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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 4, No. 1
March, 1926

Page 74

The Oklahoma Historical Society convened for its thirty-third annual meeting at 2:00 p. m., Tuesday, February 2, 1926, in the Senate Chamber at the state capitol, Oklahoma City, Okla., with the following members present: Jasper Sipes, Thomas H. Doyle, Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Mrs. John R. Williams, Mrs. J. R. Frazier, C. W. Turner, Charles F. Barrett, Mrs. A. Emma Estill, Baxter Taylor, C. F. Colcord, Phil D. Brewer, Louis LeFlore, A. N. Leecraft, W. A. Durant, Mrs. LeRoy Long, Mrs. J. B. Thoburn, Mrs. W. T. Ward, Mrs. J. B. Forbes, Mrs. Clemmie G. Sacre, Guy Moore, Joseph Mann, Roy C. Daniel, Jr., Mrs. G. C. Conger, Mrs. R. W. Funk, Mrs. May Agnes Grove Amos, H. G. Eastman, J. O. Par r, Mrs. W. E. Hilseweck, Peter J. Hudson, Mrs. M. J. DeLesdernier, Mrs. W. A. Jackson, Mrs. T. G. Amos, Joseph B. Thoburn, Mary, Thoburn, C. H. Daily, Dell P. Slaughter, Mrs. Florence E. Frurt, Martha A. Mulholland, Mrs. Czarina C. Conlan, Michael Conlan, Ben F. Harrison, Mrs. J. R. Dale, Frank C. Orner, J. Y. Bryce, Mrs. Ada Reynolds, George Rainey, Mrs. J. F. Messenbaugh, Elihu B. Hinshaw, Robert L. Williams, Mrs. John Riehl, Thomas A. Edwards, Roy Johnson, J. W. Kayser, Wm. I. Thompson, Dr. J. A. Ryan, David Hybarger, Reedy V. Jennings, C. D. Foster, D. W. Peery, Dr. E. E. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Louis LeFlore, Mrs. H. G. Hatfield, Mrs. A. J. Rigsby, Mrs. E. B. Ringland, Miss Isabel Eastland, Miss Margaret J. Mitchell, Miss Floy Dawson, Mrs. C. G. Girvin, Rev. G. I. Cordon, Mrs. Frank Korn, Frank Korn, H. W. Sawyer, Mrs. Blanche H. Hawley, Byron C. Rauch, J. P. Slaughter, C. M. Lawrence, R. A. Sneed, Miss Anna Lewis, Mrs, Ellen C. Edwards, C. J. Phillips, Mrs. J. N. Schwoerke, Mrs. J. G. Mitchell, Mrs. C. H. Coley, Miss Una Lee Roberts and Mrs. Jennie D. Dahlgren.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Jasper Sipes. The first order of business was the reading of the minutes of the last annual meeting, held February 3, 1925, by the secretary and, on motion duly seconded, the minutes were approved as read.

Page 75

Judge Williams moved that all who had paid fees for membership be voted in and allowed to vote. Motion carried, and the following were elected to membership: Life, Carroll M. Davis, Lone Wolf; Oscar A. Kinchen, Oklahoma City; LeRoy Long, Oklahoma City; Annual, Clinton M. Allen, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Agnes C. Amos, Shawnee; Mrs. T. G. Amos, Shawnee; A. L. Beckett, Okmulgee ; J. Y. Bryce, Hartshorne ; J. C. Byers, Cleveland; Mrs. H. W. Clegern, Oklahoma City; Roy C. Daniel, Jr., Oklahoma City; A. H. Ellis, Hayward; Mrs. R. W. Funk, Shawnee; Rev. G. I. Gordon, Oklahoma City; Ben F. Harrison, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Blanche H. Hawley, Oklahoma, City; Karl Hermann, Mustang; Mrs. Alice E. Hilseweck, Oklahoma City; Mrs. H. E. Hopkins, Kingfisher; Peter J. Hudson, Sr., Tuskahoma; Reedy V. Jennings, Oklahoma City; Joseph D. Mann, Oklahoma City; Mrs. A. B. McCoy, Durant; Mrs. Frank Overlees, Bartlesville; Mrs. J. O. Parr, Oklahoma City; M. W. Plettner, Holdenville; E. W. Radcliffe, Oklahoma City; Louis Schmidt, Sapulpa; John B. Sieglinger, Woodward; John L. Teinpleton, Muskogee; Annual Corresponding, T. W. Conway, Wagon Mound, N. Mex.

