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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 7, No. 2
June, 1929

Page 206

Meeting of Building Committee and State Board of Affairs

Meeting was held April 25, 1929, in the office of the Chairman of the State Board of Public Affairs, with all members of the Building Committee of the Historical Society present, to wit: Judge R. L. Williams, chairman; Judge Thomas H. Doyle, vice-chairman; William S. Key, Jasper Sipes, Phil D. Brewer, W. A. Ledbetter, D. W. Peery and the State Board of Public Affairs consisting of C. E. Dudley, chairman; G. C. Woolard, and R. O. Coppock.

Judge R. L. Williams set forth the object of the meeting, which was to consider plans for the erection of the new building for the Historical Society, and the following agreement was entered into:

That three-fourths of one per cent (¾ of 1%) of the contract price for the building is to be reserved out of the bulk of the five per cent (5%) for the architects’ fees to be disbursed by the Building Committee of the Historical Society to pay the superintendent, to supervise the construction of the new building, on vouchers approved by the committee and signed by the State Board of Public Affairs, and it was further agreed that the Board of Public Affairs are to incorporate in their contract with the architects that they are not to receive any portion of the $500,000 unless their plans are finally approved by the Board of the Historical Society.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle moved that Edward P. Boyd be selected as superintendent to supervise the construction of the new building. Motion was seconded and carried.

William S. Key presented the matter of a citizens’ advisory committee.

Judge W. A. Ledbetter moved that this citizens’ advisory committee consist of Gen. Roy Hoffman, E. K. Gaylord, Carl Magee, Walter C. Dean and Joseph Huckins, Jr. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams suggested that members of the building committee be allowed only railroad and Pullman fare on a tour of inspection to visit other memorial buildings and secure information as to buildings, etc. Judge Doyle moved that the building committee be also allowed hotel room expenses on this trip and that Edward P. Boyd, the superintendent, be allowed his entire expenses for this trip. The motion by Judge Doyle was seconded and carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Judge R. L. Williams, Presiding.

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