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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 1, No. 1
January, 1921

At a meeting of the board of directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, held on May 6, 1920, it was decided to publish a quarterly magazine devoted to the history of Oklahoma. A committee, consisting of Judge Robert L. Williams, judge of the Federal court, Eastern district of Oklahoma, State Treasurer A. N. Leecraft and Professor J. S. Buchanan, professor of history in the University of Oklahoma, was appointed to make arrangements for publishing the same.

The committee appointed Prof. J. S. Buchanan managing editor and E. E. Dale, assistant professor of history at the University of Oklahoma, as associate editor.

The committee also decided that the name of the magazine should be “Chronicles of Oklahoma.” The work of getting out the first issue has been delayed on account of getting proper material collected and edited.

It is the purpose of the management to devote its pages to phases of Oklahoma history which will be a real contribution to historical knowledge. There is much material in the state which should be collected and preserved. Oklahoma has been negligent in not collecting this material in a systematic way and depositing it with the Oklahoma Historical Society. Much of the material is being destroyed and lost from year to year.

Old residents of the Indian Territory side of the state are passing away and the facts which they possessed of local history in the forms of diaries, libraries and documents of various kinds are being lost or scattered.

Many distinguished citizens of the state can, out of their abundant experience of a long period of residence here in the

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early days, contribute to the pages of the magazine, history which is invaluable.

The management of the Chronicles invites contributions from every source of early history, incidents and traditions which should be recorded and made a part of our history. Diaries, manuscripts, correspondence of the early period will be welcomed, edited and given a place in the pages of the Chronicles.

Educational institutions doing work in Oklahoma history are invited to contribute anything of an original character pertaining to local history.

In this issue will be found material of the kind referred to above, in the series of letters of General Stand Watie, edited by Mr. Dale.

If the people in the state will co-operate with the management in contributing what they can collect in their locality we can make the Chronicles a valuable instrument for collecting and transmitting to others our important history.

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