building at Muskogee, Oklahoma, second home of said court.

69. 1932, Feb. 25. Win. M. Harrison, Muskogee, Oklahoma. To Hon. R. L. Williams, Judge, U. S. District Court, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Letters with reference to the photograph of court scene described above, and advising who were in the picture.

70. 1904, Jan. 9. Muskogee, I. T. Resolutions of the Bar Association of Muskogee and of the Western District of the Indian Territory, upon the death of Hon. William M. Springer, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the Indian Territory, United States. (3 copies) 12 pp.

71. Photograph.

72. March 13, 1928, issue of the Daily Oklahoman.

Judge Thos. A. Edwards moved that this donation of Judge Williams be received by the Society, that they be calendared, and that Judge Williams be given a vote of thanks by the Society, which motion was seconded and carried.

*  *  *  *

Dr. Grant Foreman introduced a resolution on the preservation of the structures and relics of Fort Gibson. (The subject matter is included in an editorial in the September number of Chronicles.)

The question of preserving the first Chickasaw Capitol was discussed, and Mrs. Jessie E. Moore moved that a committee be appointed to secure permission to remove the log house to the campus of the Murray School of Agriculture, at Tishomingo, as soon as funds are available. Motion was seconded and carried.

*  *  *  *

The following contributions to the Museum were reported by Mrs. Jessie E. Moore:

A collection of 25 specimens, mostly of the Cheyenne Tribe, the gift of Dr. C. P. Wickmiller, of Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

The old bell from the Chickasaw Capitol, used to call the Chickasaw Legislature into session, the gift of Mrs. George Kingsberry, of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Forty photographic copies of Indian pictures from the George Catlin Gallery of North American Indian paintings. Catlin, the artist who accompanied the Leavenworth-Dodge Military Expedition from Fort Gibson to the Wichita Mountains in the early thirties made the originals from which these photographs were taken.

A collection of seven war medals issued by the German Government during the World War.

Said photographs and war medals were the gift of Congressman James Y. McClintic, of Snyder, Oklahoma.

Mrs. Moore moved that these gifts be accepted and that letters of thanks be written by the Secretary to the several donors, which motion was seconded and carried.

*  *  *  *

The Secretary read a letter from Mrs. Aultman, widow of Gen. Dwight E. Aultman, tendering loan of a collection of arms for a year or perhaps longer to the Society.

Page 1002

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the loan of the arms be accepted under a contract to be drawn up, releasing the Society from all liability, in case of loss, and any expense relative to return of same, which motion was seconded and carried.

*  *  *  *

The Secretary read the following list of applicants for membership in the Society:

LIFE: Walter Frederick Dickinson, Jerico, New York.

ANNUAL: R. L. Boake, Anadarko; Albert C. Couch, Luther; Myrtle Creason, Oklahoma City; J. B. Dudley, Oklahoma City; Eugene Exleton, Bristow; Mrs. Emil M. Finke, Florence, Kansas; B. W. Franklin, Oklahoma City; Harry A. Gage, Pauls Valley; C. W. Hildebrand, Anadarko; Dr. Thomas P. Howell, Davis; Arvard Hudson, Coalgate; Velma Keefer, Cameron; Nelle Freeman Knight, Oklahoma City; J. E. Layden, McAlester; Col. E. W. Lenders, Oklahoma City; Mrs. J. C. McGuinn, Hallett; Clark Nichols, Eufaula; Charles Rhode, Chickasha; L. H. Rooney, Muskogee; J. D. Simms, Tulsa; Mrs. E. A. Stewart, Edmond; John R. Thomas, Carnegie; Hazel Deane Tichy, Salina, Kansas; Joseph L. Trevathan, El Reno; A. W. Trice, Hugo.

Mrs. Frank Korn moved that they be received into membership. Motion was seconded and carried.

*  *  *  *

Dr. Grant Foreman presented to the Society the following: A manuscript of 182 pages written by Mr. B. W. Alberty of Westville, Oklahoma, relating to the life of the Cherokee Indians over a period of years after their removal to this county; a photograph of Council Grove at the Tahlequah Capitol, on the occasion of the inaugural address of W. C. Rogers, last elected principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, donated by Mrs. W. Eugene Hicks of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and a photostat copy of a collection of hymns in the Wyandotte language translated principally by I. M. Armstrong and I. D. Brown, and compiled by Lucy B. Armstrong.

*  *  *  *

Judge R. L. Williams presented to the Historical Society a group picture of members of the Indian Mission Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, taken at its session in 1907.

Mrs. Jessie E. Moore moved that the flag that was presented to the Society by Dennis Flynn be framed and placed in the flag room, which motion was seconded and carried.

It was moved, seconded and carried that the excuses offered for absence by Col. A. N. Leecraft, Mrs. Eugene B. Lawson, Mrs. Emma Estill-Harbour, Mr. George Evans, Judge William P. Thompson and Mr. Jasper Sipes be declared to be sufficient.

The meeting stood adjourned.

Vice President, Presiding.

DAN W. PEERY, Secretary.

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