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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 1, No. 2
October, 1921

Massachusetts Historical Society
Fenway, Boston.

My dear Mr. Dale:

Thank you for sending me the first issue of your new venture, an extremely creditable number, and your contribution interested me more than the other contents, perhaps because it is more personal and deals with a picturesque character. I hope the magazine will be a success, though it can never be profitable. Hard work and no returns in money are compensated by reputation and the upbuilding of a local society, rewards sufficient to justify the labor and sacrifice. I will lay the “Chronicles” before our committee with a suggestion that the O. H. S. be placed upon the exchange list, if not already there, so that it will receive our proceedings in exchange for the Chronicles. Will that be satisfactory?

We are plodding as usual, turning out some things each year, but recognition is slow and historical studies are not held in the same estimation as our forbears accorded them. I am glad to know that you are inoculating your region with the virus for without historical standards a people are poor indeed. The strength of a nation depends quite as much on its traditions and ideals as on its material foundations.

Sincerely yours

Worthington C. Ford.

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