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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 76

-No. 1-
"Softened as into a Dream": The Letters of Robert B. Huston, Oklahoma Rough Rider Joe L. Todd 4
The Closing of Cordell Christian College: A Microcosm of American Intolerance during World War I Michael W. Casey 20
"We are Making History": The Execution of William Going Louis Coleman 38
Occupying the Middle Ground: African Creeks in the First Indian Home Guard, 1862-1865 Gary Zellar 48
Learning from Oklahoma: Who We Are and Where We Are Fred Wiemer 72
Notes and Documents   88
Book Reviews   92
For the Record   108
-No. 2-
The Best City in the Best County: Enid's Golden Era, 1916-1941 Alvin O. Turner and Vicky L. Gailey 116
"Peculiarly Situated Between Rebellion and Loyalty": Civilized Tribes, Savagery, and the American Civil War Tom L. Franzmann 140
"I Should Have Been a Mule": Cotton Pickin' Blues in Southwestern Oklahoma Leo Kelley 160
Architecture and Hospitality: Ceremonial Ground Camps and Foodways of the Yuchi Indians Jason Baird Jackson 172
Fred Tecumseh Waite: The Outlaw Statesman Michael Tower 190
Notes and Documents   218
Book Reviews   221
For the Record  
-No. 3-
The Washita Trail: The Seventh U.S. Cavalry's Route of March to and from the Battle of the Washita Bob Rea 244
"Wholly Occupied with my Special Work": Reverend William Graham's Stay at Fort Coffee and New Hope, 1845-1847 Donald L. Parman 262
The Undesirable Oklahomans: Black Immigration to Western Canada D. Chongo Mundende 282
"Standing Out for Their Rights": Industrial Strikes in Oklahoma 1930s James Paul Bailey 298
Edward W. Sweeney, '89er: "A Legend in his Time" Pamela G. Jordan 318
Notes and Documents   336
Book Reviews   341
For the Record   347
-No. 4-
William Box Hancock: Trail Driver and Cattleman Richard H. Hancock 356
In the Midst of Adversity: The City, the Governor, and the FERA, Part I William H. Mullins 374
An Experiment in Education: The Osage Manual Training School Barbara Speas Havira 392
The Repeal of Prohibition: The End of Oklahoma's Noble Experiment Vincent T. Lyon 416
Remembering Stonewall, Pontotoc County, Chicasaw Nation Bill Tinsley 436
Notes and Documents   450
Book Reviews   453
For the Record   464
Index   469

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