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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 70

-No. 1-
Cathedrals of the Plains: The Grain Elevators of Oklahoma W. David Baird 4
Crisis of Command: The Hindman/Pike Controversy over the Defense of the Trans-Mississippi District Thomas W. Kremm and Diane Neal 26
Minor Leagues, Major Dreams: Professional Baseball in Oklahoma Leo Kelley 46
Amongst the Damp: The Dangerous Profession of Coal Mining in Oklahoma, 1870-1935 Steve Sewell 66
Notes and Documents   84
Book Reviews   90
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
Journey to Sainthood: David Pendleton Oakerhater's Better Way Alvin O. Turner 116
Socialists in the House: The Oklahoma Experience, Part I Von Russell Creel 144
The Braden Site: WPA Excavations at a Plains Village Robert L. Brooks 184
Oklahoma's Art in the 1930s: A Remembrance Leonard Good 194
Book Reviews   210
For the Record   218
-No. 3-
"More Valuable than Oil": The Establishment and Development of Tinker Air Force Base, 1940-1949 James L. Crowder, Jr. 228
Socialists in the House: The Oklahoma Experience, Part II Von Russell Creek 258
Alice's Restaurant: Expanding a Woman's Sphere Maitreyi Mazumdar 302
"Our Rights, Our Country, Our Race": W.P. Ross and the Cherokee Advocate, 1844-1848 Doug Tattershall 326
Notes and Documents   338
Book Reviews   340
For the Record   348
-No. 4-
Battle Cry for History: First Century of the Oklahoma Historical Society Bob L. Blackburn 356
The Reception ofThe Grapes of Wrath in Oklahoma: A Reappraisal Marsha L. Weisiger 391
Searching for the Hearth: Culture Areas of Oklahoma Michael Roark 416
Culture Mixing among Choctaws Christopher J. Huggard 432
The African Lion: George Napier Perkins, Lawyer, Politician, Editor Nudie E. Williams 450
Book Reviews   466
For the Record   475
Index   479

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