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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 7, No. 2
June, 1929

Page 203

(April 25, 1929)

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society met at the State Capitol, April 25, 1929, at 10:00 a. m., with the following members present: Judge Thomas H. Doyle, vice-president, presiding, Judge R. L. Williams, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, W. A. Durant, D. W. Peery. Col. A. N. Leecraft, Mrs. John R. Williams, Judge Baxter Taylor, William S. Key, Mrs. J. R. Frazier, Jasper Sipes, Mrs. Frank Korn, Judge William P. Thompson, Judge W. A. Ledbetter, Judge Phil D. Brewer, Cola R. A. Sneed, J. Y. Bryce, the -secretary, and Joseph B. Thoburn, the curator.

Minutes of the previous meeting of the Board of Directors were read and approved.

Under the head of special committees, Judge R. L. Williams, chairman of the building committee, gave a verbal report of the work of this committee and the matter of procedure was discussed by Judge Taylor, Dan Peery, Mrs. John R. Williams,. Judge Doyle, Judge Edwards, Judge Ledbetter, Mrs. Korn, Colonel Sneed, W. A. Durant and A. N. Leecraft.

Mrs. J. R. Frazier moved that this Society authorize the building committee to invite representatives of all patriotic societies of the state to attend a regular or called meeting to look over plans for the building submitted by the State Board of Public Affairs, and make suggestions if they cared to do so. Motion was seconded and carried.

The secretary presented the following list of applicants for membership:

Annual: Leland E. Arnold, Hartshorne; Mrs. Fannie Bell, Kiowa; Mary R. Bell, Chickasha; Robert J. Bell, McAlester; Mrs. C. S. Bush, Pauls Valley; Edwin C. Catlett, Tulsa; John G. Catlett, Tulsa; William F. Catlett, Oklahoma City; Garner G. Collums, Chickasha; Gilbert B. Fulton, Oklahoma City; Dr. M. S. Gregory, Oklahoma City; Mrs. B. Mae Hall, Wetumka; Julia Lee Hawkins, Chickasha; Lewis G. Heinz, Hartshorne; George H. Kerf oot, Shawnee; Harry Kernel, Maud; Erna Krouch, Oklahoma City; C. S. Lambeth, Hugo; Louis A. Ledbetter, Wewoka; Mrs. Anna Lewis, Shaw-

Page 204

nee; E. S. McCabe, Stillwater; Clara Meyer, Oklahoma City; George G. Overturf, Wynnewood; Milo T. Reed, Wewoka; Elizabeth McGee Roope, Guthrie; Mrs. Ida M. Russell, McLoud; S. Morton Rutherford, Tulsa; A. W. Tucker, Perry; Mrs. John J. Volz, Oklahoma City; Mary Jo. Turner, Wewoka; Dion C. Wood, Durant; and J. Ad Wylie, Marlow.

Annual Corresponding: Claude V. Hall, Commerce, Texas and Dan Hailey Walcott, Independence, Kans.

It was moved that they be accepted and that the List of names be printed in Chronicles. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams moved that the library and museum committee in connection with the building committee be instructed to purchase furniture and equipment, including steel cases, for the new building out of the available surplus 1929 Funds. Motion was seconded and carried.

New Business:

Mr. Sipes presented the matter of membership in the American Association of Museums.

Judge Williams moved that a committee consisting of Jasper Sipes, chairman, Judge Brewer, Judge Doyle, Mrs. Frazier, and Judge Ledbetter be instructed to investigate membership in the American Association of Museums and act in the matter. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Edwards moved that any member of the Historical Society desiring to go to the meeting of the American Association of Museums to be held at Philadelphia in May be furnished with proper credentials, but that the Society assume no financial responsibility in the matter of expenses. Motion was seconded and carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Vice-President, presiding.

J. Y. Bryce,

Page 205

Report of the Treasurer of the Oklahoma Historical Society for the quarter ending April 25, 1929.

Balance on hand January 23,1929 -------------------- 1,516.31
Total receipts for quarter -------------------- 426.00
Total balance and receipts -------------------- 1,942.31
Disbursements for quarter -------------------- 8.35
Balance on hand April 25, 1929 1,933.96


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