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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 7, No. 1
January, 1929

Page 55

Lincoln McKinlay, Mgr.
Wichita, Kansas, Friday Evening, Jan. 18, 1929.
Formerly "Peerless Princess of the Plains"
Now "Peerless Princess of the Planes"

The Oklahoma Historical Society,
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Dear Bunch:

I was married on a Friday, and that’s why I never got an oil well-but I have a family worth more than the Seminole.

The coming of the card the other day stirred up the Oklahoma corner of my memory. And if I had that oil well, you bet I’d be there on the 23rd.

It would be interesting to sit down with Jasper Sipes on a Thos. Kane double school desk and figure out how many fine American Youngsters had gotten a good education due to our selling school furniture in the by-gone days.

And then I would sure like to C Ross Hume, and review the early Newkirk days before oil and speed. In these days we have so many time saving and labor saving devices we haven’t time for hardly any thing.

And of course Joe Thoburn will be there with the memories of the early ’90’s and Bill Campbell and Bill Little—O yes, and our faithful Perry, and secretary Lon Whorton, who moved toward the setting sun—like we all are doing.

And if I had the list of members before me there might be others still this side of Jordan of the old crowd I would well remember—and by the way, Frank Greer is still this side.

And I fully honor the new ones whom I do not know personally for their faithful work in carrying on that which was so well started the many years ago.

And to many of us, Kansas and Oklahoma are so rich in history—and to others it would be Texas and Arkansas or Missouri.

Page 56

I had been on the retired list for several months until an Oklahoma outfit drilled in the right spot and got the Wright well last August. Then the American Eagle piloted by Vic Murdock added an "oil information bureau" and put me on for the burro. I was inoculated with the oil germ 28 years ago at Newkirk, and the scientists have as yet found no cure for that malady. I helped find some of the very first oil in Oklahoma, but the other fellows got it and kept it.

My greetings and best wishes to all,

Lincoln McKinlay.

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