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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 71

-No. 1-
Destined for Duty: The Life and Diary of Bishop Theophile Meerscheart James D. White 4
No Oklahoman Lost a Penny: Oklahoma's State Bank Guarantee Law, 1907-1923 Norbert R. Mahnken 42
Now the Wolf Has Come: The Civilian Civil War in the Indian Territory Mary Jane Ward 64
Where is Main Street: The Commercial Landscape of Four Oklahoma Small Towns Brian L. Schulz 88
Book Reviews   104
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
The Opening of the Cherokee Outlet Introductory Essay by Mary Ann Blochowiak 116
Cherokee Sovereignty in the Guilded Age: The Outlet Question H. Craig Miner 118
Of Cattle and Corporations: The Rise, Progress, and Termination of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association William W. Savage, Jr. 138
Order and Disorder: The Opening of the Cherokee Outlet Alvin O. Turner 154
Building a Life: Culture, Society, and Leisure in the Cherokee Outlet Kenny L. Brown 174
Economic Beginnings: Making a Living in the Cherokee Outlet Norbert R. Mahnken 202
Notes and Documents   224
Book Reviews   228
For the Record   236
-No. 3-
All That Glitters: Assaying S.H. Logan's "Trip to the Gold Fields" Stephen H. Dew 244
The First Lady of Education: Oklahoman Kate Galt Zaneis James C. Milligan and L. David Norris 276
Lights, Camera, Action!: Newsreel Cameramen of Oklahoma, 1910-1940 Bill Moore 302
Friendly Persuasions: Gifts and Reciprocity in Comanche-Euroamerican Relations David L. LaVere 322
Notes and Documents   338
Book Reviews   343
For the Record   349
-No. 4-
Sorey Hill and Sorey: Architects with a Civic Conscience Tom Sorey, Jr. 356
A Jurisdictional Imbroglio: The Case of E.C. Boudinot's Hotel Thomas Burnell Colbert 376
Miss Mallory's Children: The Oklahoma Orphanage and the Founding of Bethany Charles Edwin Jones 392
The Carl Albert Collection: Resources Relating to Indian Policy, 1963-1968 W. Dale Mason 422
The Oklahoma Rural News: Roots of an Electric Cooperative Newspaper Stephen F. Lalli 438
Notes and Documents   450
Book Reviews   455
For the Record   464
Index   470

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