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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 77

-No. 1-
The Julius Rosenwald Fund: Northern Philanthropy in Oklahoma's Separate Schools Cynthia J. Savage 4
William Penn Adair: Cherokee Slaveholder and Indian Freedom Advocate Paul Kelton 22
In the Midst of Adversity: The City, the Governor, and the FERA, Part II William H. Mullins 54
John G. Chapin and the Struggle for Dover John L. Lillibridge 74
Notes and Documents   102
Book Reviews   104
For the Record   121
-No. 2-
Recounting the Removal: Recent Native American Literary Reconstructions of the Trail of Tears Frederick Hale 132
With Folded Arms? or With Squirrel Guns?: The IWW and the Green Corn Rebellion Nigel Sellars 150
"For our sake do all you can": The Indian Captivity and Death of Clara and Willie Blinn Joe D. Haines, Jr. 170
Gleanings from the Coulter School Memoirs: Recollections of Pioneering in Logan County Leslie Hewes 184
Mrs. Oliver O. "Mamie" Hammonds: The "She-svengali" of Oklahoma Janel A. Mattingly 196
Notes and Documents   208
Book Reviews   216
For the Record   234
-No. 3-
Strange Bedfellows: Progressivism, Radicalism, and the Oklahoma Constitution in Historical Perspective Aaron Bachhofer II 244
"The Most Ferocious of Monsters": The Story of Outlaw Crawford Goldsby, alias "Cherokee Bill" Jon D. May 272
The Daughter of Dawn: An Original Silent Film with an Oklahoma Indian Cast Leo Kelley 290
Laying Groundwork for the Future: The Oklahoma Territorial Superintendency and Superintendents of Public Instruction A. Kenneth Stern 300
William P. "Bill" Atkinson: The Father of Midwest City, Oklahoma Susan M. Lee 322
Notes and Documents   342
Book Reviews   352
For the Record   361
-No. 4-
"Dear Miss Debo": The Correspondence of E.E. Dale and Angie Debo Richard Lowitt 372
Moral Reform for the "Magic City": Temperance in Guthrie, Oklahoma, 1889-1907 Jay R. Dew 406
Baffles, Bridges, and Bermuda: Oklahoma Indians and the Civilian Conservation Corps—Indian Division Carolyn G. Hanneman 428
A Special Kind of Man: The Autobiography of Dr. Lindsey L. Long Ben Blackstock 450
Notes and Documents   462
Book Reviews   468
For the Record   480
Index   486

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