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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 3, No. 1
April, 1925

Page 90

The thirty-second annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society was called to order by the President, on February 3, 1925, at 1.30 o’clock p. m. with a large attendance of members. A quorum was declared present.

Secretary read the minutes of the annual meeting February 5, 1925, which were approved as read.

The regular order of business was suspended, and Judge R. M. Rainey presented to the Society a portrait of the Hon. J. D. Lankford who was state bank commissioner during Governor Wiliams’ administration. Judge Robert L. Williams read a biographical sketch of Mr. Lankford, and accepted the portrait on behalf of the Society.

Secretary then read his report, which was accepted and ordered placed on file.

Treasurer’s report were called for, but in the absence of Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, the treasurer, the reports for the fourth quarter and an annual were read by Miss Mulholland. The report was accepted.

Mrs. Conlan, field collector, read her report, which was accepted.

The following persons were nominated as directors to serve for a term of five years: Phil D. Brewer, W. A. Durant, Mrs. Daisy Riehl, Miss Margaret Mitchell, Mrs. John R. Williams, Dan W. Peery, Baxter Taylor, and William P. Thompson. A ballot resulted as follows: Brewer, 63; Peery, 63; Taylor, 50; Williams, 42; Durant, 35; Thompson, 33; Mitchell, 31; Riehl, 22 and Phillips, 15.

The following were declared elected to serve as directors for a term of five years: Phil D. Brewer, Dan W. Peery, Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams, and W. A. Durant.

Report of committee on publications was given by Messrs. Nesbitt and Foreman and Mrs. Estill and the Secretary, verbally.

Library and Museum committee’s report was read by Mrs. Frank Korn, secretary of the committee. The report was acepted [sic] and ordered to be placed on file.

Membership committee report was read by the secre-

Page 91

tary, and the following persons were proposed for membership:

Life, Frank L. Warren, Holdenville ; Pierce Larkin and Charles Henry Lamb of Tulsa; Roy M. Johnson, Ardmore and Mrs. Janie Gwin Matson, Mrs. Alice Beitmen Heaney and George M. Green of Oklahoma City.

Annual Membership, H. R. Garrison, Rosston ; Mrs. C. W. Brown, Pryor; Mrs. Lloyd Thomas, Holdenville ; Miss S. Carrie Thompson, Meeker; Mrs. Carrie B. Rule, Hobart; J. J. Bollinger, Tyrone; Dr. R. B. Hayes, Guymon; C. E. Castle, Wagoner; Mrs. Cora C. McKeel, Ada; T. A. Kennedy and J. G. Sanders, Ponca City; F. W. Stout, Oswego, Kansas; N. B. Maxey, Muskogee, and Mrs. Flora G. Chambers, Ludwing, Schmidt, Mrs. Mary E. Carpenter, Robert K. Everest, Isabel Eastland, Harry L. Haun, Katherine E. Bremicker, Mrs. E. B. Ringland, Paul A. Robertson, Mary E. Thoburn, Mrs. Malcolm Cox, Mrs. J. E. Jones, Mrs. Joseph Wm. Miller, Mrs. Sue L. Lower and Mrs. Ada Reynolds of Oklahoma City.

The persons named were elected to full membership.

Mr. J. W. Kayser gave a verbal report of the building committee.

Mr. Nesbitt moved that a resolution be prepared by Judge Foreman placing the Historical Society on record for the building of a memorial building for the World War Veterans, other patriotic societies and the Oklahoma Historical Society from the proceeds of the sale of the State Hospital at Muskogee. Motion carried.

A verbal report of the committee on marking historic spots was given by Mr. Foreman, mentioning especially the proposed Governor Stokes monument. On motion, this committee was continued with instructions to cooperate with the committees of the S. A. R., the D. A. R., the State Education Association and other organizations in the effort to raise a fund for the proper marking of historic places and spots in Oklahoma. Col. R. A. Sneed moved to amend by adding the names of Roy Johnson and William P. Thompson to this committee. The motion as amended was carried.

Communications were read by the Secretary from Lincoln McKinlay, Wichita, Kansas and Col. W. H. Hornaday, State Soldiers’ Home, California—both former directors of the Society.

Page 92

Judge Williams moved that a committee of three be appointed to wait on the Governor and the joint appropriation comittee [sic] of the two houses of the Legislature and notify them that the Society was ready to meet with them. William P. Thompson, Mrs. J. E. Jones and C. W. Briles were appointed.

On motion, it was voted to instruct the Board of Directors to spend a reasonable amount for the purchase of the portraits of the principal chiefs or governors of the Five Civilized tribes or get negatives in such form that prints could be made.

Judge Williams moved that the Society in its annual minutes reiterate the expressions, contained in the resolutions of the board published in the Chronicles, of our appreciation of the great work done by Mr. Campell and express sympathy to each member of the family. Motion carried.

Judge Williams moved that a page in the minutes be surrounded by a black border. Carried as an amendment to the above motion.

After the transaction of several items of business of a minor and miscellaneous nature, a recess was then taken, the meeting reassembling in the Governor’s reception room where the meeting was called to order by Senator Bobo.

The matter of the proposed memorial building was discussed by Judge Robert L. Williams, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, Mrs. Frank Korn, Baxter Taylor, Grant Foreman, Governor Trapp, Dr. J. S. Buchanan, Dan W. Peery and Senator Bobo, after which it adjourned.


For the first time in its history, there was an evening session of the annual meeting, with a formal program for the occasion. This was held in the roof garden of the Skirvin Hotel. The meeting was well attended. The program of papers and addresses was as follows:

"Early days in Payne County," by Hon. E. Bee Guthrey, of Tulsa, secretary of the State Highway Commission.

"Some Incidents Connected with School Life in the Choctaw Nation before the Civil War," by Miss Muriel H. Wright, of Olney.

Page 93

"The Battle of the Washita," by Hon. Paul Nesbitt, vicepresident of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

"Greetings from the Texas Panhandle," by Mrs. Olive K. Dixon, of Miami, Texas.

"When Lincoln County Was Wild and Wooly," by Major Harry B. Gilstrap, regional director of the Veteran’s Bureau.

Mr. J. W. Lawton, veteran Custer County newspaperman and publisher of the Arapaho Bee, vas introduced and spoke informally.

—J. B. T.

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