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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 72

-No. 1-
Oklahoma Jazz: Deep Second to 52nd Street George O. Carney 4
Printing Ink and Flyingwires: Oklahoma Journalism and the Promotion of Aviation Keith Tolman 22
Deadly Games: The Struggle for a Quarter-section of Land Carol H. Welsh 36
Black Brush of Hatred: The KKK on Trial in Altus Leo Kelley 52
Notes and Documents   66
Book Reviews   82
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
Agriculture in the Oklahoma Panhandle, 1898-1942 David Baird 116
Oklahoma City's First Mass Transit System: Who Brought the Streetcars for People to Ride? Kim K. Bender 138
On Our Way to the Promised Land: Black Migration from Arkansas to Oklahoma, 1889-1893 Lori Bogle 160
First Sooner Senator: Ernest W. McFarland's Oklahoma Years, 1894-1919 James E. McMillan 178
Lu tsa ka Le Ah ke ho, "Can't Go Beyond": Allotting the Osage Reservation, 1906-1909 Louis F. Burns 200
Notes and Documents   212
Book Reviews   214
For the Record   221
-No. 3-
Comanche Captives: People Between Two Worlds Michael L. Tate 228
Alice Lee Elliott Memorial Academy: A School for Choctaw Freedmen Joy McDougal Smith 264
From Corn Field to Corporation: A Short History of St. Anthony Hospital Leslie R. Tucker 280
Struggle in the Choctaw Nation: The Coal Miners Strike of 1894 Don F. Badinelli 292
Goin' West: Kay May's Trip to Old Greer County Henry Kilian Goetz 312
Notes and Documents   332
Book Reviews   339
For the Record   349
-No. 4-
Camille Nixdorf Phelan: Oklahoma Quiltmaker Dorothy Cozart 356
A Lasting New Deal Legacy: The Civilian Conservation Corps, The National Park Service, and the Development of the Oklahoma State Park System Suzanne H. Schrems 368
Dusty Apocalypse and Socialist Salvation: A Study of Woody Guthrie's Dust Bowl Imagery Brad Lookingbill 396
There Are So Many Things Needed: Establishing the Rainy Mountain Boarding School, 1891-1900 Clyde Ellis 414
Hanging Judge Parker and the Gunfight at Alexander's Store: Opportunities for Research in the Records of the U.S. Court at Fort Smith Kent Carter 440
Notes and Documents   456
Book Reviews   460
For the Record   466
Index   470

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