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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 75

-No. 1-
Past and Future: The Life of the Oklahoma Jewish Community Amy Hill Shevitz 4
"I Want You All to Come": John C. Walton and America's Greatest Barbecue William Warren Rogers 20
Lowell Mason, Samuel A. Worcester, and the Cherokee Singing Book William R. Lee 32
"Fortunate Enough and Plucky Enough": The Unattached Women of the Cherokee Outlet Debbie Kindt Michalke 52
"Oklahomy Folks Says 'em Different": Axes of Linguistic Variation in Oklahoma Thomas Wikle and Guy Bailey 70
Notes and Documents   82
Book Reviews   85
For the Record   106
-No. 2-
New Deal Building Programs: The FERA, the WPA, and the Mangum Community Building Cynthia J. Savage 116
Forgotten Challengers to Severalty: The National Indian Defense Association and Council Fire Jo Lea Wetherilt Behrens 128
Painted Red: The Coal Strike of 1919 Steven L. Sewell 160
From Rackets to Ranches: Al Capone and 101 Ranch Glen A. Phillips, Jr. 182
Mary Rice Greenfield: Pioneer Educator of Oklahoma Territory Joyce Waggoner 196
Notes and Documents   218
Book Reviews   220
For the Record   236
-No. 3-
River Rock Resort: Medicine Park's Landscape and Wichita Mountains Vernacular Architecture Peter J. McCormick 244
A Taxing Matter: The Dispute over the Estate of Tom Slick, 1930-1932 Ray Miles 262
"Stars in a Dark Night": The Education of Indian Youth at Choctaw Academy Marjorie Hall Young 280
Altus Air Force Base: Sentinel of Southwest Oklahoma Leo Kelley 306
William Shorey Coodey: The Cherokee Statesman Tiffany Coodey 320
Notes and Documents   332
Book Reviews   334
For the Record   347
-No. 4-
Otto Gray and his Oklahoma Cowboys: The Country's First Commercial Western Band Carla Chlouber 356
Snakes and Scribes: The Dawes Commission and the Enrollment of the Creeks Kent Carter 384
Helen Churchill Candee: Author of An Oklahoma Romance Linda D. Wilson 414
The Politics of History: Tinker Air Force Base and the Enola Gay James L. Crowder, Jr. 426
William Fremont Harn: Maverick or Mystery? Trina Medley 440
Notes and Documents   456
Book Reviews   458
For the Record   464
Index   470

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