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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 7, No. 4
December, 1929

Page 501

The adjourned meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society was called to order at 10:00 a. m., November 16, 1929, in the Supreme Court Room, Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, Okla., by the President, Charles F. Colcord, with the following other members present: Judge W. A. Ledbetter, Judge Phil D. Brewer, Judge R. L. Williams, Mrs. Frank Lucas, Mrs. Frank Korn, Mrs. Jessie Moore, Judge Thos. H. Doyle, Mrs. John R. Williams, Judge Baxter Taylor, Dan. W. Peery, Gen. William S. Key, Jasper Sipes, Mrs. W. A. Roblin, Dr. J. S. Buchanan, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Mrs. Emma Estill Harbour, J. Y. Bryce, the Secretary and Joseph B. Thoburn, the Curator.

The Secretary read the minutes of the meetings of August 1st, August 2d and October 24, 1929, which were approved as read.

The Secretary read the following list of applicants for membership in the Society.

LIFE, Judge Samuel W. Hayes, Oklahoma City.

ANNUAL, Edward P. Boyd, Oklahoma City; N. E. Butcher, Oklahoma City; Ida J. Campbell, Leedy; Wilburn Cartright, McAlester; Mrs. E. L. Castle, Stilwell; Mrs. F. W. Diacon, Oklahoma City; Irwin Donovan, Muskogee; John B. Doolin, Alva; C. E. Dudley, Antlers; J. R. Eldridge, Oklahoma City; A. C. Farley, Oklahoma City; Pliny S. Frye, Wewoka; Neil B. Gardner, Sentinel; S. W. Gregory, Durant; Mrs. S. B. Garrett, Altus; Laura Hardin, Muskogee; Sherman E. Hively, Nardin; Miss Tom Johnson, Mangum; W. B. Johnson, Ardmore; J. Edward Jones, Oklahoma City; Garland Keeling, Tulsa; Mrs. Hattie B. Land, Wilburton; J. N. Lindsay, Oklahoma City; R. U. Livesay, Oklahoma City; J. H. Maxey, Tulsa; Mrs.. Asa McAlester, Tulsa; Mrs. Pat Nagle, Oklahoma City; E. Riddle, Oklahoma City; John H. Robertson, Oklahoma City; W. W. Robertson, Oklahoma City; Rufus O. Renfrew, Woodward; F. E. Sheram, Clinton; Charles F. Spencer, Ada; E. Grady Stephens, Wilburton; R. Y. Stevenson,

Page 502

Tulsa; T. D. Turner, Oklahoma City; Dr. George R. Tabor, Oklahoma City; Mrs. J. O. Taflinger, McAlester; Mrs. Kathryn A. Tener, Oklahoma City.

ANNUAL CORRESPONDING: Prof. Ward H. Bell, Huron, South Dakota; W. L. Roach, Stanford University, California; and Mrs. Lena B. Scott, Los Angeles, California.

Judge Williams moved that they be elected to membership, which was seconded and carried unanimously.

Judge Williams presented a bill from Boris B. Gordon, artist of California, for frames for the portraits of Judge Matthew J. Kane and Judge Jesse J. Dunn, in the sum of $151.70, and moved that the treasurer be authorized to pay this bill on approval of the chairman and vice-chairman, and also that suitable markers be put on each of these pictures. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mrs. Moore moved that the Watton Studio be instructed to tint the portrait of Gen. R. A. Sneed, that is being made for the Society, to show the uniform in colors. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams moved that a committee be appointed to secure the photographs and biographies of Bishop Francis Key Brooke and Bishop Theophile Meerschaert, and that the biographies be published in Chronicles of Oklahoma. Motion was seconded and it was moved to amend the motion by adding the names of Bishop Emory E. Hoss and Bishop John J. Tigert. The amendment was accepted and motion carried unanimously.

W. S. Key moved that in view of the fact that there are a great many pioneers who should be honored, that the committee be instructed to get their photographs and biographies also. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams moved that the committee be also empowered to get the photographs of Rev. James S. Murrow and Rev. Cyrus W. Kingsbury. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Chair appointed W. S. Key, chairman of this committee, with Dan W. Peery and Dr. J. S. Buchanan. Mr. Key suggested that the name of Jasper Sipes be added to this committee and it was so ordered.

Mrs. Conlan appeared and told the Board of a valuable gift of 28 items from the Vinnie Ream Hoxie memorial

Page 503

collection, which had been donated to the Museum and Library by Gen. and Mrs. Robert L. Hoxie.

Judge Brewer moved that resolutions be prepared thanking General and Mrs. Hoxie for this valuable contribution to the Historical Society, and that the Secretary be instructed to send a copy of this resolution to General and Mrs. Hoxie. Motion was seconded and carried.

W. S. Key introduced Mrs. Laura Clubb, of Kaw City, who has a valuable art collection. In a brief talk she made a tentative offer of the loan of her collection to the Historical Society when it is housed in the new building.

Dr. Buchanan moved that a committee be appointed to confer with Mrs. Clubb and work out a plan for hanging the pictures, having them adequately insured, etc. Motion was seconded and carried and the Chair asked for time to consider whom to appoint on this committee.

