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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 9, No. 4
December, 1931

Page 358

Dedication of Camp Napoleon Monument, October 1, 1931.

Bryant has an Indian Warrior say:

"It is the spot I came to seek,
My father's ancient burial place;
Ere from these vales, ashamed and weak,
Withdrew our wasted race.
It is the spot, I know it well,
Of which our old traditions tell."

On this occasion, likewise, we are met to honor the representatives of those Indian tribes, who on this spot on May 25th, 1865, signed a compact to preserve their race and organize a Band of Brothers, whose object was the Peace, Happiness, and Protection of the Red Race. This they expected to accomplish by forming an "Indian Confederacy of the Plain."

The Five Civilized Tribes from the East, the Osages from the North, the Caddoes, Delawares, Kiowas, Comanches, Apaches, Cheyennes and Arapahoes, called the Plains Indians from the West were present and took part in the councils and by their head men signed the Compact. Some had been allies of the Confederacy, others had been loyal to the Union; all realized that the white man was about to cease to fight his brother, and how futile the war had been.

It was a noble purpose which inspired those present to join in this Compact, and later history shows that the event has borne a very important part in the subsequent affairs of the Indians.

Heap-of Bears, who as a child was present there, has pointed out to some of us where the camps were located, and where the council was held. We should take pride in the fact that here the Indian first discovered that war did not settle the differences of mankind. Every citizen of Caddo and Grady County is gratified that the Oklahoma College for Women through the efforts of Dr. Lewis and President Nash has made possible this beautiful memorial located on this High School Campus, to commemorate that event.

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