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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 78

-No. 1-
Love Gifts for the Bishop: James J. Stewart v. Bishop W. Angie Smith, Part I A.W. Martin, Jr. 4
Fort Sill, the Chiricahua Apaches, and the Government's Promise of Permanent Residence Brenda L. Haes 28
The Fear of "Negro Domination": The Rise of Segregation and Disfranchisement in Oklahoma Murray R. Wickett 44
The Milton Co-Operative Colony: From Utopia to Ghost Town, 1913-1916 Norma Jane Bumgarner 66
"The Panther's Scream is Often Heard": Cherokee Women in Indian Territory during the Civil War Carolyn Ross Johnston 84
Notes and Documents   108
Book Reviews   116
For the Record   126
-No. 2-
Love Gifts for the Bishop: James J. Stewart v. Bishop W. Angie Smith, Part II A.W. Martin, Jr. 132
Kate Barnard: The Story of a Woman Politician Linda Edmondson and Margaret Larason 160
"You Have the Land. I Have the Cattle": Intermarried Whites and the Chickasaw Range Lands Wendy St. Jean 182
Western Oklahoma's Regiment: The 179th Infantry Penn V. Rabb, Jr. 196
The Park Hill Mission: Letters from a Missionary Family Kristina L. Southwell 216
Notes and Documents   230
Book Reviews   240
For the Record   253
-No. 3-
Brothers of Influence: Auguste and Pierre Chouteau and the Osages before 1804 Douglas A. Hurt 260
Tinker's Twin Twisters of 1948 and the Birth of Tornado Forecasting James L. Crowder 278
Consorting with Blood and Violence: The Decline of the Oklahoma Ku Klux Klan Michael M. Jessup 296
"An anxiety to do right": The Life of Judge John Hazelton Cotteral, 1864-1933 Kevin C. Leitch 316
The Removal of the Southeastern Indians: Historians Respond to the 1960s and the Trail of Tears Michael Kelleher 346
Notes and Documents   354
Book Reviews   364
For the Record   380
-No. 4-
For Society's Sake: The Wichita Mountains, Wildlife, and Identity in Oklahoma's Early Environmental History S. Matthew DeSpain 388
Tams Bixby: Doing Government Business in the Gilded Age Kent Carter 412
A Place of Coming Together: The Historic Jacobson House Carol Whitney 444
H.L. Mencken and the "Oklahoma Style" of Literature Lawrence R. Rodgers 468
Inside the School Yard Gate: "Alfalfa Bill" Murray and Education in Oklahoma Karen McKellips 484
Notes and Documents   500
Book Reviews   502
For the Record   510
Index   514

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