Mrs. Moore moved to introduce a resolution of appreciation to Mrs. Clubb for the tentative offer of the loan of her collection to the Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mrs. John R. Williams moved that any collection that is offered to the Society be taken up in committee meeting instead of the Board meeting and that the committee make a written report to the Board. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Secretary read the list of articles to be put in the cornerstone strongbox of the new Historical Society building:

1. Constitutional Convention with number of delegates.

2. By-Laws and Constitution of Oklahoma Historical Society.

3. Names of Members of Oklahoma Historical Society.

4. Copy of the Bill appropriating $500,000.00 fore the construction of the Historical Building.

5. Copy of program of the Cornerstone laying of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

6. Copy of the State Directory, 1929, showing state officers, county officers, congressional members, officers, and legislators from Statehood to the present.

Page 504

7. Names of legislators and sub-legislative committees of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

8. Picture of the members of the Board of Directors present at the signing of the bill, appropriating $500,000.00 for the construction of the Historical Building, by Acting Governor W. J. Holloway; also the names of the Building Committee, Citizens Advisory Committee; names of the members of the State Board of Affairs, name of E. P. Boyd, Supt. of the construction of the Building; and names of the architects, Layton, Hicks and Forsyth.

9. Vol. 1, No. 1, "Chronicles of Oklahoma."

10. Copy of blank application for membership in Historical Society.

11. Sketch and portrait of William P. Campbell.

12. Two copies of "Historia," Vol. 4, No. 4 and Vol. 9, No. 1.

13. Copy of the Constitution and By-laws of the Oklahoma Memorial Association, also program of Oklahoma Memorial Association.

14. One copper plate, tablet, title: "The Birth of Law," by Charles L. McGuire, LL.B.

15. "Cherokee Advocate," of April 21, 1880.

16. "The Daily Oklahoman," November 16, 1929.

17. "The Tulsa World," November 16, 1929.

18. "Indian Journal," October 2, 1876.

19."The Tulsa Tribune," November 16, 1929.

20. Certified copy of Articles of Incorporation of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

21. Copy of the Gospel of John, printed in the Cherokee Language and Text, as translated by Rev. Dr. Samuel A. Worcester.

22. Copy of Muskogee Sunday School Song Book, as translated into the Creek Language by Mrs. A. E. W. Robertson.

23. Brief historical sketch of the Oklahoma Historical Society, furnished by Joseph B. Thoburn.

24. Copy of "The Confederate Veteran" for July, 1929.

25. List of Officers and Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

26. The Holy Bible, the Mason’s foundation stone.

27. List of the Masonic Lodges of the State of Okla-

Page 505

homa and the names of the Master and Secretaries of these Lodges.

28. Photograph and biographical sketch of Rufus O. Renfrew, Grand Master of Masons of Oklahoma.

29. A complete roster of the present and past Grand Lodge officers of the Grand Lodges of Indian Territory, Oklahoma Territory and the State of Oklahoma.

30. A roster of the District Deputy Grand Masters of Oklahoma and the committees of the Grand Lodge.

31. A copy of the Constitution and Code of the Grand Lodge.

32. The November issue of the Oklahoma Consistory, published at Guthrie.

33. An announcement of the Joint All-State Ceremonial Session of Akdar, Bedouin, and Indian Temples, Ancient, Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine, which was held at Oklahoma City, on November 8, 1929, containing the portraits of the Imperial Potentate, and the Illustrious Potentates and Recorders of the Three Shrines of Oklahoma and a program of the event.

34. A photograph and sketch of the life of Joseph S. Murrow, Past Grand Master, and father of Indian Territory Masonry.

35. A roster of the officers of the Grand Lodge, officiating at these ceremonies.

36. A photograph of Brother William J. Holloway, Governor of the State of Oklahoma, his Masonic card, and a copy of the address delivered by him on this occasion.

37. The Lord’s Prayer in the Cherokee Language.

38. The Lord’s Prayer in the Choctaw Language.

39. Small Box of Cherokee Type invented by Sequoyah.

40. Choctaw Hymn Book, with several books of the Bible in Choctaw.

41. Roster of the ’89ers Association for 1929-1930.

42. Roster of the National Society of Daughters of 1812.

43. State Register of the Colonial Dames.

44. Proceedings of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of 1928.

45. Roster of the Oklahoma Federation of Women’s Clubs with state flag.

Page 506

46. Pioneer number of the magazine of the Oklahoma Federation of Women’s Clubs.

47. Address of Gabe E. Parker, former superintendent of the Five Civilized Tribes, delivered at the exercises of the laying of the cornerstone, November 16, 1929.

Professor L. Howell Lewis, in the name of the scientists and astronomers, presented a fossilized fern found about 1000 feet below the surface of the earth in the eastern part of Oklahoma, which he asked to be placed in the cornerstone strongbox. Judge Doyle moved that it be accepted and placed therein. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mrs. Jessie Moore tendered a copy of the message of Douglas H. Johnston, of the Chickasaw Nation, to the Chickasaws in convention assembled at Tishomingo, Oklahoma, their old capital, held November 11, 1929, and asked that it be placed in the strongbox of the cornerstone.

It was moved that this be accepted and placed therein. Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

General Barrett moved that a stenographer be provided to take the addresses of the speakers at the exercises of the laying of the cornerstone and that they be placed in the crypt. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams moved that the meeting recess subject to call. It was so ordered.

Charles F. Colcord, President,

J. Y. Bryce,

Note: The motion of General Barrett could not be complied with in reference to placing the addresses in the crypt because it was impossible to get them typed. However, the speech of Governor Holloway had been prepared and was placed in the box as were the notes that Gabe E. Parker used for his address.

J. Y. B.

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