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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 74

-No. 1-
Hoxie and Acord: "Reel" Oklahoma Cowboys Leo Kelley 4
"Now Let Him Enforce It": Exploring the Myth of Andrew Jackson's Response to Worcester v. Georgia (1832) Mark R. Schere 16
Oklahoma's First Comprehensive University: Langston University, the Early Years Willis L. Brown and Janie M. McNeal-Brown 30
From Ponies to Planes: Marc Andrew "Oklahoma Pete" Mitscher Paolo E. Coletta 50
A Lettered Portrait of William McIntosh: Leader of the Creek Nation Warrick Lane Jones 76
Notes and Documents   96
Book Reviews   102
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
"Let's Make It Happen": W.W. Keeler and Cherokee Renewal Marjorie J. Lowe 116
The Search for Fountain Camp: Locating Washington Irving's October 20, 1832, Encampment in Oklahoma Carla Chlouber 130
A Saloon on Every Corner: Whiskey Towns of Oklahoma Territory, 1889-1907 Blake Gumprecht 146
Heyday in the Texas League: Oklahoma City-Tulsa Baseball, 1933-1957 Max J. Nichols 174
Milton W. Reynolds (Kicking Bird): The Man Who Named Oklahoma "Land of the Fair God" D. Earl Newsom 198
Notes and Documents   218
Book Reviews   224
For the Record   233
-No. 3-
Gaudy, Swift, and Reckless: The Victory Flying Circus Comes to Oklahoma Lawrence Carroll Allin 244
A Reexamination of WPA Excavations at Novotny Site: Adaptations by Early Removal Chickasaws Robert L. Brooks 264
Chinese Exclusion in Oklahoma: A Case of Overt Discrimination Jay R. Dew 284
Woodward's William E. "Billy" Bolton: Good Citizen, Hard Worker, Deep Thinker William D. Welge 292
Oklahoma and the Medal of Honor John C. Powell 302
Notes and Documents   332
Book Reviews   335
For the Record   348
-No. 4-
Organizing Wide-awake Farmers: John A. Simpson and the Oklahoma Farmer's Union James C. Milligan and L. David Norris 356
Toll Roads and Railroads: A Case of Economic Conflict in the Choctaw Nation, 1870-1876 David Bowden 384
Oklahoma's Exiles: William H. Murray and Friends in the Bolivian Chaco, 1924-1929 Aaron Bachhofer II 398
"Not An Upright Stick Remained": Oklahoma: Home of the Real Twisters Leo Kelley 426
"Until the Mothers are Reached": Field Matrons on the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservations Joel J. Schmidt 436
Notes and Documents   446
Book Reviews   448
For the Record   464

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