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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 4, No. 2
June, 1926

Page 205

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society met in room 236, in the Capitol, at 1:30 p. m., Tuesday, May 4, 1926, with the following members present: Charles F. Colcord, president, presiding; Thomas H. Doyle, Charles F. Barrett, Mrs. Frank Korn, W. A. Durant, Mrs. W. A. Roblin, Thomas Edwards, William P. Thompson, Baxter Taylor, R. A. Sneed, Jasper Sipes, Mrs. Frank Lucas, Mrs. John R. Williams, Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, J. B. Thoburn and J. Y. Bryce, the secretary.

Minutes of the previous board meeting were read and approved.
Minutes of the meeting of the executive committee held on March 15, 1926, were read and approved.
The secretary’s report was read and ordered to be placed on file.
Minutes of the publishing committee were read and approved.
Peter J. Hudson, of Tuskahoma, Okla., who has been engaged in making county maps of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, gave a verbal report of his work, illustrating it by work done.

The following new members were then elected:
LIFE: Mrs. Laura Hamilton Badger, Okmulgee; Mrs. W. B. Godwin and Prentiss Price, Jr., of Oklahoma City.
ANNUAL: John Abbott, Hominy; Sidney H. Babcock, Oklahoma City; Walter S. Bell, Heavener; Omer K. Benedict, Tulsa; Mrs. A. G. Bilbo, Caddo; O. G. Burk, Clinton Mrs. J. Y. Bryce, Oklahoma City; Owen Chaffin, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Eva Clark, Oklahoma City; Joseph H. Dodson, Roland; W. C. French, Drumright ; A. W. Hadley, Hominy; Leota Hearn, Bartlesville; Lowell R. Hoff, Okmulgee; Thomas A. Houston, Durant; R. M. Hufngton, Oklahoma City; Mrs.

Page 206

Charles L. Kilgore, Atoka; Edna E. Kirby, Oklahoma City; O. J. Logan, Oklahoma City; Lucy H. Meacham, Okmulgee; Robert V. Mitchell, Oklahoma City; Basil E. Newton, Stroud; John Phillips, Pawhuska ; H. Paul Rivers, Hartshorne; Stella Renfrow, Oklahoma City; Mrs. R. C. Rochelle, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Helen Duncan Robb, Oklahoma City; Alvin Rucker, Oklahoma City; Walter R. Smith, Supply; R. K. Speairs, Muskogee; H. E. Thompson, Oklahoma City; W. B. Toney, Holdenville; G. A. Van Noy and Mrs. G. A. Van Noy, Tishomingo ; Paul A. Walker, Oklahoma City; W. G. White, Watts; Allen DeLesdernier Williams and William Henry Williams, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Della Young, Cheyenne, and V. L. Young, Wainright.

Annual Corresponding: R. S. Ellison, Casper, Wyo.

Honorary: Mrs. Walter C. Rowe, Colony.

Corresponding Life: Wm. T. Hunt, Oklahoma City.

The treasurer read her report which was ordered to be filed.
The research director then read his report which was accepted and ordered filed.

J. B. Thoburn, research director, was given permission to attend the Middle West Anthropological meeting at Columbus, Ohio, May 14th and 15th.

Moved and carried that a legislative committee of five members, with the president as chairman, be appointed by the president.

The following committee was appointed to outline the duties of the various employees of the Society: Judge Doyle, Judge Taylor, Judge Edwards, Mrs. Roblin and General Barrett.

The meeting of the board then adjourned.

C. F. COLCORD, President.

J. Y. BRYCE, Secretary.

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