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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 8, No. 1
March, 1930

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The construction of the Oklahoma Historical building is progressing splendidly; it is assuming the appearance of a thing of beauty, which we believe will be a joy forever.

May it last through the ages as a monument to the fidelity of the members of the Historical Society, all of whom have had some part in its construction.

We sent out letters to all the State Historical Societies in the United States asking advice in certain matters pertaining to State Historical Societies, and along with these queries we sent a picture of the new building, to which we have a number of replies of a very complimentary tone as to our success in the construction of so pretentious and commodious a home for the society, saying we were to be especially congratulated owing to the youth of the State.

J. Y. B.

We are to give considerable space in the June number of the magazine to the different phases of the Historical Society, such as construction, material, design, exercises at the laying of the corner stone, addresses delivered, prayer by the Bishop, along with some pictures and etc., all of which will tend to show the progress of the society, with some of the attainments reached along with others desired.

J. Y. B.

That the interest and activity of the society was never better than now is proved by the increase in membership and the demand for the Chronicles. Numerous requests from schools and individuals are received for complete files of the magazine. In most instances these are to be bound and placed in the library for text and reference books.

J. Y. B.

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