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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 80

-No. 1-
The Northern Cheyenne Exodus and the 1878 Battle of Turkey Springs Stan Hoig 4
"If It Rains": Life in the Oklahoma Panhandle in the 1930s and 1940s Richard Lowitt 20
Forgotten Founder: Charles G. "Gristmill" Jones and the Growth of Oklahoma City, 1889-1911 Aaron Bachhofer II 44
Main Street, Stillwater OK, Growing Up with Hollywood CA: An Oklahoma Town's Movie Theaters Deborah Carmichael 62
Galela Leona Walkingstick: A Life of Service as an Indian School Social Worker James G. McCullagh 84
Notes and Documents   102
Book Reviews   105
For the Record   124
-No. 2-
Oklahoma's Rising Star: The Election of Mike Monroney to the United States Senate Philip A. Grant, Jr. 132
Judge John Martin: His Origins, His Paternity Patricia W. Lockwood 142
Profile of a Prairie Radical: Judge Orville Enfield of Ellis County R.O. Joe Cassity, Jr. 158
Oklahoma College for Women: Oklahoma's Only State-Supported Women's School Cynthia Savage 176
Oklahoma's "Greatest" Hero?: A Review of the Military Record of Joseph Oklahombi Louis Coleman 204
Notes and Documents   216
Book Reviews   231
For the Record   252
-No. 3-
From Petroleum to Pigs: The Oklahoma Panhandle in the Last Half of the Twentieth Century Richard Lowitt 260
Canvas and Caissons: Early Aviation at Fort Sill, 1914-1939 Stacy Webb Reaves 284
Protecting His Race: A.J. Smitherman and the Tulsa Star Larry O'Dell 302
Cherokee Emigration: Reconstructing Reality Lathel F. Duffield 314
"The Best Our County Has To Offer": Peace Corps Training at the University of Oklahoma Richard H. Hancock 348
Notes and Documents   370
Book Reviews   374
For the Record   379
-No. 4-
Ensign L.L. Culver: "You can call me salty now" Brad Agnew 388
"Yakni Achukma, The School with a Soul": A History of the Goodland Indian Orphanage Ruby Wile 410
Joseph Pierre Foucart: Man of Art and Mystery Louis Cozby 436
Bygone Spas: The Rise and Decay of Oklahoma's Radium Water Marjorie Malley 446
"Klanspiracy" or Despotism?: The Rise and Fall of Governor Jack Walton, featuring W.D. McBee Brad L. Duren 468
Pepper Martin: The Wild Horse of the Osage Joe D. Haines, Jr. 486
Notes and Documents   496
Book Reviews   499
For the Record   510
Index   516

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