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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 8, No.
September, 1930

Page 343

To amend Section 3, Article VI-b to read as follows: The official Organ of the Oklahoma Historical Society shall be published quarterly as the Chronicles of Oklahoma, and until the society at an annual meeting or through its board of directors provides for and designates an editor, a committee of three, consisting of two members of the board of directors and the secretary, shall be charged with the publication and editing and copies of same distributed as directed by the Board of Directors.

To amend Article 6 of Section 1 to read as follows:

The annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society, after the year 1931, shall be held at such place or places and on such date or dates as may be determined by said society, or its board of directors, when the society at an annual meeting or adjourned meeting thereof has failed to designate such place and time.

To amend Section 2, Article 3, of the Constitution relating to the election of directors so as to read as follows:

Five members of the board of directors to, serve for a term of five years, or until their successors shall have been elected and qualified, shall be elected annually by ballot from members of the Society in the following manner: Between the 1st and 10th of January of each year the Secretary and Treasurer shall prepare and have printed, at the expense of the society, ballots containing under appropriate heading names of the five directors whose terms will expire during that year, unless otherwise directed in writing by such directors, and also all names of such, other members of the society may be petitioned thereto in writing to be filed with the Secretary by the first day of each year by twenty-five of its members who at said time are entitled to vote on such matter. Such ballot shall be by the Secretary duly mailed to the address of each member of the society, who shall cross or mark out all names on such ballot except such as he or she may desire to vote for, not to exceed five, and write his or her name on such ballot on the opposite side and then duly mail same to the Secretary of the Oklahoma Historical So-

Page 344

ciety at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Provided that any member duly qualified to vote may vote for any member of said society, who is qualified to vote by writing the name of such member on the ballot but in such manner as not to vote for more than five directors. On the fourth Tuesday in January, or as soon thereafter as practical, the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall meet and open said ballots, counting same and retaining the envelopes and ballots in a safe place until the next regular quarterly meeting of said board of directors, when said ballots, together with the envelopes and the result of said canvass shall be delivered with proper certificate to said board and said board of directors at said meeting, or an adjourned session thereof, shall declare the five receiving the highest vote as elected directors of said society.

To amend Section 2-a, Article 3, to read as follows:

Only members who have paid the annual membership fee, and life members, shall be entitled to vote for the election of members of the board of directors.

To amend Section 4, Article 3, to read as follows:

In event of a vacancy in the membership of the board of directors the same shall be filled by the board of directors until the next regular election, when the name of the party appointed ad interim shall be placed on the ballot under an appropriate heading in the same manner and under same conditions as is provided for the election of other members.


To amend Section 3 of the by-laws by substitution so that said section may read as follows:

A clerk to be known as property clerk shall keep a record in which shall be entered all donations or loans of property, when such loans have been authorized by the board in writing to be received, and also all purchases for the Society's collections, identifying same consecutively by number, title, date of receipt, name and address of donor or bailor, and other pertinent matter; also, to prepare requisitions for signatures of proper officers of the Society for supplies for library and museum, and keep a record of all such purchases showing cost of each item and date of receipt, and shall have charge of all collections and property of the society not committed

Page 345

specifically to the custody or charge of any other employee or officer or committee or commission of said society, and perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may prescribe. Said clerk shall execute a bond payable to the State of Oklahoma in an amount to be fixed by the board of directors conditioned to faithfully discharge the duties of said position, and faithfully and reasonably account for all property committed to his or her care and custody.

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