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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 11, No. 2
June, 1933

Quarterly Meeting, Board of Directors, April 27, 1933

Page 869

The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society was held April 27, 1933, in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, at 10:00 A. M., with Mr. Charles F. Colcord, President, presiding.

Roll call showed the following members present: Gen. R. A. Sneed, Judge Thos. H. Doyle, Judge W. A. Ledbetter, Judge R. L. Williams, Dr. E. E. Dale, Mr. Charles F. Colcord, Gen. William S. Key, Judge Harry Campbell, Judge Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams, Judge Thos. A. Edwards, Judge Wm. P. Thompson, Mrs. Emma Estill-Harbour, Mr. Jasper Sipes and Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn.

Mrs. Eugene B. Lawson and Dr. Grant Foreman sent messages explaining their absence, as also did the Governor, Ex-Officio member of the Board.

In the absence of the Secretary, the chief clerk read the minutes of the Board meeting held January 26, 1933, which upon motion of Judge Thos. H. Doyle, were approved as read.

Judge R. L. Williams presented to the Historical Society photostat copies of data in the Bible of the late Capt. James S. Stanley, now in the possession of his daughter, Mrs. B. S. Smiser, now residing about two miles northeast of Atoka, Okla., which discloses that not only his family but also the Everidge1 and Oakes families residing near Hugo, Okla., are descendants of the Choctaw Chief, Apuck shu nubbee, and also that the descent of the Stanley family on the paternal side was of Huguenot origin.

Judge Williams also presented for its archives a photostat copy of an issue of "Our Monthly" July 1873, Vol. 2, No. 7, published by Tulahassee Mission, Creek Nation. Also a photostat copy of a letter from John Fleming, in Fort Gibson, West of Arkansas, to his mother Mrs. May Fleming, Browns Mills Post Office, Mifflin County, Pa., dated Jan. 10, 1833. Also a photostat copy of the proceedings in writing in long hand of the 2d session of the Chickasaw Legislature, which met at Tishomingo, Oct. 5, 1857, C. Harris, Governor, Geo. D. James, Secretary and A. McCoy, Clerk. Said record contains copy of letter from D. H. Cooper, United States Indian Agent for the Choctaws and Chickasaws, dated February 28th, 1857, addressed to Col. N. Cochnauer, at Fort Towson, with reference to the boundary line between the Choctaws and Chickasaws run by the Rev. J. C. Robinson with reference to Hunter's map. Also letter from D. H. Cooper, dated February 11, 1857, at Fort Washita, and also copy of letter from the said N. Cochnauer, Chief Pushmataha District, dated April 10, 1857, to Governor C. Harris, which discloses the approval of said boundary line.

Judge Thos. A. Edwards moved that these photostat copies be received and bound, and that Judge Williams be given the thanks of the Society for this material. Motion was seconded and carried.

Gen. William S. Key presented to the Society the original commission that was issued by the President to Patrick Jay Hurley, appointing him Secretary of War, and moved that the Society accept the donation of this commission and that it be hung in the collections of the Society,

Page 870

and that the Secretary be requested to write to Gen. Hurley and thank him for it. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Thos. A. Edwards read the report of Martha Buntin and also read a list of pictures which have been contributed to the society, which were secured from Miss Ina Pickering of Los Angeles and Mrs. Annie Dorland Coffman, of Riveria, California, as follows: John H. Pickering, second agent Sac & Fox after removal to Indian Territory; Sac & Fox Agency Building; Sac & Fox Agent's House (2 Pictures); Sac & Fox Manual Labor School; Sac & Fox Agency School; Sac & Fox Agency, old store one of the first buildings erected; John Whistler's house; Agency Mission School; Chief Keokuk II, age 54; and seven pictures of Sac & Fox Indians that were taken to be used at the Centennial Exposition, 1876; and moved that these be received and that a letter of thanks be written to the donors. Motion was seconded and carried.

*     *     *

After some discussion of the membership committee, the name of Judge W. A. Ledbetter was added to serve with Mrs. Jessie Moore and Mrs. John R. Williams.

*     *     *

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the Board give its consent for the portrait of Senator Gore to be hung in the art gallery at such place as may be selected by the artist, which motion was seconded and carried.

*     *     *

Judge Baxter Taylor, chairman of the committee to arrange for a tablet to contain the names of the board members who served when the Historical building was planned and work of construction begun, gave a verbal report of the work which had been done to this end, and the committee was continued.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the Secretary be authorized to make requisition on the State Board of Affairs to have this tablet made. Motion was seconded and carried.

*     *     *

The following list of applicants for annual membership in the Society was read:

Harry E. Aten, Waurika; Albert H. Bell, Tulsa; D. H. Binkley, Oklahoma City; Arthur J. Black, Tulsa; B. F. Bridges, Tulsa; Crawford W. Cameron, Marietta; Homer S. Chambers, Bristow; A. D. Cochran, Okmulgee; Mrs. J. W. Cosgrove, Tulsa; Meria Crow, Tulsa; W. C. Duncan, Ada; Marion Ewing, Guthrie; W. D. Fossett, Kingfisher; Lucy Gage, Nashville, Tennessee; James H. Gardner, Tulsa; J. R. Hankla, Geary; John Payne Hammond, Tulsa; E. C. Harris, Pauls Valley; Mrs. John H. Harvey, Tulsa; James F. Holden, Kansas City, Missouri; William Charles Howard, Waurika; Judge R. H. Hudson, Bartlesville; M. E. Humphrey, Chickasha; John H. Keith, Seminole; Judge I. M. King, Ada; Mrs. W. H. Lucas, Sherman, Texas; Villard Martin, Tulsa; A. H. McLain, Okmulgee; Martin J. Reinhart, Oklahoma City; Judge D. A. Richardson, Oklahoma City; Ola J. Rogers, Cleveland; Judge M. E. Rosser, Sr., Muskogee; W. E. Rowsey, Muskogee; Dr. F. M. Sanger, Oklahoma City; Dr. A. C. Scott, Oklahoma City; Arthur D. Sills, Oklahoma City, J. E. M. Taylor, Muskogee; Frank C. Thompson, San Francisco, California; Dr. Samuel H. Thompson, Washington, D. C.; M. E. Turner, Eufaula; Oliver Curtis Wilkerson, Oklahoma City and Ben F. Williams, Norman.

Upon motion of Judge Doyle, they were received into membership.

*     *     *

Upon motion of Judge Doyle, the meeting stood adjourned.


Chief Clerk.

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