Judge Williams moved that the regular order of business be suspended and that the election of five directors for the ensuing five-year term be taken up. Motion carried.

The following persons were nominated: Mrs. John A. Riehl, of Blackwell; Judge Thomas A. Edwards, of Cordell; Mrs. A. Emma Estill, of Edmond; Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, of Oklahoma City; Roy Johnson, of Ardmore; J. W. Kayser, of Chickasha; Mrs. Eugene Lawson, of Nowata; Prof. C. W. Turner, of Oklahoma City; Judge Wm. P. Thompson, of Vinita and Dr. J. A. Ryan, of Oklahoma City.

Judge Taylor moved that the nominations be closed, and that we proceed with the election. Motion carried.

The total number of votes cast was eight-three.

The ballot resulted as follows: Judge Thompson, 42; Mrs. Moore, 78 ; Mrs. Estill, 43; Mr. Johnson, 61; Mr. Kayser, 25; Mr. Tamer, 35; Dr. Ryan, 21; Judge Edwards, 45; Mrs. Lawson, 23, and Mrs. Riehl, 38.

The following were declared elected to serve as director for a term of five years: Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Mrs. A. Emma Estill, Judge Thomas Edwards, Judge Wm. P. Thompson and Roy Johnson.

Page 76

Judge Williams gave notice that he would file an amendment to the constitution in regard to elections and suggested that the matter be referred to a committee to formulate the amendment.

Letters were received from Lincoln McKinlay, of Wichita, Kans., Col. W. H. Hornaday, of California; Grant Foreman, who is abroad and Paul Nesbitt, who is temporarily sojourning in Louisiana, sending greetings to the members of the Society.

Joseph B. Thoburn read his amendment to the constitution changing the date of the annual meeting from the first Tuesday in February to the third Wednesday in January.

Moved and carried that consideration of this amendment be deferred until the next annual meeting and that it be considered in conjunction with Judge Williams’ amendment.

Judge Doyle introduced Frank C. Orner, of Goodnight, Okla., who made a few remarks and introduced the Cowboy Band, which rendered several selections.

Moved and carried that the thanks of the Society be extended to the band for its services.

Report of officers:

The president, Mr. Sipes, made a short verbal report.

Joseph B. Thoburn, the secretary, read his report, including extracts from the reports of the cataloguer and file clerk.

Moved and carried that the report of the secretary be accepted and placed on file.

Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, the treasurer, read the report of the fourth quarter and also the annual report. Moved that the reports be received and placed on file. Motion carried.

Mr. Thoburn, the secretary, made a verbal report of moneys collected for archaeological work.

Mr. D. W. Peery moved that we extend a vote of thanks to Mr. Lew Wentz and Mr. Roy Johnson for their contributions to the archaeological investigations. Motion carried.

Judge Doyle moved that a vote of thanks be extended to the Editorial Association for their interest in the erection of a building for the Historical Society. Motion carried.

Page 77

The directors then adjourned to the Blue Room to hold their meeting and the members continued in session, Ben H. Harrison presiding.

Mrs. Czarina C. Conlan, field collector, read her report. Moved that the report be accepted and placed on file. Motion carried.

Remarks were made by Mr. Elihu B. Hinshaw, of Oklahoma City; Mrs. W. T. Ward, of Tishomingo and Mr. George Rainey, of Enid.

Meeting then adjourned.

JASPER SIPES, President.


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