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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 73

-No. 1-
Super Chief, Humble Man: The Life of Allie Pierce Reynolds Max J. Nichols 4
Herman F.C. Ten Kate, Jr: An Adventurous Dutch Ethnologist in Indian Territory, 1883 Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr. 32
"No Sound I Will Ever Forget": The Antlers Tornado of 1945 Mike Males 52
Cimarron Territory: Comedy and Tragedy Joy Schnabel 66
Deadly Currents: John Ross's Decision of 1861 Ari Kelman 80
Notes and Documents   104
Book Reviews   114
For the Record   126
-No. 2-
Mollie Shepherd: Indian Columnist Carol J. Woitchek 132
Regionalism at the University of Oklahoma Richard Lowitt 150
Homesteading in Roger Mills County: The Wilcox Family Margaret E. Brown 172
The Osage Plea for Freedom Revisited James E. White 192
Influence on Commercial Architecture: Stillwater, O.T., 1889-1907 Carol Bormann 226
Notes and Documents   240
Book Reviews   246
For the Record   254
-No. 3-
"Proud of What It Means": Route 66, Oklahoma's Mother Road Jim Ross 260
"Let the People Rule": William Jennings Bryan Robert D. Lewallen 278
Politics and Greed?: Allotments and Town Building Schemes Karen Dye 308
The Site of Camp Comanche: Dragoon Expedition of 1834 Gillett Griswold 322
Sallie Rogers McSpadden: A Take-Charge Cherokee Reba Neighbors Collins 340
Notes and Documents   358
Book Reviews   361
For the Record   364
-No. 4-
The Rare Woman, Indeed: Jerrie Cobb, An Aviation Pioneer Debbie Michalke 372
The Last Choctaw Execution: A Case of Law and Disorder James C. Milligan and L. David Norris 386
The Case of the Wandering Wobblie: The State of Oklahoma v. Arthur Berg Von Russell Creel 404
Butternut and Blue: Confederate Uniforms in the Trans-Mississippi Whit Edwards 424
The Selling of America in Oklahoma: The First and Second Liberty Bond Drives Charles W. Smith 438
Notes and Documents   454
Book Reviews   461
For the Record   478
Index   482

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