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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 7, No. 3
September, 1929

Page 358

Life Members:
O. S. Rice ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
R. W. Kellough ---------------------------- Tulsa
Charles Lincoln McGuire ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Annual Members:
Mrs. F. E. Adams ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Miss Aimee Colin ---------------------------- McAlester
Charles E. Creager ---------------------------- Muskogee
R. M. Craighead ---------------------------- No. McAlester
Alice Rose Denning ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Daniel Hays ---------------------------- Ada
Mrs. H. H. Holman ---------------------------- Norman
Lavada Jarrett ---------------------------- Hastings
John G. Long ---------------------------- Antlers
Herbert B. Morris ---------------------------- Clinton
J. K. Murry ---------------------------- Kiowa
Jimmie Parsons ---------------------------- Boswell
Mrs. G. R. Smith ---------------------------- Duncan
A. Mansur Stewart ---------------------------- Mangum
M. E. Taylor ---------------------------- Tishomingo
Mrs. W. J. Vaught ---------------------------- Tulsa
J. T. Foote ---------------------------- Durant
Annual Corresponding:
Mrs. Penelope J. Allen ---------------------------- St. Elmo, Tenn.
Jerry Rand ---------------------------- New York City, N. Y.

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