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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 79

-No. 1-
Will Rogers Field: The Life and Death of a World War II Airbase Keith Tolman 4
Major Andrew Drumm: Cowman, Businessman, and Visionary Bonnie Haas and Joyce J. Bender 18
"Almost Hopeless in the Wake of the Storm": The 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic in Oklahoma Nigel Anthony Sellars 36
Humanitarian Rhetoric and Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Policy Henry E. Fritz 62
Oklahoma Republican: Dennis Thomas Flynn and His Letters to William Howard Taft Leonard C. Schlup 92
Notes and Documents   108
Book Reviews   122
For the Record   126
-No. 2-
Emporer Haile Selassie in Stillwater: The First Visit to Oklahoma by a Reigning Foreign Head of State Theodore M. Vestal 132
History Underfoot: The Search for Physical Evidence of the 1868 Attack on Black Kettle's Village William B. Lees, Douglas D. Scott, and C. Vance Haynes 158
The Ultimate Patriots?: Oklahoma Women of the Ku Klux Klan Suzanne H. Schrems 182
The Creek Draft Rebellion of 1918: Wartime Hysteria and Indian-Baiting in WWI Oklahoma Thomas A. Britten 200
There is No Place like The Home: A Brief History of the Tulsa Boys' Home Michael Lail 216
Notes and Documents   228
Book Reviews   234
For the Record   253
-No. 3-
From Lee to Reba and Beyond: Oklahoma Women in American Popular Music George O. Carney 260
Cultural Conservation and Revival: The Caddo and Hasinai Post-Removal Era, 1860-1902 Howard Meredith 278
Bisque Dolls in the Archaeological Record: A Collection from the Town of Ingersoll Robert L. Brooks 288
Anatomy of an Oklahoma Lynching: Bryan County, August 12-13, 1911 Lowell L. Blaisdell 298
Cherokee Treaty Party Moves West: The Bell-Deas Overland Journey, 1838-1839 Wayne Dell Gibson 314
Notes and Documents   336
Book Reviews   358
For the Record   379
-No. 4-
Reminiscences of a Redleg: An Oklahoma Artilleryman in the Korean War Denzil D. Garrison 388
"America, Love It or Leave It": Some Native American Initiatives to Move to Mexico, 1890-1940 Steven Crum 408
"She Has Surely Done Her Share": Miss Bessie Huff and the Muskogee Junior College Dana Eversole 430
The Life of Littleton Horace Davis: Pistol Packin' Preacher and Railroad Man Frank W. Davis 440
Celebrating the Library Spirit: A Look Back at the Carnegie Libraries in Oklahoma Tanya D. Finchum and G. Allen Finchum 454
Notes and Documents   476
Book Reviews   494
For the Record   507
Index   513

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