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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 1, No. 3
June, 1923

Page 163

The following account of the meeting of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association was furnished by the secretary, Mrs. Clara S. Paine:

The sixteenth annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association was held in Oklahoma City March 29-31. The session opened Thursday morning at 10 o’clock in the Huckins Hotel, Solon J. Buck, president of the association, presiding. The program was carried out as printed, with the exception of the first paper by Dr. Isaac J. Cox of Northwestern University, who was unable to be present.

The session Thursday afternoon was presided over by William E. Connelley, secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society. Ralph P. Bieber read a paper upon “Some Aspects of the Santa Fe Trail, 1838-1880.” Harriet Smither of the University of Texas read a paper upon “The English Abolition Movement and the Annexation of Texas.” Mr. Theodore Gronert had for his subject, “Voluntary Military Organization Just Previous to the Civil War.”

At 6:30 p. m., the members of the Association were entertained at dinner in the ball room of the Huckins Hotel by the Oklahoma Historical Society. Welcoming addresses were made by Mr. Jasper Sipes, president of the Oklahoma Historical Society, and by Dr. Ernest T. Bynum, representing the Honorable J. C. Walton, governor of Oklahoma, who was unable to be present. Following the dinner, Solon Justus Buck gave his presiential address. After the program, Oklahoma City Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, tenered a reception to the members of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association and invited guests.

On Friday the meetings were held in Norman at the University of Oklahoma, Roy Gittinger presiding. The program was carried out as printed. Luncheon was served in The Teepee and an Indian feature program was given by the University of Oklahoma Indian Club. An address of welcome was given by Dean J. S. Buchanan of the University of Oklahoma. The annual business meeting followed. The officers elected for the

Page 164

coming year were Eugene C. Barker, University of Texas, president; Mrs. Clarence S. Paine, Lincoln, Nebraska, secretary-treasurer; members of the executive committee for three years, Theodore C. Pease of the University of Illinois, Roy Gittinger of of the University of Oklahoma, Wilson P. Shortridge of the University of West Virginia. Mr. Thomas P. Martin of the University of Louisville was elected a member of the executive committee of the teachers’ section for three years and chairman for one year. Miss Bessie Pierce was re-elected secretary of the teachers’ section for three years. Mr. Lester B. Shippee of the University of Minnesota was made assistant managing editor of the Review for three years, and Miss Louise P. Kellogg of the Wisconsin Historical Society and Herbert A. Kellar of the McCormick Historical Society of Chicago were elected members of the board of editors for three years.

The report of the resolutions committee was as follows:

1. The officers of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association are to be commended for their efficient management of the affairs of the association during the past year; and especially is the secretary-treasurer of the association, Mrs. C. S. Paine, to be commended for her success in smoothing out the financial difficulties of the association and in holding the membership to a high standard of interest and co-operation.

2. The program of the sixteenth annual meeting of the association, as arranged by the program committee, is recoguized as most instructive, stimulating and interesting.

3. For the successful carrying out of the program and the careful planning and execution of all local arrangements necessary to the convenience, comfort and enjoyment of the visiting members of the association we express out grateful appreciation.

To the Oklahoma Historical Society and herein especially to President Jasper Sipes, Secretary J. B. Thoburn, Mr. C. W. Turner and Miss Margaret Mitchell.

To the University of Oklahoma, and herein especially to President Stratton D. Brooks, Dean J. S. Buchanan, Dean Roy Gittinger, Dr. E. E. Dale, Dr. A. K. Christian and Miss Margaret Mitchell.

To the Oklahoma Teachers’ Mutual Association, and herein especially to Miss Jeanette Gordon.

Page 165

To the Executive Council of the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and herein especially to the regent, Mrs. A. R. Hickam.

To the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, and herein especially to Assistant Manager Stanley E. Draper, and

To the management of the Huckins Hotel.

We are indebted to Governor J. C. Walton for extending to the members of the association the freedom of the Capitol Building on Saturday morning.

Finally, we are most grateful to Miss Margaret Mitchell, whose devotion to the association and whose loyalty to Oklahoma brought us to this great commonwealth and to this delightful city.

Since the last convocation of this association, death has called John B. White of Kansas City and Frank Hamlin of Chicago, life members, and John M. Lansdell, Cairo, Illinois, William Radebaugh, Chicago, John H. Patterson, Dayton, Ohio, Anton Classen, Oklahoma City; Hiram Heaton, Lockridge, Iowa; Albert Bettinger, Cincinnati, and Robert Glasgow, New York, sustaining members. We record these deaths with sorrow and a deep sense of their loss to the field of American history. We extend sincere sympathy to their families and friends.

Filled with the spirit of Soonerland, we leave this meeting determined to do all in our power in this material age to prevent the stressing of the material at the expense of spiritual and ethical values.


The association returned to Oklahoma City Friday evening for dinner in the Huckins Hotel, tendered by the Teachers’ Mutual Association of Oklahoma City, Mr. I. W. Baker presiding. Dr. A. C. Scott gave a very interesting account of the opening of Oklahoma for settlement and the story of Oklahoma City.

The regular evening session was called to order at 8 :30 p. m., Dr. Eugene C. Barker, newly elected president, presiding.

Page 166

On Saturday morning the members of the association were taken by automobile to the State House and the program was given in the supreme court chamber, Jasper Sipes of the Oklahoma Historical Society presiding. On Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, cars were provided to take the visitors about the city and a large party went to El Reno. The association has never been better entertained than at Oklahoma City, and in every way it was one of the best meetings ever held.

Special mention should be made of the teachers’ session on Friday afternoon. Mr. Edward Davis presided. Papers were read by Miss Floy Dawson on “Latin-American History in the High School.” F. V. Abernathy talked on “Community Civics and the Development of Citizenship,” and Mr. James C. Malin presented a paper upon “An Interpretation of Recent American History.” The paper by Mr. Maurice L. Wardell on a “Compulsory Course in American History” was read in the evening.

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